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You probably love all the best eSport games and were wondering where to place the perfect bets in South Africa.

Well at Casinoble we also love eSport and especially its markets and live betting at the best online betting sites.

Find out here how to place your eSport bets and which games – plus, we have a few recommended sites here for you.

Best eSport Betting Sites 2021

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100% Up to R3,333 + 100 Free Spins on Joker Pro or Starburst

x30 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply
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Ever since eSport games came to the betting scene, it has revolutionized the betting industry in no small way.

Ironically, even though eSports only started existing a few years ago, it has already displaced NBA betting in ranking on a global scale.

At Casinoble, we have done a thorough job by bringing together experts in the arena to provide you with relevant information regarding eSports and how to get the best out of it.

To achieve this, important tips such as trending games, markets, odds, how esports betting works, and the best sites for placing your bet have been collated for ease of reference.

Casinoble is now in South Africa, and this might be your best bet to push your betting adventure to a greater height; therefore, don’t miss out.

Casinoble is set to provide you with an honest and reliable analysis and review of games, tournaments, and events in 2021.

How We Review

Casinoble reviews are different from the regular ones you find all over the internet. Our team is made up of experts who have dedicated many years to researching top bookmakers around the globe, and we are set to bring great and mind-blowing offers in 2021

Here are the fundamental things we look at in any Esports betting site and games, making our reviews very transparent and honest.

  • Theme: We cannot take for granted the theme of the betting platform or game because it plays a critical role in online betting. Usually, a site with a fun theme will be fun to the players as well; it is an important factor to be considered. Players expect to go for a friendlier site with a good offer. Every betting site has a unique theme around which it is built, so we take a closer look to see if it makes sense in the eSport betting context.
  • Graphics: The site’s graphics also play an important role as this is the first thing the player will notice when he opens the site. Ease of navigation through the site also falls under this category. Can a player easily find what he is looking for after login in or not? Over the years, web graphics have evolved, so players expect to see a modern touch and not look like it was done in the 90s. A graphically appealing website speaks a lot about the betting platform’s credibility, even though it is not the only factor to consider.
  • Technology: The technology with which a site operates is also something we do not take for granted. Tech is trendy, and a good Esport betting platform must also catch up with the trend. For this reason, we check out the website on several browsers and devices to make sure it is fluid and efficient across the board.
  • Entertainment Level: The primary reason for betting is to have fun, and if any Esports betting site cannot guarantee this, it is not worth considering. No player wants to play on a boring site where they feel lost. Esports betting sites are more fun when they offer multiple markets, several bonuses, and great game odds.
  • Betting Bonuses: When players play at any betting site, they want to make money even as they are having fun. Bonuses are a great way to keep players loyal to a betting platform. Thus, we assess the type of bonuses offered by the site, such as cashback, no deposit bonuses, etc., as they increase a player’s interest and trust.
  • Free Bets: Players prioritize free bets ahead of most other factors when it comes to eSport betting, and this is a major selling point that many betting sites use for marketing. However, it is easier to get free bets on some sites than others. Thus, we pay attention to this when reviewing.
  • Game Selection: Every online gambling expert will agree that the game selection available on a betting site goes a long way to tell about their credibility. This goes beyond eSports to online casinos in general. This factor differentiates between serious gaming platforms and those unserious ones.
  • Payment Methods: At Casinoble, we consider the available payment method accepted on the given site because what works for one player may not be convenient for another. Thus, it is better when there are numerous options for players to select from. A website that allows direct deposit transfer, credit card, debit card, and multiple e-wallet options for payment will rate better regarding payment method than one that only supports Mastercard and Visa.
  • Withdrawal Terms: We at Casinoble consider the wagering requirements. For example, it is impractical for a betting site to expect players to turn 2,000 ZAR to 80,000 ZAR as wagering requirements before the fund can be withdrawn. Thus, we carefully read through the terms and conditions page to ensure there are no such terms.
  • Support Ways: By support ways, we mean the number of channels where players can get help from the support team. A one-way channel is not good enough. Having multiple channels such as live chat, phone numbers, email, etc., can add to a site’s credibility.
  • Customer Service: From time to time, players will face a bottleneck or need to inquire. We consider the quality of the customer service team here at Casinoble since it speaks volumes about its credibility.
New eSport Betting Sites

New eSport Betting Sites

New eSport Betting Sites

New eSport betting sites keep springing up every other day, and now this has made it quite difficult for players to choose which one is good or bad.

