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Best League of Legends Betting Sites

In 2023, it is not easy for betting sites to establish themselves as one of the best.

This is because eSports draws so many bettors and fans such that there are many betting sites competing for the throne – to be the best and to be the choice of the huge League of Legend community.

As you will expect, being a fantastic LoL betting site has some requirements attached to it.

We have a few of those requirements covered at Casinoble.

Enjoy the top LoL betting sites in South Africa that have all you could ever want.

We are referring to betting sites that have impressive odds and markets as well as other features like live streaming or eSports experts.

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It seems that League of Legends is the new deal now.

It is seen everywhere. League of Legends is not just a game.

Rather, it has the largest online community in the world of eSports.

This implies that the League of Legends has multi-million dollar tournaments, thus the emergence of impressive betting sites for LoL.

However, many people still do not know about League of Legends despite its popularity.

eSports still sounds new to many people, that is why this article focuses on the basics of League of Legends.

Carefully read along as we explain the best LoL betting sites, LoL apps, the best bonuses, and how to bet on LoL in 2023.

Note that the article is particularly for people in South Africa, but you can also learn a thing or two if you are elsewhere.

New League of Legends Betting Sites.svg

New League of Legends Betting Sites

New League of Legends Betting Sites.svg

Like we stated earlier, eSports is a relatively new sport that is yet to be adopted by all betting sites.

Well, this is a great thing because it implies that there are sites that focus solely on casino games like Dota 2, Lol, or CS: GO.

At Casinoble, we advise you to always be careful when dealing with these new betting sites.

We have made it easy for you with our recommended list of League of Legend betting sites.

These sites have been recommended only after a thorough check.

So, we guarantee our readers top-notch experience when they transact with the recommended betting sites.

You can find out what the iGaming market stands to offer to players in 2023 if you go through our Casinoble list of new LoL betting sites.

Trusted Betting Sites

Importance of Licensed Casinos

Trust is very vital when it comes to betting.

No one wants to associate with a betting site that is not reliable and trustworthy.

The same applies to eSports.

Popularity has its adverse effects too.

Although it comes with a lot of positives, there are negatives as well.

Such is the case of eSports whose popularity has risen tremendously over the years.

One of the major problems of eSports betting sites is the lack of trust and honesty.

Many betting sites have sprung up in line with the rise in number but they are not trustworthy.

Many of them are just there to swindle people.

That is why we recommend these requirements to our readers to use as a benchmark or yardstick for a betting site before they sign up.

We have applied these requirements to our list of recommended sites and we advise that you do the same.

These 4 most essential factors will help you determine if a betting site is trustworthy or not.

Importance of Licensed Casinos
  • License: A betting site that has a license is fundamental to eSports betting. The license must be from a regulated authority such as the British Gambling Commission, or the Malta Gaming Authority. These gaming authorities serve to ensure that the betting sites offer legal betting and can protect bettors from any uncomfortable situations. License is everything in betting, so ensure that the betting site you are signing up with has a valid license. This tells you that such a site is safe and reliable.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Depositing on all sports betting sites is often very easy and seamless, but such is not the case when it comes to withdrawal. The withdrawal terms of a betting site often differ from the other. The favorability of a withdrawal term depends on the betting site. Bettors d should carefully read through the withdrawal terms on a site before signing up with such a site. You are advised to sign up only with betting sites that have good and hassle-free withdrawal terms. After all, the main essence of betting is to win, and when you win, you have to withdraw your winnings. In summary, consider the withdrawal terms before signing up because it states the amount of money you can withdraw as well as the time.
  • Support: Good customer support is the bedrock of any professional and serious betting site. No matter what the betting site specializes in, be it tennis, boxing, football, or League of Legends, they must have good customer support. Customer support is essential because they provide assistant to bettors in case you get stuck or you would like to make inquiries. You can contact customer support on a betting site to see how effective they are and how fast they respond. A good betting site will have good customer support.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: In addition to the license, a betting site must also have a seal from an independent testing laboratory. This seal served almost the same purpose as the license to certify whether the site is genuine. The difference between a license and this seal is that license is issued by gaming authorities while this seal is issued by laboratories like eCOGRA. These laboratories undertake a thorough check of the online casinos and gambling sites before they approve them. You can find this seal at the bottom of the bookmaker’s homepage. Any betting site that has this seal delivers what they promise to their customers.
Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

A betting bonus changes the face of a bet. It boosts your chances of winning.

Both bookmakers and bettors know this.

That is why there are numerous amounts of online casino bonuses available in 2023.

