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When Charles August Fey invented the first slot machine in 1894, he wouldn’t have believed how far the industry would go. Today, slot machines are a staple in the thriving iGaming industry, which generates billions of dollars annually and continues to grow.

Navigating this dynamic industry can feel overwhelming due to the sheer number of brands, games, betting markets, and exciting extras that make online gambling thrilling.

That’s why we’ve supported South Africans for nearly a decade. With our brand recognized globally, let us show you why Casinoble is your trusted guide through the iGaming world.

Our Mission at Casinoble

Casinoble Logo

Casinoble Logo

The iGaming industry is vast and complex, with thousands of online casinos and betting sites, hundreds of software providers, countless bonuses, over 10,000 games, and sports ranging from rugby to cricket.

Our team excels at navigating all these facets. For over 10 years, we’ve made Casinoble a hub for our insights, information, and recommendations, allowing us to share crucial tips each year, month, week, or day.

Reviews and Comparisons at Casinoble

Our standout feature has always been our reviews and comparisons. As avid players, we're committed to promoting a safe, responsible gambling environment. Here's how we handle reviews and what you can learn from them:

Online Casino Reviews

We test each casino for up to a month, sharing insights on Casinoble about the top online casinos in 2024.

show more Online Casino

Bonus Reviews

Bonuses are integral to attracting players. We evaluate each one to ensure it’s worthwhile.

show more Casino Bonus

Bookmaker Reviews

While casinos dominate the industry, sports betting is equally important. We're sports enthusiasts, and we're here to guide you on betting in 2024.

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eSport Reviews

Esports has swiftly taken center stage in the betting world, overshadowing traditional casino allure. As fervent enthusiasts in South Africa, we're dedicated to navigating the esports betting landscape, offering insights on the top places to bet in 2024. Trust us to lead you through the exhilarating domain of competitive gaming.

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Casinoble's Methodology to Test and Review Gambling Websites

In 2024, the iGaming industry is tightly regulated. Countries offering online gambling rely on international authorities to safeguard their citizens, including South Africa.

At Casinoble, we support this and frequently engage with authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority to align with industry standards and trends.

Here are key areas we test to shape the industry:

How we test and review

Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos and betting sites offer significant bonuses, including welcome bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, and more.However, not all bonuses are beneficial. Some are bait, leading players into confusing conditions. We separate the good from the bad, ensuring you get the best value.


Game and Sports Market Availability

When registering at a casino or betting site, you’ll explore games and sports markets. With over 5,000 games and 40 sports, not all may suit your taste. We delve into providers to highlight those with unique offerings.


UX and Mobile Compatibility

The industry is increasingly mobile-focused, with 75% of people gambling on smartphones. Thus, UX, apps, and "Instant Play" sites are crucial. We only recommend sites meeting these standards.


Registration and Deposits

Registering and depositing should be simple. Our preferred sites allow registration within 2-3 minutes, followed by deposits and bonuses, ensuring seamless entry.


Payment Methods

Top casinos and betting sites offer a variety of methods, including credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, banking methods, and cryptocurrencies, for both deposits and withdrawals. We guide you to sites offering the best deals on limits, speed, and availability.


Player Support

Customer support is vital, providing insights into a site's commitment. We recommend sites offering live chat, email, and hotline support for comprehensive assistance.

Safety and Licensing

Safety and Licensing

Licenses, audit companies and testing agencies – that’s what we aim for. We insist on safety, and we’ve always done so since the day that Casinoble came to life. As players ourselves, it’s hard to trust new gambling sites and features just because they look tempting.

Besides, we’re aware of the changes within international regulations. That’s why we’re only willing to recommend websites that have the stamp of approval of one or multiple authorities, such as:

Safety and Licensing

Our Educational Content

Benefit From Our Detailed Educational Content

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Banking methods

Smooth Payments & Banking

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The History of Casinoble

Casinoble, despite its fresh look, dates back to 2016. Since then, the site has grown steadily while maintaining its quality and vision.

In 2024, we’re covering global iGaming markets, guiding curious players and bettors to make informed choices.

We Are an International Brand

What began as a humble idea has blossomed into an international venture, spanning 25+ languages with a dedicated team of writers, players, and bettors.

