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Do you like pure excitement and watching the best races in the world with the option to bet on them?

Well, at Casinoble we are also fans of car racing and especially Formula 1.

That’s why we want to share with you our tips and pages in a complete guide to the best F1 bets.

Find out all about strategies, tips, and above all the safest and full of promotions sites you need to know in South Africa (all tested by ourselves).

Best Formula 1 Betting Sites

Our job at Casinoble is to ensure that we recommend only the top Formula 1 betting sites to our readers in South Africa. We love Formula 1, so we want to share that passion with you. This is evident in the betting sites we recommend. These betting sites are the top bookmakers of 2024. Note that all betting sites in our recommended list have gone through a series of testing to certify them in various aspects. We only recommend sites that have passed our test and met our requirements. Besides, we also visit these recommended sites regularly to ensure a continuous exciting betting experience. The regular usage of the sites also helps us to stay afloat with upgrades, features, and innovations that the site might have added to their market. So we update our readers in due time of any updates we notice on Formula 1 or other enthralling sports.

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The famous Formula 1 is well known to all and sundry.

It is the leader of all motor racing.

It is absolute and unbeaten in appeal (or emotion), technique, or speed.

Formula 1 is a sport that has a prestigious and long history both for the people that have represented it and even in the betting world.

This is why Formula 1 is decorated around the world.

The sport attracts millions of bettors that are seeking to get the perfect opportunity.

This guide is right for you especially if you are a sports bettor or you are about to venture into Formula 1 betting.

In this betting guide for Formula 1, we will explain how to find the top Formula 1 betting sites, Formula 1 betting apps, and the best betting bonuses.

We will also give you information on live betting (what it entails), as well as tips to get you closer to becoming a betting professional by helping you improve your betting style.

New Formula 1 Betting Sites

The internet is now filled with new betting sites like never before.

These new betting sites offer large Formula 1 markets.

At Casinoble, we pay special attention to these new betting sites so that we can recommend the top modern online casino betting sites to our readers.

We put in the effort to test and check the latest Formula 1 betting sites.

So you can rest assured that our recommendation list contains only betting sites that offer the best bonuses and bets.

It also has features you have never seen before.

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

Before we recommend a betting site to you, we make sure that they meet the requirements we set at Casinoble and the strictest requirements of 2024.

This way, we can recommend only trusted betting sites for our readers to play.

If you are curious as to what our requirements are at Casinoble, peruse through the 4 key points we consider when testing a new betting site.

We further recommend that you apply these points whenever you also want to sign up with a new betting site.

If the sites meet these criteria, then you can be assured that you and your money are in the best hands.

Here are the requirements:

Trusted Betting Sites 2
  • License: Experienced players know better about this. They know that the first thing to check on a betting site is the license. It is the starting point before you even test a site. So, take note of the license on the site by checking the bottom of the bookmaker’s homepage. A legal betting site must have a license from the appropriate licensing authority in the jurisdiction. Examples of this gambling authority are the Malta Gaming Authority, and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Any betting site that holds a license from any of these gambling authorities is considered reliable, safe, and legal.
  • Withdrawal Terms: This is yet another important thing to confirm before you choose a betting site. What is the essence of winning if you cannot withdraw your money? After all, we visit betting sites because we want to win money. So, it is crucial that you first find out about the terms of withdrawal attached to a betting site before signing up with them. Money is the most essential thing in betting; withdrawal terms entail all that has to do with a player’s payment. Under the withdrawal terms, there will be information on how to use your money, and how to withdraw it (either as a bonus or in cash). There is also information on time limits and limits that every player must consider.
  • Support: Support is equally important in a betting site. A good betting site will have good customer support. Customer support is a basic facet of all online casinos and betting sites. Good customer support is always available to the customers to answer their queries, reply to their inquiries and uphold the site’s professionalism. They also represent the security of the site. Now you know why it is crucial to test a site’s customer support before signing up with them so that you can be rest assured that they will help you when you need them.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Similar to a license is a certification from an independent testing agency. This certification is similar to a license, it also boosts the approval of a betting site. Every betting site must have been certified by an independent testing agency in addition to holding a license from the appropriate gaming authority. Independent testing agencies like eCOGRA are laboratories that test and check a betting site to make sure that it is quality and honest before they approve them.

Betting Bonus


Every player desires a bonus when they play or bet online.

Some players even want a bit more.

Luckily, betting sites are aware of this so they offer various bonuses to the players.

