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Do you like the excitement of ice hockey and especially online betting in South Africa?

Then don’t hesitate to read our complete guide on ice hockey betting that will change your life in South Africa.

Everything we have here on this page are tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use on the best ice hockey betting sites in Casinoble that we have personally tested.

Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites

It takes a long process before we add a betting site to our recommendation list. Such a site would have gone through a rigorous testing procedure which we have put in place. We have set these strict requirements so that we can recommend only the best to you since that is what we specialize in. Any ice hockey betting site you see on our list must have been certified. This implies that such betting site has met our conditions and criteria, thus they are considered reliable and safe. You can hundred percent sure that you are in good hands. So, have fun while placing your bets in South Africa. go through our list of recommended online casinos at Casinoble to find your preferred hockey betting site.

Casino Selections

Last Checked: Nov 24, 2023

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Everyone knows about ice hockey.

It is one of the most followed and fascinating sports across the globe.

Contrary to what most people think, ice hockey is not only played during the winter.

Ice hockey has gained popularity over the years, although it is more renowned in some countries than others.

An example of such a country is Canada or other Nordic countries.

Just as ice hockey is widely favored as a sport, it is also one of the favorite sports in the betting world.

This is why we seek to explain and sensitize our readers on how to improve their ice hockey bets and place the best bets on ice hockey in 2023.

This article will cover information on how the betting apps, best bonuses, how to start betting on ice hockey, and also how you can find top ice hockey betting sites.

New Ice Hockey Betting Sites

Note that we never reduce our standards and requirements even if the site is new to the market.

This is because we want to uphold our quality and make our recommendation forever valid.

We even spend additional time on testing a new ice hockey betting site to ensure that it is accorded its usual respect (as the most popular betting site) and is also safe.

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

In the betting world, trust is everything.

Trust is a strong ingredient shared between betting sites and their clients.

We are aware of this at Casinoble, which is why we help you to recommend only trusted betting sites.

Also, because we know that it can be challenging to find a trusted betting site by yourself, we have helped you to collate a list of these sites.

It is up to you to choose the perfect one for yourself.

Besides, we know that you want to find exciting bonuses and odds, and we also know that the transparency and security of the betting site will influence your experience.

This is why we set a few requirements on the betting sites we recommend and verify.

The requirements help us to know more about the betting site and to ascertain if the site is worth recommending or not.

Any site that did not meet these requirements will not be found in our recommendation list.

Below are the 4 most essential requirements.

We strongly advise that you also apply them when next you are out for an adventure on an ice hockey betting site.

Trusted Betting Sites 2
  • License: A quick way to check the license on a betting site is to scroll to the bottom of the site’s homepage, you will see a seal of the license, if you do not see any seal, such a site has not been licensed. Only an appropriate gambling authority like the British Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority has the power to issue a license to a betting site. Any site that has been license is considered to offer safe and legal betting. Hence, a license is vital to know a respectable betting site. All mobile casinos in our recommended list have licenses.
  • Withdrawal Terms: You must know and familiarize yourself with the withdrawal terms on a betting site before you sign up with them. The withdrawal terms state the conditions attached to your withdrawal.It also tells you what the betting site will demand from you when you want to withdraw. Similarly, withdrawal and deposit limits as well as wagering requirements are all contained in the withdrawal terms. So, ensure that you read the terms carefully and take them into account before signing up with the site.
  • Support: Many things determine if a site is trustworthy or not, the design is one of such determinants. The design of a site especially the customer support will tell you if it’s reliable. Betting involves money. Although betting is a risk, most bettors still want their money to be in safe trusted hands. Players want to know that their money is safe even when it is at stake. That is where customer support comes in. Good customer support will solve your problem when the need arises. They are also available to answer your queries and inquiries. At Casinoble, we take our time to check the support on an ice hockey betting site before we recommend them. This enables us to know the industry and degree of professionalism on the platform.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: These are laboratories that also carry out additional tests on betting sites to certify their authenticity. Unlike licenses issued by gambling authorities, these testing agencies are independent (e.g. e-COGRA), but they also verify online casinos and gambling sites before issuing them a seal of approval. These laboratories are not influenced by any external or internal factors of the gaming industry. Thus, after checking for a license on a betting site, also check for a seal of approval by an independent testing agency.

Betting Bonus


One of the most essential characteristics that correspond to online gambling is a bonus.

There are hundreds of bonuses from bookmakers on the internet.

Each bookmaker comes up with mouthwatering bonuses to try and convince bettors to choose them over their competitors.

