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Tennis is loved the world over and there is no way to make the sport even more exciting – or is there?

At Casinoble we want to introduce you to the one element that can make tennis even more fun and that is online tennis betting in South Africa?

Find out here exactly what’s involved in tennis betting this year and how to make the most of it at the best tennis betting sites we have personally tested at Casinoble.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

You might think it is easy to find the top tennis betting sites; it is not. There are several platforms to choose from that can make it extremely confusing for anyone. Therefore, we at Casinoble have collated the top tennis betting sites in South Africa. The tennis betting sites mentioned here are not only safe but also very reliable and the best betting sites in 2024.

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Last Checked: Jul 23, 2024

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In the world of betting, one of the most prominent sports is tennis.

Both the excitement and prestige of tennis make it well suited to bet on.

Thus, at Casinoble, we bring to you all you should know concerning tennis betting sites.

In this article, we will explain the minimum requirements that a tennis betting site must meet.

You will also find information on how to improve your betting odds.

Carefully read along as we get started with the top bonuses of 2024, odds, live betting, systems, betting options, and much more.

New Tennis Betting Sites

New tennis betting sites cannot be forgotten on our list.

These new sites are gradually gaining a reputation in the industry.

So, we have checked out and recommended the new top tennis betting sites in South Africa in case you want to try out something unique and new.

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites

It is illogical to recommend or get involved with a betting site that is not honest, legal, reliable, and safe.

For this reason, we apply our requirements and basic principles to online casinos and betting sites before we recommend them to our loyal readers.

This is one of our primary concerns at Casinoble.

We only recommend betting sites that pass these requirements and principles, so that our readers can choose from the best.

These requirements are based on the most essential things a good betting site should have.

This is not about the bonuses or markets of the betting sites but rather about the security elements.

In summary, it is everything that has to do with giving their customers a good experience.

Listed below are the four major requirements that we use to test betting sites at Casinoble before we recommend them to our readers.

We strongly advise that you use these requirements as a benchmark when choosing your preferred betting site.

The four requirements are explained as follow:

  • License: For many people, the first thing they believe should show up on a bookmarker is the various promotions and bonuses. However, this is not the case as – the most crucial thing you should look out for on the bookmaker’s homepage is the license. You will find the license at the bottom of the homepage. The license is very important and makes a lot of difference in the betting world. A License is proof that a betting site is honest and legal, so you can choose to place your tennis bet with them. This means when choosing your preferred tennis betting site, you must ensure that the site is licensed by the appropriate licensing authorities in the location where they operate. In this case, it should have a license to operate in South Africa. Examples of licensing authorities are the British Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. In summary, do not place bets on a site if you cannot find their license. If you place bets on unlicensed sites, you are doing so at your own risk as you can get defrauded easily.
  • Withdrawal Terms: The terms of withdrawal on a website must also be considered before placing your bets with them. Most live casino gamblers are not familiar with withdrawal terms but it guarantees a secure environment for the customers and even the site itself. Withdrawal terms entail the criteria and requirements you must meet before you can withdraw your money or bonus. Withdrawal terms vary on each betting site as it depends on what the bookmaker wants. You should place your tennis bet only on recommended betting sites that have good withdrawal terms.
  • Support: Another great way to test the efficiency of a betting site is to check out their customer support. A serious bookmaker will have a good contact customer support backing it up. Customer support provides 24 hours service to customers, replying to their complaints and helping them find solutions. They also sensitize customers on various services, promos, and products available as well as answering questions and inquiries. Through customer support, you will know if a betting site is real, safe, and serious or they just want to take your money.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: We have earlier established that license is very crucial to the world of betting, however, it may not be enough. Betting is so complex, so we must double and triple-check that a tennis betting site has been checked and approved by an independent testing agency. An example of this independent testing agency is eCOGRA. The test is carried out to verify that a betting site does what they claim they do. Thus, any betting site that does not bear an approval seal from any of the independent testing agencies will not be found in our recommendation list.

Betting Bonus


You must have seen a bonus in 2024 if you have ever visited a betting site.

Mobile casino betting sites take pride in rewarding their players with free cash and attracting new players that have never come across the platform before.

So, you will see all sorts of bonuses online today.

There is a bonus for every punter as you will surely find an enticing bonus for you on the list of bonuses.

At Casinoble, we have checked which bonuses are currently on offer and we will also explain how each of them works, and what to look out for in each of them.