The bonuses come in different sizes and shapes to please every type of customer.

However, we will focus on the two most famous bonuses currently on offer in 2024 with their terms and conditions.

You might probably get bored reading the terms and conditions attached to a bonus, but it is essential to read it through before you accept and use the betting bonus.

If you want to discover which of the two top bonuses will match your playing style, then you should read through the essentials of both bonuses we have outlined below.

You can make your choice.

  • Deposit Bonus: This bonus is unarguably the most common of all bonuses on offer. This bonus is everywhere, no matter the country or the bitcoin casino. This is because it is tailored to suit the needs of online bookmakers and customers. In simple terms, a deposit bonus is just as the name implies. It is a bonus a player receives as a percentage of their first deposit after registration. The percentages vary, it can be 50% or even as high as 200%. For example, if a casino offers a 100% deposit bonus and a player deposits 100 Euros, such player is entitled to an additional 100 Euros as the deposit bonus. The bonus can be given to players either in free bets (usable only on the betting site) or in real money.
  • No Deposit Bonus: Now that you know the meaning of deposit bonuses, the no deposit bonus should be self-explanatory. It is the most popular and sought-after bonus in 2024, especially for South African punters. No deposit bonus is taking the gaming industry by storm. This bonus allows a player to get money from betting sites without spending a penny. However, players have to bet with the money received. Many new bettors particularly love this bonus and it is now available on most sport betting sites regularly. New players often use the bonus to test a site, since they have nothing to lose.
  • Terms & Conditions: People often ignore the terms and conditions on a site when upgrading a product or registering on the site. They often rush to click agree without reading the terms and conditions. Although the terms and conditions of a site do not often change unlike the use of data, it is different for bonus terms and conditions. In this case, how, when, and where to use the bonus is specifically stated. Also, the bonus limitations, the wagering requirements, and other vital information regarding the bonus are contained in the bonus terms and conditions. So you must always be attentive and read through the terms and conditions before you accept a bonus.

Free Bets on Formula 1

Many players want free bets when they bet on sports.

This is because free bet gives them a better betting power although it is virtual money and can only be used to bet on the site that offered it.

The betting sites are aware of all this, so they offer more and more promotions on the net.

This promotion allows players to receive many free bets.

Free bets are most common to existing customers during event promotions and to new customers as welcome bonuses.

Formula 1 Betting Apps

Formula 1 Betting Apps

It is most likely that you will come across betting sites on your computer often because betting is done on tablets and mobile nowadays.

There are many apps you can use to bet on Formula 1.

Here at Casinoble, we bring to you the best mobile casino and formula 1 betting apps.

F1 betting allows players to take their bet as they are on the move.

The apps have optimal perfection to represent the betting site you register with.

On top of that, there are also several other unique features and app bonuses on the app.

Formula 1 Betting Apps

Bet on Formula 1

Bet on Formula

Bet on Formula

Now to the real world of F1 betting, let us explain how you can improve your betting style.

We all require a few tips sometimes.

If you are a newbie, we will also explain how to bet so that you can be at the top of your skill and knowledge.

Carefully read along as we start with the basics of Formula 1 betting to give you a complete understanding of the things involved.

We will talk about Formula 1 odds, Formula 1 live betting, betting options in F1, and the betting systems available.

Betting Options

F1 has been in existence for a long time, as part of the betting elites.

The sports boast of millions of punters who have managed to boost markets.

However, there are a few stand-out betting options in Formula 1 today.

Here are the top seven Formula 1 betting types which you need to look out for:

  1. Formula 1 Matchup Bets
  2. Race Winners
  3. Formula 1 Top Three Bets
  4. Formula 1 Prop bets
  5. Future Bets
  6. Winning Margins
  7. Formula 1 Top Six Bets

Betting Systems

Every professional punter has a betting system they use in all betting sessions.

To become an expert punter, you must have a betting system.

A betting system helps to create winning consistency even with small amounts.

The main goal of a betting system is to minimize risk and also to help control your gambling habits better.

If you employ a betting system, you will be driven by your skills and knowledge, not by emotions and impulses.

Live Betting

In many sports today; including Formula 1, live betting is the order of the day.

Live betting is especially suitable for Formula 1 because the sport is dynamic and fast and has unprecedented outcomes.

So whether a player wants to place live hedge bets, safe bets, or outright winner bets, then the solution to your Formula 1 betting is straight betting.

Formula 1 Odds

In most cases, the odds on any sport are always around the same figures.