These bonuses come in different sizes and shapes, all targeted at meeting the needs of new bettors.

Here, we will focus on the most famous betting bonuses which are the no deposit bonus and the deposit bonus – we will also explain to you the basics of terms and conditions.

This is because terms and conditions are essential, as they determine whether or not a bettor should accept a bonus on a betting site.

Find out more on this vital information about bonuses offered by bookmakers.

  • Deposit Bonus: A deposit bonus is the most prevalent and most popular bonus available. A deposit bonus can be found on virtually all online casinos and betting sites because it is simple to use. You simply deposit an amount of money that matches the site’s requirements; the site will offer you a certain fixed percentage of your money in return. The percentages vary a lot as it depends on the betting site. It sometimes ranges between 50% and 200%, with 100% as the most common. For instance, if a betting site offers you a 200% bonus, and you make a deposit of 1oo ZAR, you will get an additional 200 ZAR as the deposit bonus.
  • No Deposit Bonus: In 2023, the most popular bonus is the no deposit bonus. Just like the name implies, it does not require you to deposit before you get the bonus. So, unlike the deposit bonus, the no deposit bonus is given to players even when they have not made any deposit on the site. In most cases, the goal of no deposit bonuses is to attract new customers to the site, and sometimes to keep the existing customers. New players particularly enjoy this bonus type as they use it to test the site before they sign up. Although the money you get here is not as much as that of the deposit bonus, you can still use it to play and win. It is a safe way to test a site without risking your own money.
  • Terms & Conditions: Many people often rush to agree to the terms and conditions on a site, online shop, or app without reading through it, this is not advisable. Lots of vital information is often contained in the terms and conditions on a betting site (especially the ones attached to a bonus). If you read the terms and conditions, you will understand the bonus requirements, the wagering requirements, how to use the bonus, how long you can use the bonus, how many times you can use the bonus, how to convert the bonus into real money among other vital information. The terms and conditions on gambling sites change everything, so you have to go through them before you accept a bonus from the site. It will do a player no good if the conditions of a bonus are too strict even if the bonus is powerful.

Free Bets on League of Legends

Free Bets on League of Legends

Free bets will always remain supreme on LoL betting sites.

Free bets help players to receive more bets and money.

Almost all sportsbooks (including League of Legends) adds free bets in their catalog to please all bettors.

You have to imagine a voucher or virtual money to get the idea of free bets.

Free bets can only be used to play on the site it was issued.

Free bets have about a dozen of variations like live free bets, mobile free bets, no wager free bets, and lots more.

Players can always search for free bets and choose the one that matches their betting style without being required to convert them into ZAR before you can cash them out as real money.

Free Bets on League of Legends

League of Legends Betting Apps

Betting apps are no longer new to bettors as they are now widespread and available on almost all mobile casinos and eSports like League of Legends.

eSports in particular is fully online and has an app that meets the need of every user across the globe.

That is why betting apps are the number one betting platform on League of Legends in 2023.

Many types of LoL betting applications also offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for mobile customers.

These promotions and bonuses give players to bet on the go, wherever they are and wherever they like.

It also enhances the betting experience with more features than normal.

Bet on (LoL) League of Legends

The most exciting thing about LoL is how to bet perfectly.

If you have visited a League of Legends betting site, you would have noticed that betting there is quite complex and that it takes a great deal to be able to cover every area of the game.

Thus, you must learn how to bet on the game.

For this reason, we at Casinoble will provide a list of the top LoL betting options and systems, and odds to guarantee winnings.

Also included is an explanation of how you can improve your betting using our 3 top tips.

Betting Options

League of Legends is famous for its special bets, but you also have to know the main market so that you can be able to formulate a betting system.

The special bets are ‘Team to Destroy the First Tower’, ‘First to the Baron Nashor’, and ‘First Blood’.

Note that all these special bets are only available in LoL.

Now, if you would like to know the best betting options to consider, you have to check for one of the markets below on your preferred betting site.

  1. Under/Over Bets
  2. Accumulator Bets
  3. Spread/Handicap Bets
  4. Live Bets
  5. Tournament Bets
  6. Moneyline Bets

Betting Systems

Experts will tell you that you must have at least one betting system to win well in League of Legends or any other sport or casino game.

This is because you may win periodically using a few bets that you find amusing but you will require a safe online betting system if you desire consistent winning in the long run.

Having a good betting system that focuses on markets and bets helps players to improve their winning and minimize their risks since they will only play on bets they know best.

So you are advised to consider the betting system that matches your playing style before you start your betting session.