Although there are several bonuses like we said earlier, not all of them are good for you.

So we will explain the two most popular bonuses in 2023 to you in this article.

These bonuses are offered more than others and they also have better conditions attached to them on betting sites.

Furthermore, we will also tell you about the terms and conditions to allow you to know how best to employ these bonuses in South Africa.

  • Deposit Bonus: This bonus is the most used in the betting world. It is also the biggest bonus of all. Just like the name implies, a deposit bonus comes when a player deposits the betting site after registering. Deposit bonus dominates gaming and online betting platforms and is the biggest number of bonuses a player can enjoy. A deposit bonus comes in percentages, that is, a bookmaker sets his percentage different from the other. Deposit bonus percentages range from 50 up to 200%. For instance, you sign up with a casino that offers a 200% percent bonus, and you deposit 200 ZAR. Then, you will receive an additional 400 ZAR bonus, either in free bets or real money.
  • No Deposit Bonus: On the other hand, this bonus type differs from the deposit bonus because it does not require you to deposit with the casino before you enjoy it. This makes a no deposit bonus the most popular bonus of 2023. Although this bonus is usually smaller than the deposit bonus, it is the most eye-catching bonus. With this bonus, new users of a betting site can test the site without paying anything. The betting site gives the bettors a little amount of money to use to play without paying if the bettor complies with their bonus conditions. Lucky bettors often cash out when they win despite not paying a dime thanks to the no deposit bonus. Most new bettors often use the bonus to check the platform and decide if they should sign up with them or not.
  • Terms & Conditions: If you are one of those who rush to accept terms and conditions on a website without reading them, we advise you not to do the same for betting sites. This is because a lot of vital information is contained in a site’s terms and conditions. You will only understand how bonuses work if you read through the terms and conditions of the site because the way bonuses work varies from a betting site to the other. Also contained in the terms and conditions is where to use a bonus, the number of times you can use it before you withdraw real money, and when to use the bonus. Always ensure that you carefully read the terms and conditions attached to a bonus on a betting site before accepting the bonus. Adequate knowledge of the terms and conditions will put you at an advantage and allow you to fully utilize the bonus effectively.

Free Bets on Ice Hockey

Free bets dominate the sports betting world; however, the word bonus is more frequently used by most bettors and casinos.

Free bets involve virtual money given to players by a betting site.

The players can use the free bets on their odds, markets, or sporting events, but it can only be used on the site on which it was offered.

Thus, you must consider where the free bets are being offered to get them.

Most times, free bets are embedded in a welcome bonus or seen when betting sites are doing promotions.

It is easy to find various types of free bets in 2023 even those that do not need any wagering when converting the free bets into real money right away as soon as a player has won a bet.

Ice Hockey Betting Apps

Many ice hockey betting sites are now focused on the online version which has also made mobile version and app betting so popular that they now dominate the industry.

This development is an expected one owing to technological advancements and a shift from offline to online.

In 2023, mobile casinos and ice betting apps are not left out of the shift especially with the advent of mobile devices which makes it easy for bettors to place bets on the go.

Betting apps now rule the betting world because bettors prefer it since they can do their betting from their comfort zone.

As expected, there are several ice hockey betting apps available and dozens of them can also be found in South Africa.

Therefore, we advise that you go through our Casinoble recommendations to find the exact app that suits your playing style and taste to enable you to gamble when and where you wish to.

Bet on Ice Hockey

Bet on Ice Hockey

Bet on Ice Hockey

There is a beautiful and long history attached to ice hockey.

It is one of the most famous sports in the Western world. Ice hockey also gives incredible odds to its fans.

This is why we at Casinoble will explain the rudiments of ice hockey betting to you.

We will also explain how you can become a professional bettor in no time when you follow our simple recommended steps.

Read along as we explain the odds that denote ice hockey, live betting, the betting options, how to augment your betting, and the systems.

Let’s get started with our best three tips.

Betting Options

The most common betting options in ice hockey betting are the ‘Puck Line bets’ (which are more specific), and the ‘Moneyline’, where players bet on the result of a match.

Puck Line bet is similar to Spread bet. This bet allows the underdog player to lose the game but win the bet while it forces the favorite player to win by goals.

Some other favorite betting options preferred by ice hockey bettors include ‘Period Wagers’, ‘Prop bets’, ‘Over/Under’, also known as ‘Total bets’.

Betting Systems

To become a good bettor, you must have at least one consistent betting system.

This system will enable you to control your bets, produce consistency in your earnings and also help to minimize your betting risk.

