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Best Betting Sites 2021

Below are the finest betting sites in South Africa in 2021

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100% Up to R3,333 + 100 Free Spins on Joker Pro or Starburst

x30 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply
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100% up to R999 + 99 Free Spins

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100 Free Spins + R15,000 Welcome Package!

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payment methods

We welcome you to the South African sports betting authority site.

In 2021, If you are looking to gain access to the environment of sports via the finest bookmakers, you will get all that you need at Casinoble.

So long a topic has something to do with betting, our team can handle it.

This is to make sure that you stay in touch with every vital aspect that can make you better at betting.

We will shed light on the way Casinoble functions in the sports world.

We will also talk about the things we do to help you stay in a position to place the ideal bet.

Are you interested in expert knowledge, casino bonuses, live betting, data, betting alternatives, odds, and free bets? Then you should keep reading.

This way, you can become an expert at the finest sports betting in 2021.

How We Review

We at Casinoble put in every effort to check and verify a sports betting site’s last detail.

We have a team of experts that have years of experience in analyzing crazes, technology, and the latest trends in online betting.

We do this to ensure that our readers enjoy the finest sites in 2021.

With each betting suite, these are the major factors we put into consideration.

  • Theme: Although this might not seem important in the sports environment, the theme is important. By this, we can know the world the betting site finds itself and its approach towards its customers. In our guides and reviews, we ensure we take a detailed look into each bookmaker’s theme.
  • Graphics: Graphics play a significant role in helping gamblers get comfortable on a site. This includes betting sites and other activity sites. This is the reason we spend time analyzing graphics. We do this to ensure they get to the market’s standard and the gamblers’ demand.
  • Technology: When we talk about the internet, we are referring to technology as well. This is even more important if it involves activity with interactions like live or online betting. This is why we at Casinoble give a lot of attention to the type of technology that a bookmaker uses. We also check if they have mobile betting apps on iOS or Android and web versions available.
  • Entertainment Level: Offering bets is not good enough. Casinoble gives attention to ensuring that a sportsbook can make betting enjoyable and to entertain gamblers. This brings about an increase in the pleasure associated with betting. Additionally, it brings about the longing to bet over and over with the same bookie.
  • Betting Bonuses: If you must be at the apex of the market, offering betting bonuses is non-negotiable. Nonetheless, not all bonuses are ideal just because they are associated with loads of money. This is the point Casinoble comes into the picture to ensure that the bonus is worth the while. Before we go ahead to recommend a betting site, we consider the bonus, as well as the bonus conditions that the site requests. This will help us decide if we will recommend it to our readers or not.
  • Free Bets: Sportsbooks have different attractions, and free bets are the biggest of them. So, we must give it some attention. Different bookmakers have different free bets. Additionally, we consider who provides them and how they are provided to our customers. Just below are detailed facts on the workings of free bets.
  • Sports Selection: It might be good to have lots of football markets. However, there is more to betting than football. A sports betting site will be regarded as good if it provides a broad range of sports and markets to meet bettor’s needs. This explains why we are interested in seeing regional markets or uncommon sports.
  • Payment Methods: With online casinos or sports betting sites, payment methods are considered an essential aspect. A betting site is considered more trustworthy and prestigious if it has a modern and broad selection of rapid payouts payment techniques such as Bitcoin or PayPal.
  • Withdrawal Terms: In 2021, online casinos, as well as every sports betting site, have withdrawal terms, so long as bonuses are concerned. This plays a role in preventing websites and players from becoming victims of fraud. This will state the much you must gamble before you are qualified to withdraw your funds. We at Casinoble only recommend a site if we consider it one of the fairest so long withdrawal terms are concerned. We do this to avoid misleading you towards a bonus that is not so good.
  • Support Ways: Usually, there are internet forums and customer service that talk about the different challenges that may come up at bookies. However, it is vital for websites to provide different types of support. Included in this support should be FAQs, email support, live chat, and telephone support.
  • Customer Service: Every good bookmaker has professional customer services that are willing to come to your help. This is an essential online factor that differentiates between untrustworthy betting sites and reliable betting sites.

