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With the recent super boom of the UFC worldwide, it is normal that little by little there are more and more UFC bets in South Africa.

At Casinoble we love UFC and everything that involves the martial art and that’s why we want to fill you in on the best tips and tricks to win at UFC betting.

We also have a few of the best UFC betting sites that we have personally tested in South Africa.

Best UFC Betting Sites

Before we recommend a UFC betting site, we would have conducted a background check on the site, and it must have passed all our criteria. We don’t just recommend a UFC site because of alluring promotions and bonuses, but after it has been properly assessed. After proper analysis, we then bring out our 2022 best UFC betting sites in South Africa.

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Last Checked: Aug 09, 2022

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UFC is now becoming the main favorite among bettors and fans.

So many celebrities like Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov are all making names in the UFC, thus, gaining more fans and followers.

Bettors also are becoming more interested in UFC games, which is why we, at Casinoble, have dedicated ourselves to ensure that you have every necessary information you may need about the sport.

We will provide you with the best sites that will enable you to bet on your favorite sport.

We will also provide you with the best sites that offer the best bonuses in South Africa, apps that are compatible with your smartphones, and tips that will help you enjoy your betting experience more.

You just have to read through this post and enjoy your favorite sport in South Africa.

New UFC Betting Sites

Discovering the best UFC betting websites may prove difficult, especially as we now have quite a lot of these betting sites offering great bonuses for their users.

However, you need not worry, we at Casinoble will provide you with the best sites that offer other great features and not just bonuses for their users.

Not only that these sites offer great bonuses and features, but these sites have also been able to scale through our criteria.

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

The most important thing about any betting site is its safety.

Finding a betting site with which you can trust your money and your personal information is very important.

There are numerous scam sites out there that you don’t simply know by seeing them.

However, with the whole requirements that have been put in place by us, we test and confirm every site listed in our recommendation lists to know if a betting site is truly worth it.

On this basis, we will discuss the major criteria that need to check on a site before trusting them with your money.

Trusted Betting Sites 2
  • License: without doubt, of all elements to be considered, the license is the most important, and in every review that you may see about a betting site, you’ll always see questions about the betting site’s license. A betting site needs to have obtained its license from a licensing authority before it begins operation. A bookie can only obtain a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, or the British Gambling Commission or Gaming License Authority, Curacao. This license must also be renewed from time to time. We, at Casinoble research, to know if the license of a gaming site is up to date. If it is not up to date, we can never recommend such.
  • Withdrawal Terms: we all want to cash out as soon as we win some bets. But it is not always easy as some betting sites have some terms and conditions associated with withdrawals. You have to also take cognizance of terms that needs to be fulfilled, so you can know when to make withdrawals. However, our recommended Bitcoin casino sites have all been accessed and found to have decent conditions associated with their withdrawals
  • Support: another important element of a good betting site is its customer support service. What we do at Casinoble is to first contact the customer support of a new betting site, to know the quality of their service. After we have confirmed the professionalism of their customer support team, we can then recommend them on our website.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: at times, we can’t just rely on the license of a company. Some independent agencies can also run a quick check on a gambling site. They can then confirm to the new users whether the betting site is genuine. An example of these testing agencies includes eCOGRA.

Betting Bonus


Generally, bonuses are used to lure, convince and attract new customers to new betting sites.

This is just a strategy used by modern-day sites, especially in the world of betting because it works.

However, we will bring to you the sites that offer the best bonuses in 2022.

These sites are the ones that are most searched on the internet in South Africa, and we believe that you will enjoy every bit of these websites.

They offer quite a range of bonuses which include no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, and free bets.

These bonuses come with their terms and conditions.

However, we will discuss the basics and the conditions associated with these bonuses below.

  • Deposit Bonus: several sites offer deposit bonuses on the internet today. It is just a way of welcoming new users and other bonuses which are separated into various categories. A deposit bonus means that you will get a certain amount of bonus as soon as you deposit on the website. It varies and depends on the amount you deposit and may also come with free spins and free bets.
  • No Deposit Bonus: this type of bonus attracts new users even more. The no deposit bonus feature offers you a token without having to deposit first and they are best if you want to explore the games on the betting sites without having to deposit first.
  • Terms & Conditions: as stated earlier, it is very important that you take cognizance of the terms and conditions that are associated with some features and games. Some betting sites would need you to place a bet before you can receive a bonus or before you can withdraw your money. If you fail to do, you may simply lose the bonus or not be able to withdraw your money. You, therefore, have to comply with these laid down terms and conditions for you to get the bonus that accompanies it.

Free Bets on UFC

Free bets on UFC are what make you spend your money on betting sites.

This feature is more common in UFC than in any other sport and is used to boost your bets.

Although it may look like it is used to lure bettors, however, it helps a bettor to win more.

This is why there are numerous free bets bonuses.

New users can win them through the welcome offer that is brought up as soon as they sign up with the UFC betting site.

Existing bettors will receive lots of promotions currently offered by the UFC betting sites in the email they provided during registration.

UFC Betting Apps

A lot of websites now provide apps for their users to improve the users’ experience on their websites.

Similarly, UFC betting sites also offer betting apps for their users, so they can access their bet on the go.

People prefer to place their bets with their mobile phones rather than doing so on the PC or going to betting houses.

On mobile casinos, you also have access to every feature that’s available in brick-and-mortar game houses.

You will even gain more benefits that aren’t in-game houses.

To cap it all, you can access sports bets, casino games (roulette or live blackjack), and every other benefit, anytime and anywhere throughout the whole world.

Bet on UFC

Bet on the UFC

Bet on UFC

UFC sports betting is becoming the major online sports betting in the iGaming industry.

