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What is Live Three Card Poker?

Three card poker is a hybrid table game that integrates some elements of blackjack and poker. Thus, the game should be easy to understand, especially for a person who has ever dabbed poker or blackjack. With multiple opportunities to win, this game is increasingly becoming popular in South Africa and beyond.
Three Card Poker is played with a single deck of cards. It condenses the excitement and thrill of the game into a fast-paced version. It also provides players with diverse wagering possibilities and serious payouts. The object of the game is to beat the dealer with a three card hand.

Basic Rules of Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker begins with the ante bet. The player and the dealer are then served with three cards. The winner is determined using traditional poker hand hierarchy. The lowest qualifying hand is a high hand, followed by one pair, a flush, and three of a kind.
Based on the strength of the hand, the player is at liberty to match the ante with a play bet of a similar amount. Else, the player is at liberty to fold and forfeit both the ante and the bonus bet. Playing means that the player compares his or her hands with the dealers.

Basic Strategy of Three Card Poker

In Three Card Poker, being strategic means knowing when to raise or fold. The strategy used does not guarantee a win, but it reduces the house edge and improves the chances of winning. An excellent strategy to use is to raise only with a Q-4-6 or better and fold anything else.
This strategy reduces the edge of the house from about 8% to 3.4% and increases the chances of winning substantially. On the contrary, one does not need any strategy when it comes to placing the pairs plus bet. The ante bet is thus preferred when the player is after low-risk gambling.

History of Three Card Poker

Although poker existed before, Three Card Poker was invented in the 19th century, and the popularity of this game has been increasing ever since. The main reason for the popularity of this game over the years is the fact that it added a unique experience to the gambling world.
The name of the game has evolved as the game itself with Tri-card poker and Tri-poker all referring to the same game. A significant step in Three Card Poker history is its introduction to the online world. Even better, live Three Card Poker games offered by most online casinos have taken the game to yet another level.
Live Three Card Poker Online South Africa

Play Three Card Poker in South Africa

The popularity of Three Card Poker among South African players looks promising. With online gambling sites reaching out to South African gambling aficionados, there are indeed lots of options for them. Of course, bonuses and other playing incentives offered online are a real motivation to many.
Though a majority of online casinos in the country are genuine, there is always one that is not as it claims to be. Thus, it’s imperative to ensure that a casino site is licensed and regulated by a reputable body. Players also need to look at the payout structure and compare it with what other sites offer.