New Betting Sites


No two betting sites are alike.

This is the reason sometimes those that are most famous might not be suitable for every gambler.

This explains why we frequently analyze fresh betting sites.

We put these sites to test so we can know if we can recommend them.

When analyzing a betting site, the most critical factor is not the markets or the odds.

The first thing to be investigated about a new betting site is its seriousness.

The implication of this is a betting authority should license every site.

These authorities include the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and eCOGRA.

If a site fails to meet these requirements, you can be certain it will never make it to our recommendation list.

By doing this, we make sure that fresh betting sites are a perfect place to carry out sports betting.

At the same time, we are providing the most exciting markets, bonuses, and odds.


Real Money Betting


Having access to correct tips and discovering your own odds is simply a part of the entire equation.

However, another is being able to make money with sports bets.

This is not an aspiration that everyone has.

However, if you bet on sports frequently and not simply on the final of a World Cup, you have nothing to lose.

Also, the height of the profit matters a lot as well as if the time invested syncs with this.

So long as real money bets are concerned, the most vital thing to bear in mind is it is not just about getting the biggest number of sports bets.

An example is in odds on preferred that come with a huge likelihood of winning but are not associated with a lot.

Also, in the situation of a bad tip, they dig deep into betting funds.

This is possible because a good number of punters make use of high stakes or come up with bets with long combinations due to the odds.

This has a similar problem to the coin toss.

It is normal for the odds to be 50/50.

The implication of this is you might be able to predict just half of the tosses right.

This cannot be changed.

Also, you cannot bet badly deliberately.

Nonetheless, each sports bettor is free to decide the odds at which he will receive bets.

Betting Bonuses


Sportsbooks come with lots of bonuses to get the attention of new players.

This is something they have in common with online casinos.

A lot of them are free bets that are associated with welcome bonuses.

They are also received after making your initial deposit.

Nonetheless, below, we will explain how to get a bonus after making a deposit, as well as what you can do to get a bonus without the need to make any deposit.

For each bet, you should know the exact bonus to select.

You should also know how to take advantage of it for sports bets – this is vital.

Therefore, it is expedient that you are aware of the one that fits your preference and your budget perfectly.


Deposit Bonus

There are lots of bookmaker perks.

Of these perks, deposit bonuses are an essential part of the world of sports betting.

Easy to get or not, average or particularly gorgeous, either as a free bet or in cash, the bonuses associated with a betting site can be very different from another betting site.

A deposit bonus is not as complex as a lot of people assume.

It is about getting the initial amount you deposited doubled.

An example of this is if you decide on putting ZAR80 into your account after registering, you can get an extra ZAR80 from the sports betting site to play a game on their site in the form of a bonus.

Usually, sports bettors with some experience prefer these bonus types.

However, they give room for a newbie to come up with a budget they are comfortable with to bet rapidly.

This way, they can discover if the sports betting site is suitable or not.

No Deposit Bonus

Have you paid a casino or sportsbook a visit before?

If yes, you are most likely aware of the fact that no deposit bonuses are paid into your account in the form of free deposits.

These are paid into your account as soon as you register with a betting site.

You will not have to make any payments.

This can be likened to walking into a sportsbook and getting ZAR10 from a bouncer to use in the venue.

However, with online betting, you must spend online.

In 2021, the no-deposit bonus comes with non-fixed and fixed bonuses.

The first set of bonuses is referred to as fixed bonuses as they will stay attached to your account and stay there until it gets expired.

The implication of this is you cannot take advantage of them.

Nonetheless, you can get returns in the bonuses that are non-fixed.

However, for this to happen, you must stick to playthrough or wagering requirements.

Free Bets

A bet is considered a free bet if you must place it for it to get converted to real money.

