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Bet on Overwatch at Betting Sites in ZA

Are you ready to try your hand at betting on one of the most exciting eSport games of the year?

Well, here we give you all the insights you need about the secrets and tricks to win betting on Overwatch.

We also have a few highly recommended eSport betting sites in South Africa that promise both amazing free bets promotions and the best events.

Best Overwatch Betting Sites

In South Africa, you’ll always find various betting sites that offer the Overwatch game, not forgetting that the game is one of the most popular games in e-Sports. However, it will be wise to ignore these sites as most of them are not up to the task. However, at Casinoble, we bring to you the best sites that have met all our criteria and offer great promotions and bonuses. Besides, they also boast great graphics, fast and dynamic interfaces. Below, we discuss the best sites you can find Overwatch games. Read on.

Casino Selections

Last Checked: Jul 23, 2024

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100% up to R8,000 + 200 FS + 1 Bonus Crab

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Up to R10,000 + 100 Free Spins in Book of Dead

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Overwatch is one of the most popular casino games in the e-Sports game category.

Although, we still have CS: GO leading in the first-person shooter game category, however, Overwatch is also one of the best games in that category.

Talking about its extraordinary gameplay, it has earned the game some competitive edge in the iGaming industry and has also garnered a huge fan base.

Today, eSport games are the current hunt for bettors because of their large categories of games and a wide variety of betting sites offering these games.

These games also offer special bonuses, live streams, and lots more.

We know you want to know more about these betting sites and which offers the Overwatch game.

That’s why we at Casinoble will provide every necessary information available on Overwatch betting sites to our readers in South Africa.

We will also discuss how you can find betting sites that offer the best bonuses and give you some tips about how you can improve your game.

Furthermore, we wouldn’t recommend these betting sites if they are not reliable.

New Overwatch Betting Sites

New Overwatch Betting Sites

New betting sites are always the best place to find Overwatch games.

These new sites also offer new features in the market, because they aren’t fully known yet.

These features can be in form of new promotions and markets or new functionality of the site.

So, new users prefer to always visit the new site because of these new promotions.

Also, the Overwatch game is a new game to many bookmakers, so you featuring a new game on a new site will come with a lot of bonuses.

We at Casinoble will always provide you with the best and latest Overwatch betting sites, for you to enjoy great bonuses and promotion that comes with them.

New Overwatch Betting Sites
Importance of Licensed Casinos

Trusted Betting Sites

Importance of Licensed Casinos

Before we can recommend an Overwatch betting website, it must have passed our laid requirements.

Regardless of whether it is an existing site or a new site, it must have met the standards before we feature it on our website.

These standards are just to ensure that our readers enjoy the very best of Overwatch betting.

The most important requirement that an Overwatch betting site must pass through is its authenticity.

Apart from that, we also ensure that the website also meets the other four requirements.

These requirements define an online bookmaker.

We believe that when you are on a hunt for a new Overwatch betting site, these four requirements won’t just save you the stress of going through the bad sites only, but will also allow you to find the very best site ever.

Let’s consider these requirements below.

  • License: betting experts know that the safety and security of betting on a site are determined by the license of the site. An online betting site must possess a valid license, which can be obtained from the British Gambling Commission, the Curacao Gaming Authority, or even the Malta Gaming Authority. Licenses obtained from any of these licensing authorities guarantee safe and legal gaming. The logo of this betting license can be found on the betting website’s homepage.
  • Withdrawal Terms: after you might have placed a bet and you have won a certain amount, then you will likely want to withdraw your winnings. That is just what we all want to do – to be able to easily withdraw our winnings, which is why we need to pay attention to its withdrawal terms. We don’t just want to leave our money with the bookmakers; we want to take our winnings as fast as possible. The withdrawal terms will inform you of the terms and conditions associated with your money, either when depositing or withdrawal. Apart from that, you also know the terms and conditions associated with a bonus, so you can know beforehand how the bookmaker will handle your money.
  • Support: this requirement is very important in betting. When you come across a problem online, it is customer support that will guide you through the problem. However, you as a bettor don’t wish to take days before your problem is solved, therefore an online live casino must offer very good customer support. The customer support service must be very professional and always available 24/7 to attend to the problems of users. This is why we always check the customer support’s professionalism of every site we recommend.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: apart from possessing a valid license, Independent Testing Agencies can also help check and confirm the quality and the security of a betting site. An example of these testing agencies includes eCOGRA. These agencies give a fair judgment on these websites to assure customers that the website is genuine and transparent.

