Evolution Gaming Live Speed Blackjack VS Standard Blackjack

If you are a blackjack player who likes a hitch-free game, then Live Speed Blackjack is for you. In staying true to its name, this kind of blackjack is fast. The highest timespan for decision-making is 7 seconds. The players who come first receive cards first and the issue of waiting is curbed by at least thirty percent as against ordinary blackjack.

The Autoplay Characteristic

Asides from relying on the competition the players bring to the casino game, Evolution has created an autoplay feature that eases decision-making for the players. This feature automatically chooses for a player if they’re unable to after seven seconds. The autoplay proves useful if you find yourself in the scenarios below:

  • The system immediately hands you a card if you’re dealt an eleven or less.
  • It immediately hands you a card if you’re dealt a twelve or more.

This autoplay feature grants the element of speed to the gamblers and in the process maintains the whole pace of the game.

Playing Side Bets

Like the typical blackjack, you can find side bets and normal bets in a game of Live Speed Blackjack. In blackjack, side bets function on their own, leaving main bets to do the same. Side bets also come with a generous reward. Bet they don’t look so unattractive now, huh?

One more thing you should know about them though before going for them is that their odds are on the low side. Live Speed Blackjack has an array of side bets accessible to its players. You could try out any of these:

  • Bet behind: If some other player’s winning streak has come to your attention, this allows you to place a bet on his deals. Of course, you can’t influence their decision in the game, but you can cash out from his wins.
  • 21 + 3: This involves putting the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s first two cards to form an authentic poker sequence. Both of them get a maximum pay of 100:1 if it works.
  • The perfect pair: A pair is formed by the first two cards. A reward of 25:1 comes with cards that have the same suit and color. Other combinations also come with their rewards. For instance, a 6:1 for a pair with different colors, or a 12:1 for a pair of different colors.

Wrap Up – Which Should You Choose?

The major attribute of Evolution Gaming’s Live Speed Blackjack is its quickness. This also doubles as a differing quality. What this means is that apart from the speed, Live Speed Blackjack is the same thing as your ordinary blackjack.

The tactics you employ in regular blackjack can also be employed here. And it is advisable to still use them if you find yourself in a Live Speed Blackjack game with a head devoid of newer tactics. Obviously, this isn’t for you if you’re an expert.

In a game that prizes your ability to make decisions quickly, you’ll find that extensive thinking isn’t a choice.



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