As soon as this gets placed, you will get the winnings from your bet in the form of a profit.

We can liken making use of a free bet in placing a bet to making use of virtual money while betting.

If your bet does not come out successful, your bankroll is not in danger.

Also, if you end up winning, you can only enjoy what is generated by your bet.

This example will help you understand it better.

Let’s assume you have a free bet of ZAR20 and a balance of ZAR100.

Some of the possible scenarios you are likely to encounter include:

  • You make use of the free bet and end up losing. Your balance of ZAR100 will be intact.
  • You decide to place a bet at odds 2.00 and end up winning, and you will have a balance of ZAR120.
  • You emerge a winner at odds 1.0. Your balance will be ZAR101.

Note that this is the most prominent and famous bonus, so long as sportsbook is concerned.

This is the reason they are found in most sports promotions.


In the sports betting environment, odds can be said to be the most important word.

It functions as an indicator that tells the value of your bet in numerical form and what your winning will be.

Every bet comes with associated odds.

This is the figure we bet on and what we receive if our predictions turn out to be correct.

An example will help you have a clearer understanding.

In the Champions League, Manchester United is playing against Chelsea, and we are looking to bet that Chelsea Comes out victorious.

The odds are 1.20 for Chelsea to come out victorious.

The implication of this is if Chelsea wins after we bet in their favor, we will get the amount we bet after it has been multiplied by 1.20.

So, if we bet ZAR10, we will get ZAR12.

The example above is a sample of a single odds.

However, you can get improved odds if you make use of combined bets.

With the example above in mind, let’s put ManU’s win against PSG with Tottenham’s loss to Barcelona, which is set at 1.80.

If we put both in a multiple bet, the final odds we will get will be 2.16.

This means if the two teams emerge victorious, for each South Africa Dollar, we will get ZAR2.16.

The bookies oversee setting the odds, and they are dependent on the probability that every bookmaker gives to every contestant in an event.

The higher a winning team’s probability, the more reduced the odds.

On the other hand, the nods increase with a reduced likelihood of a team emerging victorious.

Sports Betting Online


All around the world, online sports betting is getting multiplied as the weeks go by.

There has been an increase in markets, as well as odds that could not be imagined just a couple of years ago.

This has gotten the attention of a good number of sports fans that are searching for increased excitement for their most loved events.

There is no end to betting possibilities.

When one is just getting started, such a person might only consider classic bets like the outcome of the result or who will emerge victorious in the match.

However, due to the many possibilities online, gamblers can now put their money on several parts of the games.

Also, sports go beyond famous sports like car racing, boxing, or football.

In today’s world, some markets go to the extent of the most exact sectors of niche sports.

Due to this, a bet can now be likened to sand at the beach – each one stands out.

Let’s go through the essential thing every gambler needs to know so long as sports betting is concerned.

This summarizes the most vital factors.

Nonetheless, they will do just well to set you up in the sports betting world.


Best Sports to Bet On


So long as sports betting is concerned, there are several sports to meet various tastes and different alternatives.

There are people that enjoy watching a beautiful football match.

Some others prefer spending time watching Formula 1 races, and some others are used to the excitement associated with the NBA.

This simply means there are many different sports in existence and can come in handy in helping you get a huge amount of funds that can help you get the treatment you have only had in your dreams.

Are you looking to gamble on sports but are not sure how to get started, as well as the sport to gamble on?

If you have these doubts, you do not have to worry as we are going to give you tips so you can select the ideal sport to place your bet on.

We will also show you some tricks to have the finest sports betting so you can win the funds you want.

  • Football

Football is unarguably the most famous sport in several countries.

Among bettors, football is regarded as one of the most passionate and fun sporting disciplines.

The reason for this is every football match is surprising.

Also, several factors influence the game.

The implication of this is you can get a good amount of South Africa Rands.

Additionally, one of football matches’ major advantages is it is possible to place bets live.

This means you can place a bet while the match is on.

This is one thing that football fans and professional bettors enjoy.

