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Can’t get enough about boxing and the multiple betting options the sport entails?

Well if you want to really find out all that is involved in boxing betting then feel free to read this guide from Casinoble.

We have both the best boxing betting sites and the tips and tricks you need to make winning bets on South Africa.

Best Boxing Betting Sites

In 2023, lots of betting sites are in a tussle to be the best among the many available betting sites. Nonetheless, there are limited rooms for the various betting sites. We look up to experts who work with Casinoble to analyze and check each betting site that will happen to have huge expectations. We have demanding requirements. Due to this we only choose the best among the best. Below are the best boxing sites in South Africa in 2023.

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Last Checked: Nov 24, 2023

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If you have ever seen a boxing scene in a movie, then you must have seen people surrounding the ring and engrossed in betting.

Well, over the years, boxing has always been associated with betting.

This includes real-life events and movies.

So, if you are looking to locate the best boxing betting sites in South Africa and to up your boxing betting, you can rely on Casinoble to find out all there is to know.

Boxing is associated with lots of legendary fights and history.

Due to this, no one that really loves sports will put away boxing.

At this point, you should be ready to find out everything you should know about this amazing combat sport.

When looking to try out a fresh betting site, we have tips that can help you make the right choices.

We will give attention to the qualities a betting site must have to be considered one of the best.

We will kick out the most ideal bonuses of 2023.

Also, we will walk you through the process of becoming a real expert at boxing betting.

New Boxing Betting Sites

It would be best if you considered new betting sites.

However, if there is a strict requirement for the best sites, the new sites will also have to work with these requirements.

So long as the analyses of new boxing betting sites are concerned, you can be certain that Casinoble is extra careful.

This way, there is an assurance that they will not fall short of the requirements of technology and punters.

Below are the most outstanding of the fresh boxing betting sites in South Africa.

Trusted Betting Sites 2

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

We give a lot of attention to betting site demands.

However, the truth remains it is important that you feel safe when betting.

Due to this, we give a lot of attention to ensuring that our Casinoble followers have access to various betting sites, payment alternatives, bonuses, games, and sports online.

We also make sure that they are of the highest quality.

We are interested in ensuring you get trusted sites each time you need one.

This way, your online betting experience is fun and unique.

Due to this, our experts stick to stern guidelines of demands and requirements.

Every betting site has to meet these guidelines.

Below are four of the most vital yardsticks we consider when investigating a betting site.

  • License: Has anyone ever told you how important betting site licenses are? You might know what they are for. However, if you do not know what role they play, they go a long way in ensuring the safety and legality of gambling online. Any site that is not comfortable showing off the licenses it got from the Malta Gaming Authority or the British Gambling Commission at the base of its homepage, you can be sure we do not place any value on it. If you want to provide legal gambling and make it to the list of Casinoble’s recommendations, you must have a license that is up-to-date and valid.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Gamblers get irritated by lots of frustrating events. An example of these is the terms of withdrawal. This is one reason we give withdrawal details that appear on various betting sites a lot of attention. No gamer wants to have to stay on a site more than they really want to simply because they are looking to make a bit of money.
  • Support: Are you looking to discover if a sportsbook performs the tasks it says it performs so long reliability and security are concerned? If yes, you should get in touch with customer support. This might not exactly seem like the right move at first, but this component can alter all there is to a bookie. It can reduce and improve the experience in a short while. This is one reason we put the features of customer support through analyses. Doing this can help us find out how professional a site is.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: While a lot of people believe licenses are all that is important so long betting sites are concerned, there is a lot more to betting sites beyond licensing. A site must have received a certificate from eCOGRA or another independent testing agency if it must succeed in getting a sign of approval from the betting community and Casinoble. Ecogra is a laboratory that plays a role in testing and verifying betting sites. This to make sure that they give to their customers what they claim to offer. If a site is unable to show proof that one of these labs has tested and endorsed it, it will not be able to make it to the list of casino sites we recommend.

Betting Bonus


Every one of us has taken time to look for bonuses before betting or playing on the internet.

This is because there will be no point in becoming a part of a betting site if not for the purpose of getting some money that spices betting.

Due to this, we want to let you know and also shed light on the bonuses you should focus on in 2023.

Picking up bonuses is great, nonetheless, it is not enough to pick up a bonus.

This is regardless of the type of bonus it is; a casino bonus or a sportsbook bonus.

You must be on the lookout for factors that will help you decide if a bonus is worth your time or not.