We’re privileged to have some of the industry’s most experienced veterans, and it’s up to all of us to ensure Casinoble remains a respected, forward-thinking brand.

Casinoble Timeline

Key Happenings on Our Adventure



The idea was born

In the summer of 2016 the idea of building comparison sites for online betting where taking shape.



playSite Launched

During the fall of 2016 we put our first website online. We had never built a website before so it was ugly and slow.



EmployeeFirst Employee

In the spring of 2018 we could hire our first external person to help us with content.



rocket10.000 Visitors

After striving for months we reach 10.000 unique visitors in one month.



coins1.000 Players in a month

We passed the magic mark of guiding 1.000 players to a new casino experience.



chat boxCasinoble Redesign

Casinoble 2.0 is launched. After years of planning and months of coding Casinoble can start to communicate what we have desired for so long. Own identity with unique graphics and illustrations.



EmployeeTeam's Growing

The team grows past twenty people engaged in Casinoble.



30 Countries

Casinoble is now established in 30 countries.

The Team Behind Casinoble

Every successful company has great people behind it. Here are our faces, names, and backgrounds:

Sipho Mkhize

Sipho Mkhize

Content Writer

Sipho Mkhize, a 29-year-old content writer from the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, has a natural affinity for storytelling and a passion for the casino industry. With a degree in Journalism from Rhodes University, Sipho uses his wordsmithing abilities to engage and inform Casinoble's audience. In his free time, Sipho dreams of becoming an accomplished novelist, focusing on stories that celebrate the rich cultural diversity and heritage of South Africa.

Thabo Nkosi

Thabo Nkosi

Casino Reviewer

Thabo Nkosi, a 42-year-old casino reviewer from the bustling city of Johannesburg, Gauteng, brings over a decade of experience in the gaming industry to the Casinoble team. As an expert in casino analysis, Thabo provides readers with thorough and unbiased reviews, ensuring they have the information they need to make informed decisions. Outside of work, Thabo aspires to open his own jazz club, where he can share his love for music and provide a platform for up-and-coming South African musicians.

Lerato Dlamini

Lerato Dlamini

Content Writer

Lerato Dlamini, a 35-year-old content writer from the picturesque town of Franschhoek, Western Cape, has a talent for creating compelling, informative articles. Holding a degree in English and Communications from the University of Cape Town, Lerato expertly communicates the intricacies of the casino world to Casinoble's audience. When she's not writing, Lerato dreams of starting a non-profit organization to empower young South African women through education and mentorship.

Naledi Van Wyk

Naledi Van Wyk

SEO Editor

Naledi Van Wyk, a 32-year-old SEO editor from the vibrant city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, is an expert in search engine optimization and digital marketing. With a degree in Marketing from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Naledi ensures that Casinoble's content reaches the widest possible audience by optimizing it for search engines. When she's not fine-tuning articles, Naledi dreams of opening her own boutique hotel on the KwaZulu-Natal coast, blending her passion for hospitality with her love for the region's stunning natural beauty.

Zanele Mokoena

Zanele Mokoena

Partner Manager

Zanele Mokoena, a 39-year-old partner manager from the quaint town of Clarens, Free State, excels at building and maintaining strong relationships with Casinoble's partners. With a background in Business Management from the University of the Free State, Zanele's interpersonal skills and business acumen make her an indispensable asset to the team. In her free time, Zanele dreams of establishing an arts and crafts center in her hometown to showcase the work of local artists and artisans, promoting the unique culture and creativity of the Free State region.

We Value Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling has been our motto since day one. The industry can be fun but also harmful both economically and financially.

To support our readers and the broader community, we share information on responsible gambling organizations, including:


Recommending gambling sites isn’t easy. We scrutinize every detail, as we also play on these sites. Our priority is safety and responsible gambling, but we also check games, sports markets, payment methods, customer support, mobile compatibility, and bonuses.

We’re a team of casino and sports betting veterans who’ve been in the business for years. We’re also active players, aiming to share the industry’s thrills with our readers responsibly.

Casinoble has existed since 2016, and our team has grown to 20+ members. Our unbiased comparison approach has attracted like-minded individuals who share this vision and experience.