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Naturally, we all want to find an online bitcoin casino website that offers the best bonuses.

Bonuses usually come with their terms and conditions which determine how we use the bonuses.

What is the essence of going for the first site that you come across when you can’t fully utilize its bonus?

That is why we will like to discuss with you two of the most popular and most sought-after bonuses in 2024.

Bonuses surface on all betting sites, even in ads, but there are reasons behind this.

They are used to lure potential customers to their site.

However, we will discuss the fundamentals of bonuses including the deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and even the terms and conditions associated with it.

These terms and conditions are very important to know as they determine how you will enjoy the bonus – check them below;

Betting Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus: naturally, when we deposit at a betting site, we always want something in return as gratuity. This bonus differentiates a site from the other and we tend to register with the one that offers the best deposit bonus. A deposit bonus gives you a proportion of your deposit as a bonus and it may also be in form of free bets. For instance, a betting site may offer you a deposit bonus of 100% which implies that you’ll receive the exact amount you deposit as a bonus. However, deposit bonuses are not restricted to a percentage. You can find a bonus from as low as 25% to 300%. Some betting sites offer even more!
  • No Deposit Bonus: while the Deposit bonus is more-lucrative, the no deposit bonus is also becoming more popular in the iGaming industry in 2024. While you have to deposit before you can receive a bonus with the “deposit bonus”, the “no deposit bonus” will offer you a bonus without having to make a deposit. You only need to sign up with the betting site to receive your free money. Although it isn’t such a big deal of money, it is enough to bet on the same betting site that gave it to you. The “no deposit bonus” is not only exclusive to new customers, it is also available for existing customers to check out new casino games or new markets.
  • Terms & Conditions: it is always important to go through the terms and conditions of a betting website thoroughly. These laid-down rules guide the way the betting site handles your money. The terms and conditions will inform you of how you can use your money and the bonuses as well. Betting conditions on betting sites depends on them, so you have to read them and know if the terms are the best for you before you commit your money. It won’t be a nice thing after all if after accepting a betting bonus, you find out that its terms and conditions don’t match your betting habits – that may be frustrating
Free Bets on Overwatch

Free Bets on Overwatch

Free Bets on Overwatch

Generally, all we want is to always win some money – that’s why we play bets, however, the truth remains that free bets are what makes us play longer.

Free bets, just like free spins in slot games, are the virtual currencies we spend on the betting sites and can be used as real money in other sports.

Therefore, ‘free spins’ and ‘free bets’ are the most famous variants of both games; online casinos and sports betting sites.

Free bets come in various forms, to suit every bettor’s needs. You can easily find lots of them and easily convert them into real money.

For instance, some offer “real money free bets”, while some offer “no wager free bets”.

Furthermore, for the live markets, there are also some live-free bets.

Moreover, mobile betting is becoming the order of the day, and for this, there are also some mobile free bets for mobile users in South Africa.

Overwatch Betting Apps

In the iGaming world today, we have hundreds of sports betting apps that offer the Overwatch game.

These betting apps have changed the face of sports betting and have also introduced new features and qualities to online betting.

What’s more, these betting apps have also brought about betting even from the comfort of your room.

Due to this development, many bookmakers are giving more attention to their mobile versions.

This development isn’t observed by sportsbooks alone, casinos now also follow suit.

The mobile casinos now offer live dealer games which enable you to play live with a dealer, no matter where you are – that’s just amazing right?

Bet on Overwatch

This is the most exciting part of this guide.

Here, we will discuss how you can go about betting on the Overwatch game.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when betting on Overwatch, which is why we will discuss with you these factors to help you improve your betting.

Overwatch has a lot of aspects in such a way that betting on this game is an adventure on its own.

However, as you are eager to improve your betting skills and win yourself some cash, take note of the following points about the betting options available.

We will also discuss the perfect strategy you can use, the odds, live betting, and to cap it all, three important betting tips which will help you achieve your aim in your betting hunt.

Betting Options

The Overwatch game is already popular in eSports and it has a lot of betting options.