If you have no idea what this is all about, go on with the article and discover the exact way to receive the most ideal bonus possible for boxing betting.

  • Deposit Bonus: There are various bonuses on the net. Nonetheless, the deposit bonus is the primary and most valuable bonus on the internet. This bonus makes one site stand out from the other. This is because the right deposit bonus, that can be over a hundred percent, alongside 100 or 50 free bets, is no doubt, a beautiful way to set out on a fresh sportsbook. If there is another site that gives you just 30 spins for slots, you can be sure it is not good enough for anyone looking to gamble on boxing. However, you must understand that these bonuses usually come in the form of a welcome bonus and when you make an initial deposit in an online casino or a betting site. Letting you have access to free funds that you can use while gambling on their platform is one way they reward you for deciding to choose their site.
  • No Deposit Bonus: If you fall into the class of people that are just not willing to spend at the moment, there is no cause for alarm. This is because a good number of betting sites are giving fresh customers a no deposit bonus in 2023. This way, you have the freedom of using a site without the need of spending any of your funds. As you expect, this will not be in huge amounts. However, it gives you the freedom of placing a couple of bets just to find out if the atmosphere is something you are comfortable with. If you end up winning and decide to continue gaming on the site, then, you must meet a couple of tough bonus conditions.
  • Terms & Conditions: Everyone that gambles online should know about terms and conditions. However, a good number of people go on without reading them, and it has become a norm. Note that at bookies, you can’t skip them. This is because they reveal to you the exact steps you must take if you must use the bonus rightly. The reason for this is it is impossible to touch-free funds just to redeem it. There are some conditions that these sites get to impose. These conditions mean you will have to stick with a couple of rules if you must withdraw money.

Free Bets on Boxing

Are you interested in betting on boxing?

If yes, then, you must take your mind away from bonus spins, free spins, etc.

You should always be on the lookout for free bets.

Why should you do this? The reason for this is they give you the chance of improving your betting.

They also help you place a bet on various parts of a brawl, which would have been impossible to do in the past.

In very much the same way as deposit bonus that gives money.

After signing up or depositing money, boxing betting sites offer free bets as some form of virtual funds.

These give gamblers the freedom of enjoying an increased number of bets.

Lots of boxing betting sites do this to get extra boxing fans that are not interested in putting so much money at risk.

Also, they do this to make their fans spend more time on their sites.

Although this is actually a marketing strategy, gamers are the ones that really gain from this move.

This is one reason you should always be on the lookout for promotions when dealing with free bets that you are interested in and have reasonable and fair terms and conditions.

Boxing Betting Apps

Boxing Betting Apps

Boxing Betting Apps

Ever wondered what the world would be like in the absence of smartphones?

Also, what would sports be like?

As it stands, we live in a world that makes it possible to enjoy technology alongside betting.

Due to the availability of lots of boxing betting site apps, you can always have access to the most loved bets in your pocket.

This means you can always bet whenever you feel like betting.

Due to this, there has been a lot of growth in the live betting market.

Also, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the most dominant market so long as sports betting is concerned.

Furthermore, you can decide to make a switch and make use of a mobile casino if you are interested in enjoying an absolute encounter.

These casinos have made their entry into the gambling industry felt.

We can trace this to the advancements in technology, as well as the ease with which these mobile versions and apps can be used.

Betting on Boxing

Bet on Boxing

As you know, betting on boxing can be traced back centuries.

As a matter of fact, together with horse racing, it can be easily said that boxing made a very early entry into the huge betting industry.

Also, the truth remains that betting in boxing has always been popular.

Going by the features and characteristics of boxing, everyone that understands betting in boxing can tell that it is a paradise.

This is the exact reason Casinoble is here.

We are interested in showing you how betting on boxing should be done in 2023.

Also, we want to help you understand the exact place and how to get started.

We look forward to helping you learn about live betting, systems, betting options, and the way to up your betting techniques.

Bet on Boxing

Betting Options

If you fall into the class of people who are not used to the betting alternatives in boxing, you have to get used to a couple of terms.

Although the KO is the major thing in the world of boxing, there is more.

You will have to deal with DQ, TD, win by decision, or TKO.

Through the years, these have had an impact on boxing.

Also, they will always play a significant role in this sport.

You have to be aware of these alternatives.

This way, you can always tell which is the most ideal at any point in time.

You will also know the exact way to take advantage of them.

