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Best CS:GO Betting Sites

There is one thing that the ideal CS:GO betting sites share.

These sites can offer sports betting.

However, the truth is we do not have a good number of them out at the moment. This makes knowing the best among them vital.

This explains why we bring you the best CS:GO betting sites in 2022.

We have tested and verified these CS:GO betting sites.

This way, we can offer you the most amazing eSports experience, as well as a great experience of this vicious first-person shooter.

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Last Checked: May 16, 2022

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A lot of change is ongoing in the sports world.

In the past, classic sports betting like Formula 1, basketball, golf, tennis, and football were at the apex of the betting world.

However, today, eSports reigns supremely at the top.

Here, we are referring to electronic sports known as eSports that are getting popular among the new set of online gamblers.

The emperor of the first-person shooters: CS:GO is one of these eSports games.

Also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS:GO is a game that has been existing for a long time.

However, that is not all.

Its fan community is one of the biggest in the world.

Due to this community, a lot of money is spent on some of the biggest tournaments.

These tournaments present an opportunity for gamers to bet on CS:GO.

This is a guide to all the available information about CS:GO.

It will also help you locate the ideal CS:GO betting sites. Let’s get started.

New CS-GO Betting Sites

New CS:GO Betting Sites

New CS-GO Betting Sites

It is vital that you get the ideal Counter-Strike betting sites.

However, beyond this, you should know the ones making an appearance on the internet for the first time and have been set aside strictly for the finest eSport.

This is the reason we keep bringing you the ideal CS:GO betting sites.

These sites are recent and in 2022, they have the most amazing modern attributes.

This gives you the freedom of enjoying your preferred betting games in radiant and innovative eSports conditions.

Trusted Betting Sites

Importance of Licensed Casinos

If it is not a betting site in South Africa that you trust, there will be no point in offering bonuses, odds, and markets.

Casinoble specializes in betting sites that are trusted.

These betting sites meet all demands of offering eSports betting legally.

Due to the sport’s recent popularity, it has never been more important to know the sites that should be recommended and where to deposit funds without making a mistake.

This is the reason we want to tell you the exact four requirements of Casinoble that are most important.

When we do a review of a CS:GO betting site, these requirements are usually given the most attention.

Go through our requirements and decide if you are interested in applying them the next time you go on a CS:GO betting search.

Importance of Licensed Casinos

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Are you looking to bet on eSports or online casinos? You are most likely interested in getting a bonus.

The reason for this is bonuses are the core of the best qualities of betting and playing online.

They have a way of increasing your likelihood of getting big prizes because they provide you with virtual funds.

This is one reason there are lots of bonuses.

Also, lots of websites have become specialists in giving their customers eSports bonuses.

This is just for the purpose of gambling on the largest eSports events.

Of course, CS:GO is considered a heavyweight so long these sites are concerned.

This means it is okay to look out for free bets or interesting bonuses.

We will give you an explanation of the two most amazing bonuses for 2022 below.

We will also explain why it is very essential to know about the bonus terms and conditions.

  • Deposit Bonus: The deposit bonus is the major bonus you will get on any betting site regardless of what site it is. This bonus is considered a cake’s icing so long getting free money is concerned. This is because when you deposit funds on a betting website, you will get part of your deposits in from free money. This percentage ranges from a bonus of 50% to 200%. You will get ZAR 200 after depositing ZAR 100 if you get a bonus of 200%.
  • No Deposit Bonus: The no deposit bonus is the most popular bonus in 2022. In recent times, this bonus has been a major subject of discussion on different platforms. This is because it makes it possible for customers to get some funds with which they can try out a betting site. A lot of times, you simply need to get signed to a site. However, if you are already signed up to a site, you can get no deposit bonus occasionally so you can check out new games and markets.
  • Terms & Conditions: In betting suites, terms and conditions are very important. This must be clear. They are different from what is obtainable on other websites where it is okay for you to accept terms and conditions without going through them. This is because betting sites will also give you a definite direction on how a bonus should be used, as well as the wagering requirement you need to make withdrawals and the time frame you have to make use of the bonus. If you must accept a bonus, ensure you go through the terms and the conditions it comes with. This is the only way to know if it is suitable for your betting style.