As you know, there are many scam sites that are the only opportunist trying to rob players of their money with hard to meet rules and conditions.

We are here to help you sort out the chaff from the wheat with our in-depth reviews.

Every website has requirements such as odds, games, and markets but the most notable feature to look out for is the type of license they operate with.

It is important to look at the credibility of the licensor since they are the regulatory body making sure that the eSports site is operating according to best practices.

Our top licensors are the Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission.

Any betting site operating within the British territory without a license from the British Gambling Commission can be termed to be illegal.

You don’t want to stake your hard-earned money on an illegal site that can change the rules of the game to rip you off at any moment or simply disappear with your earnings.

Real Money Betting

Real Money Betting

Money is what gives meaning to the game of betting and adds more thrill to the fun.

When you place a bet on any game with real cash, you tend to experience the fun at a whole different level than if there was no money involved.

Esports betting sites try to come up with different types of bets where players get to take a punt on specific game details against the general bet that used to exist in the past, such as outright winner and match-winner.

Today there are bets like in the case of CS: GO, where there are first map bets, and in League of Legends, where players bet on Tower or Dragon.

At this rate, we expect other markets such as Dota 2, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc., to be as complete as the football betting sites in a few years.

Real Money Betting
Betting Bonuses eSports

Betting Bonuses

Betting Bonuses eSports

Like most online betting platforms, there are lots of fantastic bonuses in eSports games covering the entire tournaments and specific games.

Many eSport betting sites focus on creating events that only involve esports, thereby giving the sports enough weight that only a few carry.

The bonuses that are available on these sites include deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and free bets.

The most common form of bonuses is free bets since they perfectly fit the style of eSport bettors.

Next most common bonus is the welcome bonus we usually award by esports betting sites to players when they recently sign up. It is only available for a specific sport.

Deposit bonuses are also important bonuses that players get when they deposit new money into the betting site.

There are also no deposit bonuses which have become quite coming in recent years since it is used to attract new players to sign up on the platform.

The no deposit bonus, as the name implies, is awarded to the player without the player having to deposit any money.

This is how the no deposit and deposit bonus work:

  • Deposit bonus: Deposit bonus is usually awarded to a player based on the amount of money deposited. Based on the operator, it can vary from between 50% to 200% of the amount of money deposited by the player. For example, if a player deposits 100ZAR into an esports betting site and receives a deposit bonus of 200%, it means he will be given 2x of his deposit in his bookie credit which is 200ZAR. If an additional 50ZAR is added as free bets, then the total bonuses will amount to 250ZAR, which can be used to stake on real games.
  • No deposit bonus: No deposit bonus gives players the unique privilege of having an authentic experience of betting with real money even without putting your own money. The casino gives players some free money to bet on games and stands the chance of winning real money. The money is not usually a bug, though, but it is enough for you to try out the site to see if it is worth putting real cash in.

We, however, need to add that you must meet some wagering conditions before you can withdraw your deposit and no deposit bonus rewards.

Well, this is understandable; so that players do not just signup and run away with the site’s money.

Free Bets

Like we noted earlier, this is the real deal for most bettors, and thus eSport betting sites try as much as possible to present more exciting and unique free offers.

Any bookmaker that fails to present mouthwatering offers will lose loyal players over time, and therefore they are serious about giving free bets to players, especially during popular esports tournaments.

Free bets at sportsbooks are easy to understand.

The site will typically send you an amount of credit that you can spend on games.

It is more like a voucher that can only be spent on a specific shop and not something you can just withdraw into your bank account.

Free bets are a great way to boost your online bets. In case you already made a bet before, you can place multiple bets to increase your chances of winning.


Most eSport bettors already know what odds mean based on their experiences with other sporting games in the betting world.

As esports keep growing, the different betting sites are also following along and adapting.

eSports Online

Betting Bonus

Many betting fans now focus on eSports betting these days as it doesn’t require players to work on their physiques and other important sporting features.

eSports is totally about the player’s skills.

These tournaments have become so popular that the top betting platforms worldwide are becoming involved, and top streaming service providers like Twitch are also part of it.

Players can now bet on major tournaments taking place in the esports gaming environment, thanks to the betting giants making it happen.

Here in South Africa, the eSport market is growing at an incredible speed, and fans are seriously looking for ways to make money from their passion for the games.

Betting sites that offer eSport gaming options are recording remarkable signups from across the country, and this is just the start of something that will become very big in the coming years as more markets will emerge.

There are impressive collections of games that are available now, and our job is to point you in the right direction.