This is because they are values imposed by betting sites to balance what the site can take and the odds of players winning.

Nevertheless, Formula 1 has some of the biggest odds.

With Formula 1’s hierarchy of dominant or favorite drivers, there are remarkable odds set aside for the other drivers and what may likely happen during a championship or race.

This is why it is always exciting to look at the odds in Formula 1.

Players who get to dominate the odds will be in control of the betting site.

Improve Your Betting

As a bettor, you should not limit yourself to your current knowledge.

Rather you should always seek to know more and improve yourself.

This applies to online casinos, online bookmakers, and even real bookmakers.

You can only take charge of your winnings when you have adequate knowledge of the sports and your betting habits.

Read along as we explain the 3 best tips to help you improve your betting.

If you master these tips, you will become an expert bettor in no time.

Look through the tips and use them in your next betting session.

  • Data/Information: Whether on the internet or offline, information is key. Online betting is all about data and information. Adequate information and data put a player one level ahead of competitors. Bookmaker experts and traders use the information and data available to them to set odds, so if you can also be well informed, you will be able to place the right bets.
  • Hedge Bet Live: Like the popular saying that suggests against putting all eggs in one basket, the same applies to your bet. Ensure that you split your bets especially in live betting. Splitting your bet will give you a better chance of getting consistent winnings when done right. This is why we always recommend hedge bets.
  • Focus: Whatever you do, if you do not focus, you can easily lose concentration. Always pay attention when betting, always be focused. This will enable you to know when and where to put your money. Pay attention and focus before you place any bet.

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

There is a massive difference between offline and online gambling.

Online gambling involves the entire bets players place on the internet – these bets are full of bonuses, casino games, markets, and offers.

Online betting also gives players a mobile experience they can take with them wherever they go.

These online betting opportunities are our primary specialization at Casinoble.

We offer you only the top online betting sites in South Africa.

On the other hand, offline betting involves those traditional, local, brick-and-mortar bookmakers around you.

They have been hit by current circumstances, but they have been in the betting system for a long and have been offering classic betting opportunities.

Online vs Offline

Responsible Betting

The safety of our readers is our utmost concern and a top priority at Casinoble.

That is why we are so bent on ensuring responsible gambling.

As fun as gambling can be, it can be damaging if abused.

At Casinoble, we want to offer a fun and safe gambling environment where sensitivities related to online gambling are respected.

If at any time you feel you can no longer control your gambling, we advise you to seek professional help.

Remember that you do not have to be ashamed.

Seeking help implies that you want better control.

Professional help is the answer as it gets you back on track.

You can then continue to enjoy online gambling.


We suggest you go through our recommended list at Casinoble if you want to place bets on the top markets with mouth-watering bonuses like no deposit bonuses or cashback.
At Casinoble, we recommend the best online casino betting, sports betting, and F1 betting for you.

If you desire a betting bonus, we advise you to first look at what each betting sites offer. If you are an existing customer of that site, then you should take a look at their sport offers and promotions.


It is quite tricky, yet easy to redeem your bonus on a betting. Firstly, we suggest that you look at the bonus conditions where you will see where you can redeem your bonus. You can ask customer support on the betting site if you have further questions.


Formula 1 is an age-long elite sport. There have been dozens of series and movies about this sport. Formula 1 also has high prestige in the general world of sport. Thus, betting on F1 is a benchmark for all bookmakers and betting sites.


There are many great times one can bet on F1. We recommend that you look out for the F1 live betting because it has recorded and still recording massive breakthroughs. Live betting is also trending upwards in 2024.


Like many sports, F1 has specific markets. F1 top 3 bets, F1 Matchup Bets, and Race Winners are part of the most popular betting types.


As we all know that Formula 1 is one of the sports players sought-after the most on sports betting sites. So there are so many betting odds for F1, however, you can find the top ones in our Casinoble list of recommended betting sites.


Perhaps you do not know how to bet right on Formula 1 or you are new to the whole betting, you are advised to find the best betting system that matches your playing style. This will help you to make consistent profits and minimize your risks.


There are millions of Formula one betting fans that make their living betting, but we do not want our readers to be one of them. At Casinoble, we encourage and uphold only responsible gaming. That is why we always want our readers to keep their betting habits in check.


In reality, there is no specific trick to bet on Formula 1, but we suggest that you try live hedge bets. Live hedge bets split your bets to enable you to bet on safe odds.


Sipho Mkhize

Sipho Mkhize

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