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Do you love noisy environments? Will you like to have a party while you play a game of blackjack? If yes, then the celebrity blackjack party is for you. But if you are a quiet type and you only want to concentrate on your game, of course, there are also many casino tables for your type. But right now, we want to talk about the noisy live celebrity blackjack party from the studio of Evolution Gaming.

What Makes Live Celebrity Blackjack Party Special?

The simple fact that it is coming from the studio of Evolution Gaming is enough to trust this game for many special features. The pictures are clear, the sound quality is excellent and the design is superb. Live Celebrity Blackjack Party is live-streamed from a private studio owned by Evolution Gaming and it bears all the features you will see in any of the popular Evolution Gaming Live dealer games that are being live-streamed from Canada or Malta.

Apart from the glamorous studio and the perfect graphics, the game is hosted by two dealers who sometimes may appear in party attire. They are always lively and ready for fun, especially if you are ready too.

The party is open, you too can be part of it. If you are used to live dealer games you already know how to be part of the discussion.

What Should You Expect?

The dealers talk about everything from their life adventure to future plans, love lives, preferences, and philosophy. Most of the topics for discussion will have nothing to do with the game of blackjack. But it will be interesting and lively.

Don’t be shocked if one f the hosts suddenly burst into laughter, it is part of the party. Players will be encouraged to participate in the discussion, and if you like, you can even change the topic of the discussion.

What About the Game?

You might also forget you are there to play blackjack. The game will be going on in the background like it is a side attraction to the main gist. The major focus is the get-together. It will appear you are there to have a friendly conversation while betting just come along with it and present you an extra benefit of winning.

What if you Want to Concentrate on the Game?

It may come to a point you start feeling the conversation is distracting you, or it is becoming boring and you just want to concentrate on the game. There is no problem. You don’t have to listen to all the discussions if you don’t want to.

All you must do is to go to the setting, and turn off the chat. With that, you will no longer see chat from other users. If you don’t want to hear the dealers' conversation you can mute them as well. Then you can enjoy your game without further disturbance.

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