Betting Bonus

Biggest eSports


Biggest eSportss

Modern e-Sports games are now the order of the day in the gaming industry.

Millions of gamers around the world now prefer playing these e-sport games.

The reasons being the various benefits online gamers gain from playing e-sports games.

Apart from the varieties of competitions, leagues, and many other events, the e-sport games also have a massive pool of prizes.

However, we have collated some popular e-Sports games; they are among the best games of 2021.

League of Legends


According to statistics, the league of Legends is currently played by hundreds of millions of players every month.

The game is an online-based multiplayer game.

It is usually referred to as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).

In this online game, two teams which consist of five players, battle to conquer each other.

Some characters will help you in your quest. These characters are called champions.

The game plan is just as it used to be, with the two opponents’ bases being connected by three roads.

Now and then, minions emerge on the road, and when they die close to the opponent’s character, they give you experience.

If peradventure the character gets the last hit, you’ll get a gold which you can use to upgrade your stock.

Other wild beasts are spread throughout the game.

They also give you gold and some other bonuses.

The league of legends game is a game many game fanatics seek after – both competitive and casual players.




This game is perhaps the oldest of all online sports games.

The game was created about two decades ago.

Although it was initially titled Counter-Strike, but along its 20 years of existence, it has been rebranded as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Recently, a new release of the game has been titled the official “Counter”. The Counter-Strike game is easy to play as the tactic involved entails two teams; terrorists and counter-terrorists.

Terrorists try to plant a bomb while the counter-terrorists try to defuse the bombs or prevent such action from happening.

After 15 rounds, the winner of the game is decided.

It has only two outcomes; either the terrorists wipe out everyone with bombs or the counter-terrorists prevent that from happening so they can have a nice time out after 15 rounds.

Dota 2


This game is classified in the Action Real-Time Strategy (ARST) genre.

This free-to-play game is currently at the top of the chart of the most played game on Steam.

It has over 40 million players who log in every day to play the game.

The game also hit the Guinness World Record for the amount of money and the number of users it has amassed in the online sports gaming industry.

At “The International” in 2014, it hit an amount of about $10 million, which even got better by 2015 when it hit $18 million.

A year later, it hit $21 million, and to date, this e-sport game generates the highest revenue in the online gaming industry.

The game plan of this video game entails an ancestor that needs to be protected.

So, you have to aim at destroying the towers that allow you to reach the opponent’s ancestors.

Once it is knocked down, the game is over.

However, it can be protected using three main lines that have a tower for each line.

You also have two central towers which have two barracks.

Other features of the game include a jungle and some other paths in which you can get gold also.


Call of Duty


This video game was developed by Activision and launched after the battle royale was launched.

In 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone was released and it gained popularity just as its previous versions.

Furthermore, it will be incorporated into the call of duty league by 2021.

However, Johanna Faries, who is the director of leagues for the Call of Duty League, has claimed that the Call of Duty: Warzone is a good addition to the Call of Duty League.

We hope that this video game fares well in the league competitively and otherwise.

StarCraft II

The StarCraft II video game is also one of the most sought games in the world of online sports gaming.

It is one of the games played most in the Asia region.

It has long been reigning in the gaming world even before the League of Legends was brought on.

This video game continues to fare well in competitions due to the full support it received from its developers.

To cap it all, the competitions which usually have their final every year in California are usually dominated by Asian players.

This game was initially developed about a decade ago and has amassed a large fan base since then.

Its recent updated version of the game, “Legacy of the Void” was released about five years ago.

However, while only the original version, “Wings of Liberty”, is free to play, the other two updates that were released after then are not.

You must pay to play the updated version of this video game.

This is why many new players were motivated to take this galactic strategy epic.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is better called PUBG because of its lengthy name.

This game can be played alone or better still with a maximum of four friends.

In this game, you must aim to be the last man standing – the only survivor.

During the opening stages, a total of 100 players will be dropped off on an island from a plane.

The players will be dropped amidst the noisy sound of the plane, and without any weapon whatsoever.

This part of the game makes it more interesting and thrilling.

The game has a good basis as well as good influencers who made it more famous.

These influencers have been creating various content for the game, including updated features of its new version, on various platforms.

Many of the social platforms were filled with comments about the video game.

At a time, the social media platform collapsed after thousands of screenshots of wins were uploaded on the internet each time players manage to triumph in a game.


FIFA is currently one of the consoles every gamer wishes to have in their homes.

It ranks among the best-selling games every year.