This comes in in live betting.

Betting Systems

Ensure you own a betting system.

What is the reason for this? This is important as systems make it easy to stick to betting patterns.

This ensures reduced risk and back-to-back winnings.

This is important as you will search for ways to reduce your losses with time.

Also, you will not want to give so much attention to your winnings.

In as much as a lot of people are interested in winning at the highest odds, a lot of experts do not advise this.

It is recommended that you win more frequently and less money at one point.

Live Betting

It is crystal clear that the best boxing bets have been known to come from either last-minute betting or live betting.

As the rounds go on, the betting becomes more intense, the odds become higher, and the fighters are more injured.

Live betting gets all the emotions to the fore, and this is one reason it dominates live betting.

There are several systems and alternatives that you can carry out when taking part in live boxing betting.

Therefore, this gives you an assurance of lucrative and regular winnings.

Additionally, if you play in any of the recommended boxing sites in 2023 a visit, you will notice that lots of them give out special live betting promotions.

Boxing Odds

Bettors have always considered boxing odds a prickly factor.

This is because the facts before a fight can change significantly by the second.

Therefore, this makes it important that you what takes place before, as well as during about.

In very much the same way as other sports, in boxing, there is a regular motion of live odds.

This is even more specific as the end approaches, either in the fighter’s endurance or in rounds.

Improve Your Betting

In betting, there is something that never gets to change.

This one thing is everyone has the chance to get better.

This is because if you assume you have your most ideal betting alternatives and system, there are lots of facts that we might not give the considerations they deserve.

Due to this, we want to help you with our highest ranking three tips that can come in handy in helping you get better at boxing betting.

  • Focus: Always stay focused and attentive. This is vital as there are no records of anyone winning back-to-back by just betting without control, merely because they came across the odds on the internet. You must stay focused and know your exact targets. You will discover that as soon as you find out how to stay focused, you will do better than other bettors. Also, you will not be fooled easily.
  • Information/Data: We live in an era in which data is everything. However, in betting sites, we mean something different. We imply every detail you can have in your head to decipher the result of best. The details you put together before a fight starts, as well as when the fight is on, are vital for your betting. Going by this, you must learn all you can about the fighters’ statuses and conditions at the time of the fight. This way, you will have the advantage when betting.
  • Hedge Bet Live: Roll out your bets. Ensure you do not have all your eggs in a single basket. Doing this will simply increase your chances of not winning and the risks you will be taking. This is one reason we are interested in live hedge bets so long boxing is concerned. You have a great chance of spreading your bets properly and increasing the odds of coming out a winner with the information and data we have put together.
Online vs Offline

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

In gambling, online and offline gambling will always differ significantly.

When we mean online, we are talking about the betting sites that we at Casinoble recommend and talk about.

In recent years, they have dominated the market.

This is because they can expand and fill up with various types of sports, payment methods like PayPal and Bitcoin, bonuses, games, odds, and markets.

If we are to give attention to offline, it merely is the bookmakers in your city or neighborhood.

These have been hugely affected in recent times.

Nonetheless, they have always held a major position in betting.

Responsible Betting

When we make statements that imply that our entire focus is centered on providing the best payment methods, bonuses, games, and sites to customers, we say this because we are concerned with always putting responsible gambling ahead.

Casinoble is concerned about creating a professional and responsible environment.

This is one reason we are very particular about responsible gambling.

We also tell our readers to ask for help whenever they are stuck.


If you must bet on boxing in South Africa, you must look out for the most ideal boxing betting sites that Casinoble recommends.


Betting sites can be tricky. There are lots of them, as well as lots of important factors. So, you must be certain you know exactly what to look out for.


A lot of boxing bonuses are gotten when getting registered on a betting site or making deposits.


This is because they teach you how bonuses are used, as well as how you should withdraw your funds.


Boxing is dynamic and intense. So lots of bets get placed live, which is the right time to bet.


In the history of boxing, the highest staked fight was between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. This was over $60 million in wagers.


All the information you need to learn about boxing betting is on Casinoble. What’s more, you can find information regarding other areas of the betting world.


In boxing betting, the most popular betting options include win by decision, TKO, TD, KO, and DQ.


Absolutely! You can find both specific bonuses and promotions on the leading boxing sites. Some of these include no deposit bonuses and cashback.


We at Casinoble strongly believe in responsible gaming, which is why we will advise you against making a living off betting on betting. Betting should be for fun only.


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