  • Tennis

In recent times, tennis superstars such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal have placed tennis on the list of some of the most outstanding sports in South Africa and several other countries.

In today’s world, there are several tennis matches, as well as lots of tournaments.

This makes it a sport that you will enjoy and get to make some money.

Furthermore, since it is a sport that gets played individually, for a good part of the previous year, tennis has been around.

It has not had to suffer stagnation like other sports.

This is great for sports betting fans.

  • Boxing

Betting and boxing have been associated with each other for over a century.

Boxing betting suffered a reduction in popularity.

However, it is having a major comeback because of the current super fights in boxing.

All over the world, boxing has attracted the attention of casual as well as hardcore fans.

Boxing betting can be likened to betting on individual sports like MMA.

It is possible to bet on the winner of the fight and how they will emerge victoriously.

You can also bet on the duration of the fight and lots of other things.

However, people who seem more used to betting on sports like basketball and football involving teams will need to make efforts to get comfortable with boxing’s special schedule.

After this, they will need to schedule their gambling activities to suit the dynamics boxing’ schedule.

  • Rugby

Rugby might not be as famous as Formula 1, tennis, and football.

However, millions of people support rugby all over the world, most especially in South Africa.

Some of the epicenters of rugby include France, South Africa, Australia, and the British Isles.

When looking to bet on rugby, one essential fact is rugby league, and rugby union is of two types.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of excitement that is associated with watching both types.

So, they are ideal for live bets.

  • Golf

Among players, golf is one sport that is considered very popular.

People that learn to play golf have a passion for this game that causes them to spend a large chunk of their free time working on gaining mastery of the sport.

In the world of gambling, bettors find several markets in golf.

These markets open rooms for betting in various events organized in grand slam tournaments in various parts of the world.

Masters at Augusta, PGA Championship, US Open, and British Open are four Grand slams that attract people worldwide.

Also, the Ryder cup has the attention of golf fans from various parts of the world.

In these different tournaments and in smaller games, players are free to place several bets.

  • Horse Racing

The horse betting market is also called turf.

It is a specialty that is highly demanded by gamblers and a developing sector.

On search engines, the horse to place a bet on is one of the most searched terms.

Nonetheless, there is a way this type of betting can be won.

This is knowing what to select. Due to this, the horse betting experience is a complicated one.

Nonetheless, it is generally known that Queen Elizabeth II is an ardent horse racing bookmaker.

  • Political Betting

Although the online betting industry focuses majorly on the online sports betting world, it is not the only thing focused on.

There are several different betting types in the online betting industry.

Political betting is one of them. In the political betting environment, the presidential elections are known to attract the highest number of people.

Also, they get to bet on in advance the most.

As a matter of fact, the most significant betting worldwide in 2020 was in the United States general election.

Nonetheless, in South Africa, this type of bet is not so popular.

However, in recent times, it is beginning to get more popular.

  • UFC

Mixed Martial Arts is a contact sport that gives fighters the freedom to use techniques from various disciplines to immobilize or knock down their opponents.

They are also called MMA, which is an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is a sport that is steadily rising.

This is because of the UFC and other famous championships around the world.

So long as Mixed Martial Arts is concerned, the strongest person does not always end up winning.

This is because technical skill is fundamental.

So, if you have plans of becoming a winning punter over a long period, you should have an in-depth understanding of this sport.

How to Select a Sport

How to Choose a Sport

You may have discovered that each sport has a unique betting system.

Due to this, there is always something that can work with different moods.

Nonetheless, betting on a particular sport is more than just betting on the sport itself.

It involves knowing the exact one to select. This is dependent on the circumstance and the moment.

An example is you might be in love with football.

However, there are times the bets on basketball might just be better.

At this point, we will shed more light on giving hedging bets more attention, observing the specific event, as well as the sports betting alternative.

This is the only way to become a seasoned bettor that knows what step to take every time from just an amateur.