It also ranks among the best video game in the Video Game Association rankings every month.

However, despite all these accolades, FIFA seems to be lagging in the aspect of competitions and followers.

It seems that FIFA is nowhere near the top when it comes to the number of fans when compared to other e-Sport games.

However, FIFA has made some important investments in influencers.

These influencers, coupled with some popular football players have made FIFA gained more popularity.


Judging by The Game Awards panel members, coupled with the several awards it received, Overwatch was the best game of 2019.

This game has won the “Game of The Year” award a couple of times, which is one of the reasons it was tagged the “Oscars of videogames”.

This videogame, developed by Blizzard Company, is a multiplayer online video game.

The blizzard company is well known for a long history of providing fascinating games in the gaming world.

Although it hasn’t been long that the company was formed, it has always been creating games that can compete with other older game providers.

The games themselves are loaded with amazing features.

It features cartoon characters, about two dozen, each with unique abilities.

This feature coupled with other features is its competitive edge in the game league.


This game was also developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

This online collectible game got running as soon as it was launched.

The game was released in March 2014 and is being played professionally since then.

It has also partaken in various online gaming competitions like the Official Blizzard World Championship.

This video game has a rewarding sum of up to $1 million for its players and has also been a source of earnings for live streamers through broadcast on Twitch.

A lot of professional players earn from live streaming the hearthstone game.

Giovanni Varriale, who was the project coordinator for the Kinguin Project, claimed that Hearthstone is now one of the major games being streamed on Twitch.

It is a game in which quite a lot of people spend hours watching players play the game.


Backtrack to some years back, the only PC compatible game available then was Battle Royale, which was one of Epic Games production.

Then, many people believed that this game is just a mere replica of PUBG, which is the first great colossus in the game category.

However, because even games that have once gained some popularity in the industry fade away at some point, Fortnite has proven otherwise.

Fortnite is a great game that has come to stay, rather than what has been making the headlines back in 2017.

The latest report shows that Fortnite has now overtaken the battle royale in revenue.

In 2019, statistics showed that the battle royale made a sum of $1.8 billion which is however a great increase in revenue made in the previous year because there was a great setback.

However, Fortnite made a fortune of $2.4 billion that same year which is even a 25% decrease to the revenue made the previous year.

Before then, no one had ever made any amount close to that figure.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six: Siege, a Tom Clancy’s production, was launched in 2015.

Since its release, many things have taken a new form in the online gaming world.

Over the last four years, games developed by Ubisoft have always been claiming top spots in competitions.

However, in 2019, Rainbow Six: Siege overtook Ubisoft and ranked in the top 10 list of the most influential PC games of the year.

Rainbow Six: Siege took over the stage and Ubisoft could do nothing but believe that Rainbow Six: Siege now has the floor in the world of eSports.

With this move, there is an increasing gap between the CS: GO which was the first in the league category, following the lack of progress of the Overwatch League.

CS: GO, however, is the undisputed champion of the league. Although CS: GO has been in existence for a while, it continues to make progress statistically, which is why it has retained its top spot in recent years.

It must also be wary of the arrival of Project A, developed by Riot Games, which promises to take over the league by incorporating the secrets to CS: GO’s success and the best of Overwatch.

How to Choose an eSport

How to Choose an eSport

Choosing from the numerous eSport games can quite be tasking, considering some factors.

We will give you just four factors that you always have to consider before choosing an eSport game.

These factors will help you make the right choice and is also applicable to other online games and betting.


How to Choose an eSport
  • Data: performance is the most important thing in sports. The rate of wins and losses of an e-Sport team affects the outcome of a bet. So, you must always check for the history of the e-Sport team that you are about to bet on, so you can know beforehand the likely outcome you will get.
  • Hedging Bet: hedging bets implies splitting your bets into different accounts and betting with a smaller amount. This is just a very good method to minimize your losses. This method is practiced by a lot of experienced bettors and it has a long-term benefit rather than short-term.
  • Observe: it is also important that you observe every game or event before placing your bets. You don’t have to follow your instinct to place a bet. You also have to wary of the odds; observe each game to know if the odds are worth it or not.
  • Betting options: Don’t always feel gratified with what you know alone, seek more knowledge. E-Sport is a vast field and full of options. Stay informed so that you can use this information to your advantage.

Become a Bet Expert

It’s not easy to be a betting professional, and anybody that has ever participated in betting is aware of that.

We’ve got thousands of factors we need to consider and everything doesn’t depend on just luck.

