Two Common Blackjack Strategy Mistakes

While winning in a blackjack game sometimes depends on luck, it is still a game of strategy. It is your ability to be in control of every situation that makes you either an expert in this game or a sore loser due to poor insight. It does not matter whether you are playing an RNG version or the online live casino; this fact remains true.

When it comes to blackjack, your success rests solely on optimizing your opportunities, which are dependent on whatever hand you get.

Your focus should be to always aim for the highest value possible for every move you make. Anytime you deviate from this plan, your strategy certainly will suffer.

In this article, we will be exploring some common mistakes players make in a game of blackjack. These errors, if not addressed, can cost you huge losses at the live casino table.

Choosing to Stand on 12, When the Dealer Shows a 2 or 3

In this instance, your best move should be to hit, rather than stand. I'll tell you the reason. Most blackjack players will often say that this move's thought process is it creates chances of busting.

Another thing is, all cards from two to six are most times called “dealer bust cards” This is because the blackjack dealer is most likely to get above 21. When you stand on 12, it is assumed you are trying to avoid a bust ahead of the dealer. There is generally a mathematical rule of thumb regarding this.

If, for instance, you have a total of 13, and the dealer shows you any of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, your most appropriate move is to stand. This will put him/her in a position of busting. Consequently, when you have a 12 with 4, 5, and 6 cards, standing should also be the best move. However, when you have a 2 or 3, it is always best to hit. No doubt, there will certainly be cards left in the deck waiting to bust you.

Nonetheless, there is still quite a number in there that can save you. So, it is always to your advantage to stake on the odds. This way, you will be avoiding some common blackjack mistakes.

Choosing to Stand on 16, When the Dealer Shows an Ace

Another common mistake players make in mobile casinos is to stand when it is actually better to hit. In this instance, chances of busting are high since any card bigger than a 5 will land you a bad hand. What you should be gunning at here is to have lesser losses in the long run instead of incurring more losses in the short run. When you have an Ace, your chances of losing more is a lot higher. In fact, it is not only in this instance you will be required to hit when you're dealt a 16. When the dealer has 7 or more on his side, you should most definitely hit, rather than stand.

Also, have at the back of your mind that in this scenario, even where you will very likely have a bust, you will lose less money. Another thing to note is that several casinos have the “surrender” option.

This will let you give up a hand and retrieve ½ your bets even after the first set of cards have been dealt. Where it is the case you are with a 16, and you are up against a nine, a 10, or maybe an ace, make the most of the situation by taking full advantage.

Lerato Dlamini

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