Go through the four factors below.

How to Choose a Sport

Hedging Bet

Hedge betting involves a concept that has to do with putting upcoming bets on an outcome that differs from the original bet.

This is done to create a situation in which profit is guaranteed.

It does not matter if you lose or win the original bet. Arbitrage betting and this strategy differ markedly.

Arbitrage betting has to do with more than one bet on various outcomes so you can make a profit.

Arbitrage is aimed at discovering discrepancies in the odds that various bookmakers offer and betting on every likely outcome.



Just like in other aspects of life, observation is vital.

After all, sports can be likened to a living organism that progresses and transforms in various ways.

So, you can be sure of getting an advantage if you are focused before on your bet.

Take this as an example; the star of the match gets injured while warming up and will not be in the match for the day.

This will have a significant effect on the outcome of the game.

So, if you know how this will affect the outcome of the game, you can take advantage of this injury.

Going by this, you should always be observant of the event even after placing your bet.




Give your attention to data.

Every sports betting site and lots of general sports betting sites will make you know where you can place a perfect bet.

They do this without even saying so.

While this will not be very easy initially, it is crucial that you gather data for your bet.

Only after doing this will you be properly directed by the information you have access to.

Let’s assume you support a football team that will have a match in the afternoon.

With the available updates and news, you can put together all the data that will help you place a winning bet.


Betting Options

Betting Options

Ensure you always anticipate the betting alternatives below.

They are the most famous among sports bettors.

  • Single bets: These are known as the easiest bets. They involve the bettor placing one bet on any event of their choice. The 1 x 2 is the most popular single bet. It is about betting on who will emerge victorious in a match or if there will be no winner. Well, in today’s world, you can place bets of various kinds. Some of them are what the score will be at half-time, what player will have the first goal, what team will get the first goal, etc.
  • Combined bets: This betting type involves making lots of simple predictions. It also involves multiplying their odds by one another. This brings about an increase in their odds. This alternative is popular among bettors. You will need to select at least three events with a clear favorite if you want to place multi bets. When this is done, it lowers your likelihood of losing a stake.
  • Live bets: This bet type gets placed when a sporting event is on-going. Take a football match as an example. If a team begins leading, it is not out of place to place a bet like; no extra goals will get scored, or the match will be a draw, or the team that scored will be the winner.
  • System bets: These have similarities with accumulator bets. However, they differ because you can win without all the predictions being right. The 2/3 bet is a popular system bet. It involves the gambler making two different predictions on three various events. The amount to be wagered gets shared among the three bets, and you will win if two of the three outcomes are right.
  • Long-term bets: These bets get placed a long time before the outcome gets known. In football, predictions of the team that will win the Champions League or the league in a year are the most classic bets. Nonetheless, you can place your bets on different kinds of events like the teams that will get relegated or what team will finish second.

Become a Bet Expert

At this point, we will talk about the exact most important factors you should give your attention to if you are interested in becoming an expert at sports betting. In our world, if you do not consider these four factors, winning frequently will be difficult to attain. This is the point you need to pick a pen and notebook so you can jot all that you need to know. This way, you will not struggle to select the finest bet on your preferred sport.



When betting, it is expedient that you have as many facts about the event as possible. You will also need to stay focused. Our money is being staked, and we must stake our funds with every bit of guarantee. Although anything can take place in sports, not a lot of attention is given to the place of the mind in the sports world. Psychology is important in this industry. This is in addition to being able to understand the game’s odds and knowledge. So, you can become a winner in the long run if you stay focused on the right bet and not giving in to various temptations that the game offers. If you want to always stay focused, you should ensure your bets are based on three concepts. They are discipline, precaution, and patience.