However, five main betting options can be easily learned. See them below;

  • Moneyline: in this type of bet, you bet on the outcome of a game. It is the most popular betting option in all types of sports.
  • Outright: this type of bet is also called the ‘future market bet’ and in this type of bet, you can place a bet on who will win a tournament or a competition.
  • Accumulator: this type of bet is good for higher odds and great winnings. You can accumulate several bets together, thereby increasing its odds and subsequently increasing your potential winnings.
  • Live bets: live bets are special bets which are made live.
  • Specials: this type of bet is for the experts and those who already know the game so well. This is because it deals with the game details.

Betting Strategies

If you plan to bet on Overwatch for a long time, then you need a strategy for betting.

This strategy must be based on what you know how to do and those things that will reduce the rate of your losses.

For instance, if you are a type that can predict the outcome of a tournament so well, then you should build a betting strategy around outright bets.

Having a betting strategy that is built around what you know how to do best will give you winnings.

Although it may accumulate slowly, however, it will prevent you from betting on some irrational odds that keep varying.

Live Betting

Although we now have quite some betting types, you should also not ignore live betting.

In 2024, live betting is becoming the order of the day as they keep growing day by day.

This is due to the increased interest derived in sports and betting, and this has made online bets incorporate live betting into mobile betting.

Overwatch Odds

Odds are an integral factor of any type of sports betting.

The odds are the determining factor of your winnings.

Therefore, it is always important to learn the odds when learning how to bet on Overwatch games.

Once you learn the odds, you can then know the best odds you can always bet your money on and you also know why an odd is different from the other.

However, you also have to bear in mind that there won’t be much difference in Overwatch odds as the game is still new, compared to other sports.

This can however be a plus for new bettors, and on the contrary, be a minus for someone looking for something better.

Improve Your Betting

At this point, we will love to share with you some tips that will help you improve your betting on Overwatch.

These tips can also be applied to sports betting other than Overwatch betting.

We will discuss three basic tips with you and these three tips are the fundamentals that bettors need to know.

The tips are about how you can prepare and improve your mental skills before you place a bet and also know which odd to stake your money even at the nick of time to make some profit.

Take note of these betting tips for your next online betting sessions:

  • Focus: just as athletes focus on their goals, you also have to focus on your goals. Any team that wants to win a title or a game must not lose focus on their goal. Similarly, you also need to have a clear direction of where you want to put your money when betting.
  • Information/Data: With enough information, you will be able to predict the likely outcome of a game and also where the odds are going, even before the start of the bet. This is what bookmakers also do before they set their odds, you also should do so.
  • Hedge Bet Live: at Casinoble, we always try to win some bets before the live hedge bets of the Overwatch game come to an end. This is our favorite trick and it ensures that you are putting your money on safe bets. It is a way of splitting your money on the safest live bets rather than putting all your money on a single odd.

Online and Offline Bets

Offline betting is the old-style of betting which has revolutionized in recent years.

Online betting on the other hand, has taken over the traditional way of betting in recent years.

You can simply sit at the comfort of your home and conduct your betting activities with online betting.

Online betting includes online casinos, betting sites, and sports bookmakers.

However, we at Casinoble offer all types of online betting together with bonuses, payments, and many more.

Responsible Betting

The importance of responsible gaming cannot be over-emphasized as we at Casinoble do not take it for granted.

We know the risks associated with gambling with real money, and so we always want to ensure that our readers practice responsible gaming.

We, therefore, offer our readers some guides and recommendations on our page.

Once you don’t catch fun while gambling any longer, then you need to stop.

If you find it hard to stop, then you need to seek professional help.

This will not only help you, but it will also help those around you.

You can only gamble responsibly when you catch fun and it doesn’t affect your personal life or those around you.


You can place a bet on Overwatch by checking through our recommended list of the best Overwatch betting sites in 2024 on Casinoble.


There are lots of betting sites that offer bonuses and other promotions, simply register an account with one to get a bonus.


The tournament is played throughout the year, so, watch out for Overwatch bet on Overwatch betting sites.


The reason behind its popularity is because it has a lot of games and a huge fan base.


Overwatch is a dynamic game. You can easily bet on its basic betting options.


You can simply check the best Overwatch sites that offer the best odds on Casinoble


E-Sports have gained ground in just a few countries which include Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil, and Australia.


Live bets. These are the best market to bet on for those who follow and bet on the game.


Yes. There are numerous ‘special bets’ in Overwatch and it focuses on the most important part of the game


We don’t recommend that you make Overwatch betting a source of living. We encourage responsible betting at Casinoble.


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