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Blackjack is probably the world's most popular gambling game.
There are references to playing 21 in 16th-century literature, and the popularity of the game increases each year as new gamblers find the lure from online casinos.
The popularity of the game is in a twofold combination.
First, it's relatively simple, with a number of hard and fast rules which makes the game easy to understand.
Secondly, compared to any number of casino games, the odds, if played with skill and knowledge, present a very low advantage to the “house,” as low as .17 percent.
The relatively low odds mean that if you play according to basic strategy, you should lose around $2 for every $100 you bet, or to put it another way, under ideal conditions, you stand to win about 48 percent of the time.
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There is a second factor, which pretty well guarantees that the casino has a continuous advantage, and that's the fun factor.

It's all business for a casino, and even if everyone played blackjack and used basic blackjack strategy, over the long run, the casino would walk away with a minimum of two percent of their customer's money.

Gamblers, on the other hand, play somewhat into a casino's hand.

If once went to Vegas for example, and scoured the town to find the few, single deck blackjack games in town, you'd be much better off strategically finding a table that would let you bet $500 a hand, and play two games of blackjack.

With this strategy, there's a good chance you could walk away with a thousand dollars of the casino's money.

It's the smart bet, as compared to playing 200 hands of blackjack at $5 per hand.

But after your two minutes play of playing blackjack at $500 a hand, your fun quota drops to zero.

No more gambling, no more edge of your pants psychological thrills as the dealer gives you one last card to play get as close to 21 as possible.

So take the fun factor into account when you gamble.

No matter how big or small your stakes are, the longer you play, the more the house has an edge.


The random number generator, (the same mechanism used in slot machines) was a game changer as far as card games in online casinos is concerned.

Using a random generator to deal with the cards, the online casino can simulate everything that happens when a real dealer dolls out the cards.

For blackjack players, online casinos can be a better deal because it's increasingly difficult in a live casino to find a single deck game, and live casinos frequently shuffle the deck frequently.

Of course, some of the fun and excitement out of a trip to Vegas is missing, but then there are no airline and hotel arrangements to book.

The online gambler can sit in his or her pj's with a slice of pizza in one hand and a bet in the other, and be just as immersed as in they were in a live casino.

And chances are, with online casinos vying for dollars, you can play the first time out on the house's money, as many online casinos offer generous sign-up bonuses for depositing cash.

Unless your spouse can do a floor-show, there won't be any side entertainment, but you can be playing blackjack at home in minutes, and there won't be any pushy players breathing down your neck as you decide to draw or stay.

And in most online casinos, you can practice for free different variants of blackjack, before moving forward.


There are dozens of types of online blackjack which you can try in our recommended casinos.

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