Live Betting

Live bets are now very famous on all sports in the market the same way mobile betting has become the new trend. Live betting is particularly popular in eSports because the fans know everything that happens live.

This is why markets like Baron Nasher or Tower bets will always stand out because it is easier to go along with live betting depending On current happenings.

Also, there is an exclusive opportunity for League of Legends betting if the number of offers and promotions available for live betting are considered.

League of Legends Odds

No doubt, LoL is very exciting but this is just the start of the eSports era.

So there are currently not many sports betting websites that are notable for their dedicated eSports odds.

However, several sites know how to offer accumulators and boost to help players guarantee better odds.

This applies to eSports as they are also easy to find. In 2023, we will love to get better odds for LoL.

Improve Your Betting

This is where we will show you how you can improve your betting with 3 very essential tips.

These tips have been gathered from top experts in sports betting, so they fit perfectly for any eSports market.

At Casinoble, we advise that you apply these 3 tips before you place any bet because they will change your winning immediately.

You can always combine these tips with any other strategies you may already have.

  • Focus: Focus and concentration are everything when it comes to using real money to bet. This also applies to sportspersons and to bettors. There are usually many distractions that can make or mar a bet in the twinkle of an eye. A bettor must always be on guard and never lose focus before taking the plunge.
  • Data/Information: Data and information are very vital in betting. You will become an expert if you have them to your advantage by mastering the markets or sports you are betting on, that is, you have to familiarize yourself with all the data and information. You must become a professional on the subject like traders on the betting sites do so that they can stay on top of outcomes and odds. Bettors should follow every team change, training, and playing locations and tournaments to be well informed.
  • Hedge Bet Live: Simply put, do not put all your eggs in one basket. This is what live hedge bets are all about. It requires you to bet on different live markets and odds so that you do not have to risk all your bets at once. Hedge bet is a personal trick we often recommend at Casinoble and it always assures bettors of a profit. It is a good way to play safe when a live bet is sure to win.

Offline vs Online

For bettors, the new trend is playing online because there has been a shift to online platforms thanks to advances in technology over the years.

At Casinoble, we specialize in online gambling and bringing you the best sports, payment methods, casino games, and bonuses of 2023.

On the other hand, offline gambling still exists although they are not too common.

They are those traditional betting you can find in casinos and bookmakers around your city.

Responsible Betting

The safety of our readers is our top priority at Casinoble, which is why we prioritize responsible betting.

We sensitize our readers on this through our recommendations, articles, and guides.

If you feel you are unable to control your gambling, then we advise you to seek professional help so that you can be back to playing safely and having fun.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are various LoL betting sites in 2023 and each one differs from the other. However, you can find the best sites on Casinoble where we have listed the top League of Legends betting sites in South Africa. You can check them out today and choose your preferred site.


It is always fun when you bet with a bonus, but it is another thing entirely to know how to use the bonus. So, we suggest that you always read the terms and conditions attached to a bonus before you accept the bonus. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support center to inquire about the bonus.


LoL has a wide range of online betting options like nearly all other sorts. You will easily find promotions that go along with what you are looking for in LoL especially as eSports is trendy these days.


eSports has only been in existence for a decade but many people still do not know that it already has the same number of online gamblers as the National Basketball Association.

In reality, eSports is very popular around the globe with games like Dota 2, Overwatch, CS: GO, and League of Legends with a massive community of fans.

The five most popular players in League of Legends’ history are Bae Jun-sik ‘Bang’, Kim Hyuk-kyu ‘Deft’, Ming Kai ‘ClearLove’, Son Kyung-ho ‘Smeb’, and Lee Sang-hyeok ‘Faker’


The 3 most essential tournaments to bet on in League of Legends are the All-Star Off-Season, Mid-Season Invitational Major, and the World Championship Major.

These tournaments are held every year and they attract the top LoL players in the world as well as the biggest prizes.

The biggest prize tool was in the Lol World Championship which took place in Shaghai, China. The prize pool was 2.34 million dollars and DAMWON Gaming from South Korea got the largest share as the winner of the tournament.


LoL is played all over the world with special tournaments and leagues almost on all continents. However, the primary markets are Japan, Brazil, North America, South Korea, China, and Europe.


Yes, there are several LoL betting sites in South Africa that have the best odds and markets along with free promotions and much more.

You can find these sites on our Casinoble recommended list of the best LoL betting sites.

We often advocate for responsible betting which is why we do not advise you to make a living betting online. We also advise that you bet only with your spare money. Lastly, use our betting advice and tips to guide you on responsible betting.


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