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What is Live Blackjack Online?

Live Blackjack online is the same as regular Blackjack only the player will be playing with a real dealer who is dealing the cards live. Many people prefer this because it feels like a real life casino experience and offers some connection with the dealer.
The majority of quality online casinos now offer live games including Blackjack. Players can enjoy the game and many feel there is less chance of live Blackjack being rigged due to the fact that they can actually see the dealer in action, rather than an automated computer controlling the game.

How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is a game with simple rules that is rather easy to play. It’s the player vs the dealer and the aim is to make 21. If the player goes over 21, they bust and automatically lose and likewise if the dealer is closer, the player also loses.
Although Blackjack is mostly based on luck, there are different strategies that can be used to increase the players chance of winning. There are people out there who consider themselves professional Blackjack players, who win more than they lose and make a steady profit from the game, proper bankroll management has to be used.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack starts with the cards being dealt, 2 for the player or players and 2 for the dealer but one of the dealers is face down so it cannot be seen. The player then chooses to stick, which means stay with the cards they have or twist (get another card).
An ace and ten is the best hand in Blackjack because ace is an 11 or 1 depending on the value of the other cards in the hand. Once the player is happy with their hand, the dealer turns over their other card and the winner is revealed as a result.

Basic Strategy for Blackjack

There are some Blackjack strategies that go very deep but the basics are simple. If the player is dealt 2 of any card, they can split the cards and pretty much make 2 hands as a result. This is advisable particularly if these cards are 10s.
By splitting 2 10s, the player is doubling the chance of having an ace with their next cards and therefore making Blackjack. There are many books out there about the game that go into more detailed strategies, which are advised for players that are very serious about the game at higher stakes.
Live Blackjack Online South Africa

Play Blackjack in South Africa

There are basically 2 ways that Blackjack can be played in South Africa. At real life casinos and online. Landbased casinos have a bustling vibe to them and many people prefer to visit these but they are not right for everybody who wants to play the game.
Online Blackjack allows players to have fun on the game whenever and wherever they want with no issues. They can also make the most of Blackjack bonuses online. Live Blackjack online also means that players can get the real life vibe of the game without the need to even leave their house.

All you need to know about online blackjack!

Do players have the best odds with Blackjack?

While it depends on the skills the player has and the rules of the particular game, it has the best odds overall. Keep in mind, playing with the right strategy will give you better odds than just playing however you want to. Even if you don’t though, it still has better odds than other games.

What does Las Vegas rules mean?

This phrase is usually used to compare different Blackjack games. In short, it basically means the game has the rules of that were normal for games in downtown Las Vegas. This includes things like double down on 2 initial cards, resplits and dealer hits on soft 17.

What is the right basic strategy for Blackjack?

There is only 1 right strategy for each type of Blackjack game. Since casinos offer different games and playing decks, the rules will differ from place to place. This means that, regardless where you go, each game type only has 1 right strategy that will give you the best odds of winning.

Do other players have an effect on your end game?

The best thing to do is just ignore the other players as best you can. You don’t want their good or bad games rubbing off on you or allow them to get in your head. Just focus on your game and don’t worry about how they’re playing!

Should I ever take insurance or money?

If you’re a player that’s using just a basic strategy, you should stay away from taking insurance or money. In fact, the only people that should really use these kinds of bets are people who are counting cards. No matter what, try and take your chances and see how the hand plays out.

What common play is the worst in Blackjack?

Overall, the worst common play a Blackjack player can make is standing when you have an 8,8 versus 7 and deciding not to split them. Every time you do this, you’ll end up losing around 70 cents on the dollar. Keep using the basic strategy and you shouldn’t have to worry about this too much.

Are multi-deck or single-deck Blackjack games better?

There isn’t a simple yes or no answer to this question. A game that uses a multi-deck has about 0.5%-0.6% disadvantage that a single deck game doesn’t have. The biggest reason for this is because it has different effects when cards are removed. For example, removing a card in a single deck game will have a bigger impact than removing one in a multi-deck game.

How much money can I win by counting cards?

Honestly, you can still end up losing a lot of money even when counting cards. There are a lot of factors that come into play, including skill, bankroll and risk level. Remember, there’s always a chance that you can win more than you lose, but you shouldn’t go into it expecting to win a bunch of money.

Is card counting illegal?

While it isn’t technically illegal, it is highly frowned upon and it’s looked at as cheating. One thing to keep in mind is that counting card itself isn’t illegal, but you can get legal consequences from things that go along with it, such as theft.

What is the best system for counting cards in Blackjack?

There isn’t technically a best card counting system, but there are some systems that work better with different kinds of games. For example, a shoe game can work with any counting system and works within about 1/10 of a percent and single deck games have good results from systems that have multi-level counts with an ace side-count.

What are the top plays that will give card counters huge gains?

There are 2 plays that will usually give a player the biggest gains. These are: knowing when and when not to take insurance and standing on a 16 when the dealer has a 10.

Why is Blackjack still offered in casinos if it's able to be beat?

Even with wins and card counters, a casino ends up making more money on these games than they actually lose. Blackjack really is stacked against you and you have a much higher chance of losing than you do winning.

Can I win without counting cards?

The short answer is yes. Since this game has been around for so many years, players have found many different loopholes that aren’t actually counting cards. Some of these are: flashing, peeking, shuffle tracking and front loading.

What things are the most important when looking at a Blackjack game?

The answer depends on which of these 3 situations you’re in. If you’re counting cards, you want to find games that are fast. If you’re using a basic strategy, you want to find games that are using a single deck. Finally, if you’re a gambler, you want to play in locations that have things like slow dealers, great comps and a low number of players.

What Blackjack books are considered the best ever written?

Most of the best books that were written on Blackjack were actually written a while ago. Some of the best ones are: Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One by Edward Thorpe and The Theory of Blackjack: The Compleat Card Counter’s Guide to the Casino Game of 21 by Peter Griffin.

How can I learn how to win at Blackjack?

The best way to learn how to win is by reading well-written books, like the ones listed above, and just practicing and actually playing the game. You can do all the reading you want, but you’ll get more experience and understanding by actually playing.

Are card counters still banned from casinos?

Card counters are not welcome at casinos and if a player is caught counting, they will be escorted out. The whole point of a casino is to take your money and not pay out, so they want to make sure they get rid of as many card counters as they can!

Why are you writing about Blackjack and not out winning a ton of money if the game is beatable?

In short, just because Blackjack can beat doesn’t mean someone can go and get rich from it. Even the most experienced player can only win so much before they start to lose. The main reason is that the odds are stacked against you and you can’t realistically win every single game.

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