Just like other hobbies, in sports betting, you must put in time if you want to be successful. Making money while gambling on sports involves knowing about statistics, staying in touch with events in the sporting world, and staying abreast of the latest trends. Knowledge simply involves knowing when you will do a lot better by taking a break and when you should jump on a run. This ability is one that is not possessed by everyone. Not everyone has what it takes to make a lot of money from the betting industry. In the long run, if things go according to plan, remain logical and avoid altering your success formula because you are interested in making increased profits. Also, quitting a job to chase after a career in professional sports betting is not the right move. Sports betting was meant to be entertainment. It is currently entertainment, and that is what it will always be. Never mistake it for a business idea.



Sports betting is about events that have a beginning and an end. Usually, the accompanying odds get available way ahead of an event. Now there is a question about the right time to place a bet. Should it be just before an event or after odds get published? Different factors have to be considered. No betting time can be said to be ideal. Nonetheless, the opposite exists – wrong betting times: It is always a wrong move to bet based on impulse. In lots of cases, it does not turn out well. Moments like this are known to take place after immediate bets ended up very successful or sometimes unsuccessful. You must be calm when approaching upcoming bets.



From its name, it is obvious that live bets get placed on a sporting event that is already on. In addition to other advantages, this comes with the advantage of the betting odd adapting based on the progress of the game. An example of this is the odds that there will be a draw are at their lowest when the score line of a match is 2:2 just before the football match comes to an end. At this point, you will get a very catchy reward if you stake a winning bet. High profits can be gotten this way even when you are betting on your preferred team. Additionally, another advantage of live bets is the sports bettor has more information. Is a key player injured? Has a trusted player been taken out of the game? Are the players of a team creating goal-bound moves? These details can come in handy if a bet will be successful.

Why Casinoble

Responsible Betting

At Casinoble, sports betting is basically a form of entertainment.

This adds to the excitement associated with keeping up with sporting events.

The fact is the excitement associated with a bet stems from thinking about being more knowledgeable and putting these convictions to test through a monetary stake, and putting one’s luck to test.

A lot of people do not have any issues while betting.

All they do is flow with the game.

Some others, on the other hand, can have serious issues with gambling.

Additionally, for some others, it could become an addiction.

This is why a major requirement for controlled gambling services is issuing trustworthy protection for players.

At Casinoble, we think of ensuring players have access to an attractive and legal range of sports betting services as our responsibility.

We also concern ourselves with ensuring that these services get organized in an orderly and reliable manner with a great deal of security.


As a site set up for comparison and with a great deal of experience, Casinoble takes time to verify every sports betting site based on the betting market’s demands at the moment. For this to be done, it only recommends sites that are reliable and safe.


On sports betting sites, bonuses are popular. This is regardless of the fact that some people might want you to believe they are rare. To discover how worthwhile a bonus is, you must look out for the conditions attached to it


They are similar to sports where anything can occur, which means the odds vary. This is dependent on what is going on while the event is ongoing, which will influence the odds. However, placing a fixed bet before the event begins means you are certain nothing will change since it only has an impact on live bets.


The ideal time for placing a sports bet is dependent on numerous variables. First, you need to consider the available betting options. For instance, if something critical takes place while the match is ongoing before you place your live bet, then this will be a core indicator for your bet.


Sports betting differs based on the match or event. This means you can’t find the best sports betting on a specific site. However, some bookmarkers will always perform better than others – so check out our recommendations at Casinoble to locate the best markets and odds.


The best sports betting odds is dependent on numerous things. You can find high odds in every market, but they are applicable to very unlikely outcomes. Therefore, you should not depend on the highest odds but the bet’s best possible outcome.


Live bets are the most common and popular in the sports field. Also, mobile betting has surpassed the typical computer betting. This form of betting has become more popular because it changes the most while the event is going on.


There is nothing you can’t find on the internet. However, this does not imply it won’t be good. Bookmarkers work alongside professional traders who go through the odds carefully as they are after profit too. This means you need to watch out for suspicious websites that are offering unattainable odds.


There are many people who do this as a profession. However, this is not advisable and we recommend that you only make sports betting a hobby instead of a profession. We recommend that everyone gambles responsibly.


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