The knowledge gathered from this information will guide you to know what to expect when you place bets with any of the tennis betting sites we recommend.

  • Deposit Bonus: A deposit bonus is the most common bonus you will find on any betting site. It is also the most desired bonus of online casinos and bookmakers in 2024. A deposit bonus gives players an amount of money once they deposit on the site. Deposit bonus comes in various forms, but the most common one is the percentage bonus – that, a particular percentage is fixed to the bonus. The percentage often ranges from 50 to 3oo. Let’s explain in practical terms. For instance, you make the first deposit of 100 Euros on a betting site which offers a 200% bonus. You will get additional 200 Euros free either in free bets or in real money.
  • No Deposit Bonus: This bonus type is also gradually becoming more popular among bookmakers and bitcoin casino players in 2024. The No Deposit bonus allows players to play using the money on the site. In this case, players do not have to use their own money, yet they can still explore and enjoy betting on the site. Most players often use No Deposit Bonus to test the authenticity of a betting site. In practical terms, you can use this bonus to play on a betting site without using your own money. Most players use this bonus when playing on the site for the first time. They will use it to familiarize themselves with the modus operandi of the site and then decide whether the site is worth betting on or not. Although the bonus is usually small, it is enough to place bets that are tied with bonus conditions.
  • Terms & Conditions: If you are one of those who overlook the terms and conditions on a site and quickly clicks on agree without reading it thoroughly, you should change that now. Even if you have already registered with the betting site, ensure that you go back and read the terms and conditions attached to that site. The information contained in terms and conditions is very vital. Thus, you must read and understand them before placing your bets on the site. For instance, the terms and conditions state how to use your bonus, how to withdraw it, and things you need to do. If you ignore the terms and conditions, you might get stuck when you eventually win and you will not be able to withdraw your bonus. There are also instances where a bonus is not valid for your type of betting. You will find all these and more when you read through the terms and conditions.

Free Bets on Tennis

Just like other sports, the free bets in tennis tends to set themselves apart in comparison to all the bonuses.

Free bets are always present in most promotions as they are great for boosting your bets.

Think of a free bet as money given to you by a betting site but only to be used on their platform.

This is like when a nightclub offers you a free drink when you visit for the first time.

Like earlier stated, free bets help to boost your bets.

It also makes it possible for you to spread your bets in different odds and markets.

So, if you see a welcome bonus or offer for tennis betting that includes free bets, then first check the terms and conditions after which you will see if you can use the free bets to boost your winning chances.

Tennis Betting Apps

Tennis Betting Apps

Tennis Betting Apps

Betting on tennis and many other sports from a mobile device is now the order of the day.

With the advent of technology and its constant advancement, betting on a mobile device via mobile casinos has become a new trend.

Bettors find it very convenient to place bets from the comfort of their homes with their mobile devices like android, iOS, laptop, and desktop.

Online casinos and bookmakers too on the other hand have quickly realized this and upgraded.

The upgrade means that there are now many tennis betting apps and mobile casinos in 2024.

However, it is important to note that not all these tennis betting apps are recommendable.

So, at Casinoble, we apply all the essential requirements to betting sites that offer app downloads because we know how essential it is for bettors to download an app on their tablet or smartphone.

Furthermore, bettors should know that several tennis betting sites offer special promotions on their apps.

They do this to attract a higher number of online bettors.

One other reason behind tennis betting apps’ tremendous growth is linked to the live betting option they offer.

These betting options allow bettors to bet live during a tournament or match.

Bet on Tennis

Bet on Tennis

Betting on tennis has been in existence for a long time.

It has been one of the most dynamic and exclusive sports in the betting world which continues to attract several tennis bettors each year.

These tennis bettors fully engross themselves in the continual possibilities of options, odds, betting systems, and markets.

We will explain below the essential things you should know to become a part of the outstanding tennis betting community in South Africa – ranging from the betting systems to the tennis odds, live betting, and other crucial betting options.

We will also cover what you need to do if you want to improve your consistency and winnings.

Bet on Tennis

Tennis Odds

Depending on the happenings in the sport itself, tennis odds are in their own constantly changing and moving world.

Thanks to player performance and tournament, odds can drastically change from one moment to another.

This makes tennis odds an attractive risk for bettors.

Similarly, live betting has further affected these odds thereby giving additional simulation to the betting options and markets.

Improve Your Betting

You can change the outcome of your tennis betting experience entirely if you improve your understanding of betting and improve yourself.