So that you’ll be on the positive path to the expert betting world, the Casinoble experts will swiftly explain all you’re required to take into consideration.

This not only assists you in improving your eSports wagering, but also your entire betting skills.

You need to understand these 4 points and types applying them anytime and anywhere you can when playing bets.

You’ll see that your betting skills would have moved to another level, and you’ll not just place your bet on anything you see like you used to.



Everything in life is dependent on what you focus on. Our luck and even our abilities have the tendency of changing based on our focus. It is also applicable to gambling, obviously. Because for us to improve personally when it comes to betting, it’s important to learn the aft of staying focused. It’s the only way of seeing improvements both in the long term and short term. All experts, and not only those at our company, will tell you confidently that focus is one factor that alters all in the betting world, and that’s also applicable to the online betting world.



There isn’t any point to bet on something when one has no knowledge of it – well, except you intentionally want to waste money. That is the reason we advise you to always be on the lookout for what is happening in the world of eSports and every other one that has to do with betting. This is how you can be aware of the market outcomes and odds beforehand. You’ll see that immediately you’ve improved what you know about a game; all will not be the same when it has to do with spending your money to bet.



It’s obvious that we’ve got casino players that become multimillionaires with only one wager. But that does not denote that everyone will be multimillionaires with just a bet. As a matter of fact, it is one of the things that’ll least likely happen to gamblers. But we’ve got several online bettors that can make top-notch wins, always making use of the given time to benefit them. So, you shouldn’t ever be hurried to bet, and it mustn’t be done impulsively. Ensure you think about things well and always take advantage of knowledge and focus.



When it comes to eSport games, we know they’re highly interactive. It isn’t enough to simply check the markets prior to a tournament or games as all can change within a day. That is the reason the major focus is on eSports live betting. The complexity of these bets is glaring, but they’re also flexible. The odds will change depending on what’s happening at a particular time, and it’ll be to your benefit if you have good betting knowledge.

Become a Bet Expert

Responsible Betting

Our main aim at Casinoble is to make provision for responsible betting.

Even though we’re a team filled with professionals who recommend things that have to do with betting, our top priority is to ensure players in South Africa are safe and able to spend their money to their satisfaction.

That is the reason we always ensure that our guides, recommendations, articles, and many more aren’t targeting minors or individuals who previously battled with issues related to betting addiction.

When we do that, we’ll be able to offer an honest and healthy environment for individuals who have an interest in casinos, gambling, and topics related to sports.


It’s quite the same way with other sports that you’d like to bet on. Although it’s a variety that’s still quite young, you’ll be able to easily participate in eSports betting in South Africa. If you’d like to check out those websites, you should monitor those we recommend at Casinoble South Africa.


If you want to have a precise knowledge of where one can place eSports bets, the first thing is to be certain if the website provides legal betting in South Africa. To do that, the website is required to be licensed by the British Gambling Commission, at least. Every eSports betting website that we list has all the required features and licenses for excellent legitimate eSports betting.


On the gambling websites, the eSports markets are always in operation and with all that’s happening in sports every day, you’ll always get the chance to get a tournament or game of your interest. That is the reason you can visit the website that provides eSports betting then begin any time you like.


The eSports world has exponentially developed over the past couple of years particularly in 2020. The reason for this is that millions of people are attracted to video games and that interest comes a lot of money. Obviously, this interest also spreads to betting websites, and that’s the reason eSports is now seen as the main factor in European betting.


eSport tournaments happen yearly. But depending on the event or tournament, betting websites will likely highlight it. Always be on the lookout for the schedule of the top eSport tournaments and ensure you bet on the ones that are very important in the year as you’ll get the best odds from them.


To begin eSports betting, or if you’d like to register on a website that’ll offer you a bonus you can use on that sport, the best thing is to check out the Bonuses that the bookmakers that we recommend offer. We’ve chosen from the best in South Africa so you can get the bonus you want.


The two major games that have the highest eSport communities are CS: GO and League of Legends. Both games are the top names in the world of eSports and are where eSport bettors need to be. We’ve got several tournaments that unveil the best in betting websites and professional teams.


In the 2021 schedules of bookmakers, they are adding and plan to add more games. That is the reason you will certainly see more names of popular games. For example, Fortune was one of its surprises, all thanks to its great game globally.


It isn’t yet clear what’ll be the future of eSports. The thing we are aware of is that eSports will grow like Bitcoin in 2021. So, there’s a tendency of eSports to become as famous as football betting or even more famous.


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