Free Bets on CS:GO

Free Bets on CS-GO

Regardless of what you view online, the day will always be ruled by free bets.

Free bets are the major appeal of the offers and bonuses on betting sites.

This is because they are virtual funds which the site gives you.

These funds are to be used on their platform as your money.

You must consider free bets a form of a voucher that you can use on a platform that can be exchanged for actual money.

This is only possible if you successfully meet the conditions you are given.

However, the fact remains in 2022, there are various types of free bets.

There are free bets just for mobile versions and apps, live free bets, no wager free bets, etc.

This is one reason you can always get something that suits you if you closely monitor the promotions before signing them up.

Free Bets on CS-GO

CS:GO Betting Apps

In 2022, betting is becoming mobile. Are you aware of that?

CS:GO betting sites and mobile casinos have transferred their most prestigious clientele to their mobile versions.

Here, you can bet and play your most preferred Esport Sports from an app or your mobile phone.

The facts remain there are lots of mobile versions and apps that can be gotten on Android or iOS.

These apps are in their hundreds.

This means you can always have your bets wherever you are. That’s not all.

Lots of CS:GO betting apps are associated with exclusive promotions.

To use any of these, you must have the app. Also, a good number of them are growing.

In addition to that, CS:GO betting apps come with some beautiful features and innovations.

So, they rapidly make them outstanding in the industry.

In 2022, if you are looking to enjoy the biggest experience, then, you should look at the ideal betting apps.

Bet on CS:GO

With everything said so far, are you interested in betting on CS:GO?

If yes, you are reading the right article.

The reason for this is we recommend the ideal in CS:GO betting.

In addition to this, we are interested in helping you improve greatly.

We have gathered a lot of experience which is why we have been able to give our attention to the most important facts to gain a mastery of the eSports betting market.

So, ensure you grab the things we are interested in telling you.

It does not matter if it is about the ideal way to get better at CS:GO betting, the kind of CS:GO betting, the odds of games, CS:GO live betting, the system you can make use of.

Are you interested in becoming the next eSports master in South Africa?

Below is all you should know – let’s walk you through it.

Betting Options

Just like in other eSport games, in CS:GO, some betting types are so specific that they are not applicable to other sports.

We are referring to the uniqueness of the actual game. Here, unique odds and markets are outstanding.

We will be telling you precisely what these bets are.

We advise that you keep your eye open for them.

This is because they stand for the core of CS:GO

They include

  • Bets on the outcome
  • Futures
  • Correct Score
  • Bet on Killing (an example is “Murder with Molotov Cocktail”)
  • Winner of a round
  • A bet on what team emerges victorious in a number of rounds
  • A bet on the team that will make a higher number of first kills while a match is on.

Betting Systems

It is certain that a betting system is needed.

This is because in the absence of the right betting system, maintaining consistency or a winning streak is impossible.

With betting systems, risks are minimized, also, gamers get directed towards a game that is controlled.

The knowledge level of the individual gambler is a major factor for the finest CS:GO betting systems.

Due to this, it is vital you give attention to learning what betting and all aspects of the game are about.

When you do this, you are guaranteed a reliable and safe betting system.

In this system, you achieve the exact winnings that you have always looked out for.

Live Betting

Are you aware of the fact that in sports betting, live betting is the most used form of betting? This is the same with eSports betting.

Of course, this covers CS:GO. Also, quite differently from other sports, a huge online community follows eSports.

These online communities are used to the most recent internet features.

Since in eSports, everything takes place online.

So, it is normal for live markets to be in charge.

In markets like this, gamblers have an improved likelihood of taking advantage of their knowledge.

This has led to the development of a lot of events and promotions on the ideal betting sites which offer markets and odds.

It also offers live streams of the major tournaments.

CS:GO Odds

So long CS:GO odds are concerned, you will be in charge if you have the best understanding of the game.