The world of wagering is a complex element that you need to know and master before you go into it.

There is a requirement attached to each bet which will determine if a bet is well placed or whether it is placed simply on luck and emotion.

This leads us to the 3 most essential factors in tennis betting.

Once you learn these factors and employ them on your next bet, you will witness an immediate improvement in your bet and it will also help you to gain consistency and positive results.

  • Data/Information: in tennis betting, you must have adequate data and information about possible outcomes. This is why expert bettors carefully peruse every detail of the events and the athletes that will be playing in them. Having adequate information of events and players before placing a bet will enable bettors to get a focus and give them an upper hand over the bookmaker. This is because bookmakers also gather data and information before placing the odds, but bettors can work on the already-placed odds with the information and data at their disposal.
  • Hedge Bet Live: this is a good trick that enables bettors to gradually make their money and prevent them from losing. When you make hedge bets, you increase your winning chances and reduce the risk. Live hedge bets involve separating money into different bets rather than betting a huge sum on just one bet. This type of betting depends largely on the outcome of the tennis match and on your knowledge. As you are aware that there are more live bet possibilities, hedge bets are the safest and perfect betting option.
  • Focus: Focus is very vital not only in betting but in gambling. You cannot simply look at the most popular tennis matches or the highest odds if they do not match your playing style. You must ensure your focus remains on your betting odds and preferences to ensure effective and simple consistency.

Betting Options

The dominant betting options in tennis are the ‘Outright Winner’, and the ‘Match Winner’.

It does not stop there as there are several other options to choose from.

Other popular options include ‘Prop Bets’, ‘Exact Score’, ‘Under/Over’, and ‘Handicap’.

Therefore, we recommend you always do some thorough analysis on a game before you bet on it so that you can know your best options at that moment.

If you take the possibilities of betting on mobile and live into account, then, you can expect more options to get the best results.

Betting Systems

People who bet regularly on tennis must have at least one betting system.

This helps them to maximize profits and minimize risk.

Therefore, your betting options should not be limited only to the most popular ones.

Rather, you should know other systems and learn to combine them and keep them consistent.

You will find additional information on all you need to know about tennis betting systems and many other varieties in our Casinoble South Africa guides.

Live Betting

Since it was first introduced in the industry, live betting has changed everything.

It has made betting more dynamic and opened many other options.

This is why live betting is the favorite online option for many players across the world in 2024.

We recommend you use your mobile devices when placing live bets so that you can do it from any location.

Online vs Offline

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

Over time, there has been a shift from offline to online betting.

Tennis betting is not out of this shift.

Online betting refers to fast payout casinos that offer online tennis betting while offline are the brick and mortar betting venues in your locality.

There are still several offline betting locations, but they are not as popular as it was in the past as online betting has taken over.

At Casinoble, our specialization is on online betting.

Online betting has many benefits for bettors in terms of accessibility, odds, markets, and promotions.

Let’s look at a list of the tennis betting sites we recommend so that we can find out the best online betting tennis platforms.

Responsible Betting

We will always advocate for responsible betting.

We even place it as our top priority.

With our articles, guides, tips, and recommendations at Casinoble, we always seek to guarantee responsible and controlled gambling for our readers.

We also offer our readers only honest and serious sites.

We frown against uncontrolled gambling; thus, we are completely aware of our variety and themes.

Feel free to contact any of the numerous responsible gambling platforms in South Africa if you feel you need help to control your gambling.


To redeem your bonus, simply check the requirements on the site. Note that bonuses are only offered when you sign up with a betting site or via a code.

Perhaps you find a bonus on a betting site and you are not sure if they are truly okay, then you should check if the site has been tested by an independent laboratory or a gambling authority.


You will find a good place to bet on our list of top betting sites where you can place your bets in South Africa.


Tennis odds are based on current happenings. So, bookmakers place their odds on the state and situation of players


It is not recommended, we encourage you to bet responsibly and only use your spare money to bet.


There is no one technique, so you must be focused and informed when placing your bets.

You are advised not to bet only on one player or tournament. The information you gather before the match will guide you in placing the bets.


There are many places to place tennis bet. However, look at our recommendations at Casinoble to choose one of the best quality sites.


Tennis is dominated by ‘Outright Winner’ and ‘Match Winner’ like many other sports. They are easy because their focus is on the winners of the tournament or match.


This depends on many factors. You should find your favorite system and style to get the best time.


Sipho Mkhize

Sipho Mkhize

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