New Live Blackjack for Pragmatic Play

Recently, Pragmatic Play has launched some new options for their site. In particular, they are blowing up the Live Blackjack market. Here's a little information on how they are doing this and how it could increase your enjoyment of the games.


When many think about the dealers at a casino table, they inevitably think of extensive vetting when it comes to hiring processes. However, this may also lead them to believe that these Croupiers may be cheating on behalf of the house. This couldn't be further from the truth as there are a few different qualifications and more that a dealer must have before they can be out on the casino floor. These include the likes of a gaming permit and license, as well as the extensive training that goes into being a proficient dealer in many card games. With that in mind, you can be sure that the card dealers in a casino, regardless of which game you're playing, are 100% legitimate.

Live Blackjack

For people who have never tried live blackjack before, it can be a whole lot of fun. It's a lot like actually being in the casino in person rather than playing from the comfort of one's home. There are real dealers who are on set, dealing real cards while the players react just as if they were there. One thing that bothered some other players before, however, was that the other players on the table could make the table run kind of slow.

In real life, everyone else at the table could pester the player to move faster, or even just take visual confirmation that the person was ready to go and the play could resume. However, when it comes to Live Blackjack, there are rules that slow down games sometimes. However, Pragmatic Play has some ways of fixing this problem that is pretty exciting.

Speeding Up the Game with Auto-Stand

This new feature from Pragmatic Play's new live blackjack tables makes it so that a player sets a minimum card point count, and then the computer will automatically choose for them to “Stand” in every hand after that count is achieved. This way, the game rolls right along quick and easy without slowing down anyone else along the way. This is one of the major ways that the game has sped everything up.

Revolutionizing Efficiency with Deal Now

Another new way to make sure the game flows quickly is the “Deal Now” option. This helps fix a problem with an online play where there's a clock that slowly ticks down while all the other players get ready with their bets. The problem is, that in the past, there was no way for everyone to just say they are done with their bets early in order to stop the clock and start dealing and playing. Again, this isn't a problem in person because everyone can easily say so, but the automated system can pose a problem for this reason.

However, with Deal Now, it just requires everyone to hit the Deal Now button so that it's confirmed that everyone is ready and then the game can progress immediately. For anyone who's ever been to a casino in real life before, there's nothing more annoying than waiting around while everyone at the table finally makes up their mind about what to bet. This eliminates that and gets the game rolling again!

Added to this is features related to controlling your hand options even when it isn't your turn so that when it does get to your turn, you can get straight to what you want to do instead of deliberating while everyone else is waiting.

Overall, it's an exciting time to try out Pragmatic Play's games and get going with experience with Live Blackjack unlike any that you've ever had before.



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