CS:GO betting sites have no choice but to move their odds in the way other sports move theirs.

This leads to the development of a balance between the demands of the gamblers and the site.

The fact, however, is lots of experts are used to predicting the outcomes of events and games are new to eSports.

Therefore, this makes it interesting to stay focused on eSports odds.

Also, now is the best time to know about them and take advantage of them.

Improve Your Betting

Luck is needed in betting.

However, betting is not only about luck.

This is because knowledge is what really matters.

This is even more important when betting on eSports comes into the picture.

Apart from just putting all the games into your consideration, as well as considering their features, if you are not armed with knowledge, sports betting could be a nightmare.

We do not want to talk just about the game.

We are interested in explaining the major factors that can help you have proper control over your betting.

With these three factors, you can totally alter the result of your bets.

Also, they are perfectly suitable for whatever betting system you select.

Let’s find out what they are and if they can help you with your most preferred CS:GO bets.

  • Focus: Everything is focus. Either it is for you or for the players of the pro teams. You must focus on the outcome of the CS:GO and your bets. This is the only way to know the perfect place to put your funds. The fact remains if you fail to, you will be moving around searching for profits.
  • Information/Data: Every expert bettor has an understanding of the market he is gambling in up to the minutest detail. This is because becoming an expert entails having all the data and information that you can lay your hands on. The traders that put the odds on the betting suites take time to study all that takes place before a game, while the game is on and after every game is over.
  • Hedge Bet Live: At Casinoble, our tip for winning bets constantly is to go for live hedge bets. Live hedge bets help spread your funds among live bets and place them on just winning odds. This is not a guarantee of becoming a millionaire. However, you will receive a steady gain that is a lot better than a single win in the long run.

Online and Offline

Online betting is always different from offline betting.

When we refer to online betting, we refer to betting that is carried out on the internet.

At Casinoble, we are specialists in these betting sites.

We take time to tell you about the best bonuses, casino games, online casinos, and payment methods.

On the other hand, offline betting is betting at regular bookmarks.

Of course, these do not come with so many features.

Also, the recent health issues had a substantial effect on them.

Due to this, at the moment, they are not the most reliable place to gamble.

Responsible Betting

At Casinoble, we are concerned about our readers’ responsible gambling.

Nothing matters to us more than this.

Most of all, we are interested in ensuring that everyone that comes across our articles, recommendation, and guides is in an environment that is stable and safe.

This is the only time we can provide the best the iGaming sector has to offer in 2022.


At the moment, there are several betting sites in South Africa. This is the reason you should look out for the most trusted on Casinoble. This way, you will know the exact place to position your CS:GO bets the next time you gamble.


In 2022, the fact remains the eSports market is not the most comprehensive. Nonetheless, you can take advantage of that. Right now, there are a couple of platforms that are considered excellent and provide amazing CS:GO promotions and offers. On these platforms, you will get all that you need to get better when making your next CS:GO bet.


Many CS:GO betting sites are focused on providing their customers with CS:GO promotions and bonuses when they take part in events or when they get registered. So, if you are looking to redeem your CS:GO bonus, you must go get in touch with customer support or go through the bonus terms and conditions. This will help you know the exact time you can access your bonus.


This is because of the large community of fans and followers that has pushed eSports to become one of the last couples of years’ significant trends. Of course, this has gotten the attention of a massive community of gamblers. These bettors are thrilled by the betting alternatives associated with the sport.


In the last couple of years, eSports has been a famous feature online. In the last four years, there have been several prize pools and tournaments.


At the moment, the highest-paid CS:GO players are dev1ce (Nicolai Reedtz), Xyp9x (Andreas Hojsleth), and Dupreeh (Peter Rasmussen).


You can watch mainstream CS:GO events on YouTube and Twitch. Also, there are many betting sites that provide live streams on different eSports.


Without a shadow of a doubt, live betting is dominant in CS: GO. The reason for this is the game is so much of a live game, and various types of actions can occur.




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