Over the last decade, this sports betting has been gaining more ground and as a result, now has a huge fan base.

However, unlike other sports, the game is not as easy as you may think to understand.

But, do not worry, as we’ve got your back. We will discuss the fundamentals of betting on UFC, how you can select your bets and how you can keep improving on UFC betting.

We will also expose you to some UFC betting sites in South Africa, and in a short while, you will be able to confidently place a bet on UFC.

Boxing Odds

Due to the increased activities on UFC, coupled with the fact that the live betting feature is also becoming increasingly dominant in sports betting, odds may also vary.

It only depends on the site you are playing on and the time at which you log on to the site.

Things also change before the start of a fight; if a fight event attracts more people, then there will be more interest in the odds and promotions of that fight.

So, we advise that you place your bet based on your knowledge of the event and not allow the change in odds to affect your decision.

Improve Your Betting

You should always try to improve your betting skills also or at least, once in a while.

There are always some things you don’t know about in betting no matter how long you have been gambling.

These things will take you to a new level of betting.

So, we bring to you the best three tips that experts at Casinoble use at all times.

These tips are the basic tips you have to apply to every of your bet whenever you play online and offline.

The betting tips are discussed below

  • Focus: in all sports betting, one characteristic you have to possess is focus. There are lots of markets, odds, and changes in the market; if you are not focused, you will be swept away by these market characteristics which will eventually result in loss. So, the best thing to do while placing your bets is to focus just as much as a fighter will in the octagon.
  • Data/Information: you should be well-informed before placing a bet. It is not only a company that collects data of players, you should also get data of athletes, previous fights, competitions, and training sessions. You can then use the information you get from these to determine the outcome of a fight. Also, you can then combine some odds, even if they are low, to your benefit.
  • Hedge Bet Live: hedge bet is a simple betting strategy that helps you to maximize your bets in all betting sessions. It allows you to split your bets, and with this method, the risk of loss will be reduced. The hedge bet also enables you to analyze the situations surrounding a match using some information about the fights. This type of bet can also be used to maximize winnings in UFC.

Betting Options

Just like every other sports betting site, UFC betting also has a wide variety of betting options.

This is good for those that are new to betting and those that are not yet so perfect in the betting field.

The most popular and the most dominant betting options of the majority of the UFC betting sites include ‘Round Betting’, which determines the round of the fight.

We also have the ‘Moneyline’ and the ‘Method of Victory’, which determines how the winner wins the fight.

Once you are conversant with these three features, you can venture into UFC betting, and along the line, you will get more understanding of other options available on UFC betting.

Betting Systems

You must have a betting technique in place to be able to win more on any kind of betting site.

This will serve as a strategy for you and if you have got a very good strategy, you will win more, while minimizing your chances of losing.

You can’t just place a bet on a fight because of its high odds; you have to analyze your risks, look for the likely winner and place your bet on it, no matter how small the odds may be.

One thing you should bear in mind is consistency; once you have a simple strategy put in place, and you are consistent in winnings, you can then increase your bet size.

Live Betting

These days, live betting has become the order of the day.

Going live means that you are either streaming events or you are holding a meeting with another on the internet as you would if you were to see face-to-face.

The only difference here is that it is virtual.

However, live betting brings a new scope to the world of sports betting.

Live betting allows the betting provider and you to interact through the events on a neutral ground.

You can follow every event and also place a bet at any time through your smartphone.

Offline and Online Bets

Online vs Offline

A lot of people are always wondering if there is any difference between offline and online betting.

Offline betting is betting played in brick-and-mortar bet houses, while online betting is betting played online.

In 2022, we all know that a lot of people tend to prefer betting online to betting in bet houses.

We, at Casinoble, also recommend our fans to bet online as we also dedicate ourselves to providing the best online betting sites.

Casinoble provides detailed explanations and analyses everything for its readers.

We provide information on sports bets, casino games, bonuses, payment methods, and lots more.

Online vs Offline

Responsible Betting

Responsible gaming will always be our priority at Casinoble.

We want to create a fun and safe environment for all our customers.

Therefore, we provide articles, guides, and tips for our readers to enjoy their betting experience.

If you think that you are getting obsessed with gambling and you think you probably need help, you can always reach our responsible gaming section.

However, do not be scared to open up, we know that anybody can lose his cool at any point, so, be brave and talk to us.


Sports betting is so popular in South Africa. Some betting sites in South Africa offer a wide variety of UFC games. You can always browse through the list of recommended sites.


Once you find a good betting site that offers UFC games, then you can rest assured to enjoy your time on the website because these sites will offer their possible best to make sure you have a good online experience. However, you can check out the features of good betting sites on Casinoble, and you can apply accordingly.


Betting sites in South Africa usually offer bonuses on UFC games. So, you can easily find one. After getting one, you have to sign up with them and probably deposit some cash to be eligible for bonuses.


Please note that terms and conditions don’t only come with UFC games alone, they come with all bonuses. If you don’t fulfill these terms and conditions, you won’t be able to withdraw your money.


At Casinoble, our best time to bet is when the UFC fight is live. If you follow a live fight, you will have the advantage to predict what the outcome of the fight may be.


The fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor is the most-watched fight in the history of UFC amassing 2.4 million pay-per-views.


We at Casinoble, are committed to providing you with adequate information on UFC betting. Visit our website to know more.


The three popular betting options in UFC are the ‘Round Betting’, ‘Moneyline’, and ‘Method of Victory’.


Yes. Some sites offer special bonuses. Moreover, we, at Casinoble only recommend sites that offer the best bonuses.


Indeed, there are some expert bettors, but we don’t encourage that you to make online betting your major source of income. What we, at Casinoble encourage our followers to do is play the game as just another entertaining activity and that they should always keep betting under control.




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