Baccarat and the Big Winners

Baccarat is a card game played in casinos, physically and online.

Sources varied on when the game came to fruition, some say it was invented in the 15th-century others say it was in the 19th century.

The game consists of comparing two hands to one another, and it is a great choice also for the beginners.

During the game, there is the player and the banker who face off with one another.

Baccarat has three likely outcomes for every game that is played.

  • The first outcome is where the player has the highest score.
  • The second outcome is when the banker has the highest score.
  • The last outcome is a tie between the player and banker.

Different variants of baccarat

Baccarat has three different variants.

Punto Banco or North America Baccarat, where each player is forced to move by the dealt cards.

Version two is Baccarat Chemin defer or known as Chemmy.

Chemmy is similar to that of the third version called Baccarat Banque.

Baccarat Banque other name is deux tableaux.

Both players in these game types have choices to move.

Odds and house edge

Unfortunately, the winning odds fall to the banker a majority of the time.

The house winning edge is one percent of the players.

Baccarat itself is considered a high-rollers game.

The game is virtually for people who are made of money.

The casino game has large jackpots and the pots are continually getting bigger and the game is growing in popularity that is close to rivaling that of poker.

Popularity and the short history

Two reasons the game isn't even more popular yet is that Baccarat hasn't been shown in movies, television shows, or well other sources of media while Poker has seen a lot of media coverage.

The second reason is that poker has been professionally established for almost 200 years, at least in its modern form.

Poker gained its popularity back in the 1820s.

While the original Baccarat is older being formed either in the 15th or 19th century, American Baccarat only entered the casinos around the 1960s.

The first big win happened at the Sands Hotel Casino, Las Vegas.

The house (bank) lost out on 250,000 dollars.

If accounting for inflation as a factor, today the amount won would be around 2 million dollars.

That means the house lost out on 2 million dollars if it was today's betting pool.

Big wins

There are numerous interesting facts when in comes to the big wins in baccarat.

The win of the 250,000 dollars happened at multiple baccarat tables in a single night but a group win is still a win.

The second big win happened in the 1990s.

The winner was billionaire, Akio Kashiwagi, a big spender at the Baccarat tables.

Billionaires tend to lose at the games played.

The games Akio played, he bet between 100 thousand to 200 thousand dollars per game.

All this would happen in a night.

The billionaire largest win was 6 million dollars.

For today standards, that would have been a lot of money.

Akio Kashiwagi was given the nickname “The Warrior.”

He was such an inspirational gambler than a character was created after him.

The third biggest win was around the late 1990s.

The Crown Casino, Melbourne lost around 55 million dollars to several unknown gamblers.

The gamblers were high-rolling players, but to this day they remain mysterious.

The big win occurred over several months.

In one game alone though, one of the winners won 12 million dollars out of the 55 million dollars.

The casino at the point had to find a way to recover from the large loss.


The fourth and last big win happened in Macao, 2015 during the Baccarat World Series.

At the World Series, the pot was around 15 million dollars.

The jackpot was also a record-breaking pot outmatching other big baccarat tournaments pots.

With the most recent tournament and big jackpot won, Baccarat began gaining ground and continues to.

For the new and current players understanding the game now is the best bet while the going is good!

Lerato Dlamini

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