An ideal betting system does not involve betting on the favorites or the main markets.

Rather, it is based on a player’s betting style and also on finding a specialized market employing the knowledge to your advantage.

Many betting systems place their focus on specific odds or markets so that they can get the best out of them without risking your own money.

Live Betting

Even you should know by now that live betting is the new real deal.

It is the major attraction in any sport in 2023.

Interestingly, ice hockey is a perfect sport for live betting because of its pace.

Sports betting has now opened up a new prospect for bettors.

It gives bettors the chance to fully utilize their knowledge of a live match or event.

Many professional ice hockey bettors are now focusing more on live markets.

Considering the high recognition which live betting enjoys, it is the ideal moment for players who wish to become an expert.

Ice Hockey Odds

It is not easy to master ice hockey odds in one day.

The odds are one of the most important elements that influence betting.

Players must master these odds so that they can create a great betting system.

Luckily, ice hockey odds are usually in line with the happenings in the sport.

This is why players must follow ice hockey wherever they can so that they can be up to date.

This enables them to stay ahead of the bookmaker’s odds.

Improve Your Betting

This is where we will explain how you can make the best use of your knowledge and get even better at betting.

We have posited three major factors that are guaranteed by all professional bettors to offer the top long-term profits.

The factors we have mentioned will help players to boost their winning chances and also minimize their risk.

Carefully read through the factors to know if you already know them or you need to implement them in your betting style.

  • Data/ Information: Do you know that data is the new currency in this modern era? Well, it’s true, the same goes for ice hockey betting such that with adequate data and information after, during, and before a bet, it is more likely for you to be able to predict the outcome of the bet. Also, remember that the data and information are the most vital element for all bookmaker traders, thus you have to do the same.
  • Focus: Even in life generally, whatever the environment, concentration is everything. The main idea here is a player’s focus on sports betting. Players who can keep focus during and before a bet will know when and where to put their money on the line and know how to control their betting.
  • Hedge Bet Live: We often advise our players to spread their bets. Hedge bets are an effective trick in sports betting. It is ideal because it minimizes risk and maximizes profits. Hedge bets involve a player spreading their funds on different bets instead of betting solely on one bet. Furthermore, a live hedge gives players higher winning chances, especially in the ice hockey safer outcomes.

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

Online seems to be the new normal.

Virtually everything has shifted to online platforms, betting is not also left out.

We now have online betting sites, betting apps among others.

This is in line with the advancement in technology.

Ice hockey betting sites are particularly popular.

Players can visit the sites to place their bets, play the best casino games, enjoy different payment methods, and receive bonuses.

There are also offline bookmakers on the other hand. The truth is that offline bookmakers are the real bookmakers.

Unfortunately, they have been hit in a big way because of the current status quo (a shift to online platforms).

So, offline bookmakers are not considered too safe to place one’s bet these days.

Online vs Offline

Responsible Betting

We prioritize responsible gambling at Casinoble.

Since we want our readers to be safe, we also encourage them to bet responsibly.

This is evident in our recommendations, articles, and guides which all support controlled and responsible gambling.

Anytime you feel you are losing control of your betting, do not be ashamed to seek help.

You can seek the help of any professional close to you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We suggest that you go through our Casinoble recommended ice hockey betting sites if you are in South Africa and you want to bet on the game. This will ensure that you have the best betting experience.


You can know if a bonus suits your playing style when you read the terms and conditions attached.


Check whether the betting site gave you a deposit bonus or if it is only meant for existing customers.


This is because live betting has more betting possibilities and better betting systems. Live betting is also more interactive and exciting than the usual markets.


You can find these sites that offer the best bonuses and betting odds when you go through our list of recommended ice hockey betting sites in South Africa.


In 2023, the ideal time to place a bet on any sport is live. This way, players will be able to control their bet better and also predict the outcome of an event or a match easily.


You can get free bets in many ways. The most common one is the free bets on registration which players get once they verify their account. Another way to get free bets is to register for promotions or events.


The cashback bonus, welcome bonus, and no deposit bonuses are undoubtedly the most popular bonuses in 2023. Players can redeem these bonuses using different payment platforms like Bitcoin or PayPal.


Yes, there is. ‘Puck Line bet’ (similar to ‘Spread bets’) is the most popular betting option available only in ice hockey.


We prioritize responsible gaming at Casinoble, so we want you to keep gambling under control, enjoy it and play only with your spare money. Make sure your gamble does not inconvenience the people around you and do not make it your sole source of livelihood.


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