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Baccarat history dates back to more than half a millennium ago to medieval Italy. For many years, baccarat was regarded as the game for aristocrats. But with the evolution of online casino, the game is now accessible to different players around the world.

Early Beginnings in Italy

Before the printing press was discovered, card games were not a popular option partly because of lack of playing cards, which were either block printed or hand-printed using woods. Card games became more popular with the invention of the printing press. The cards used to be printed in a pack of 78 cards. They were called The Devil's Picture Books. New card games were discovered and the old ones were integrated into card games, baccarat is one of them.

While many believe baccarat originated from France, it traces its roots to Italy. Tarrochi used to be a very popular game in Italy in the early 1300s: even there is no link between the card game and baccarat, Tarrochi could be the source of all card games. History has it that the modern type of Baccarat was invented by a man called Felix Falguiere. He used Tarot cards.

Macao was another popular game in Italy. The game had a total of nine and was known as Italian Baccarat and it is believed it is from this live casino game that the modern baccarat came from. Another game the could have been the origin of Baccarat is Le Her. Just like Baccarat, this game featured fixed-number games with a goal for the highest score.

The game was played by two people, each player was dealt with only a single card. The values of the cards were 1 to 13. The highest rank was Kings, which was also the winner. Other ancient games in Italy that have similar features to Baccarat are Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque.


Moves to France and Then England

The popularity of Baccarat went beyond Italy into the neighboring nation, France, where it was called Chemin De Fer. King Charles VIII and his nobles love the game, and soon the game was in every aristocrat's mouth and remained for many centuries.

Baccarat became more famous and finds its way to England. It was in England where Ian Fleming played baccarat and made some of the best games in history including the albeit fictional, James Bond.

Baccarat in America

Baccarat started to gain recognition in America in the 19th century, thanks to French and English natives who stayed there. However, it was not as popular as blackjack. Blackjack was very popular in the US at this time and people everywhere played it, and the struggle proved futile for baccarat.

Baccarat later went to Cuba, where it was named Punto Banco. It was played in Cuba until the 1950s. A casino player by the name Tommy Renzoni took Baccarat to Las Vegas where it became more famous than before. The name of the game and rules remained the same, but the third form of the game, North American Baccarat, was invented.

Most Americans loved Baccarat that mew variations sprouted. Mini baccarat is an example of a form of baccarat that was invented in America.

Finally to the Online Casino

For many years and in different countries in which baccarat was played, it was regarded as an aristocrat game. Many people, however, could not access the game because of the secluded baccarat rooms and stringent rooms. Although many people liked to watch James Bond, they could get the chance to play the game.

But everything changed when online casino was created in the 1990s. Online casinos had loose requirements, there were no hotel or travel expenses, every person could access online baccarat card game. Today, millions of people around the world play baccarat.



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