Tips for Placing Blackjack Side Bets

Blackjack Side bets is something that not so many bettors understand. The first step is to find a good online casino with a good rating. Here you can explore this feature in detail.

When you've got that sorted, we will safely assume that you are in good hands.  The next step is to sit down at the live table.  Of course, there'd be side zones earmarked for Blackjack where you have to bet on whatever offer you deem worthy. Before registering, you must check the winning conditions for a particular bet.

The Best Blackjack Side Bets

First, this is just our humble opinion, and you deserve an explanation for what we mean by “best.” These are the bets that are genuinely beneficial to players.  With that in mind, we chose some popular blackjacks that have withstood the challenges of time. 

You will find them at the best live casinos.  When creating the list, the features we considered were perfection, ease of use, low house edge, and high payments return.  We will soon discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each betting. 


Blackjack side bets 21 + 3 are widely used today.  The summary is that the dealer's card and the first two cards form of the poker hands, and in the case of a flush, straight, three, or straight, the betting requirements are met.

If you decide to bet on this offer, you can get a profit of 3.24%. This is easy to achieve if the price is 9 to 1.  For example, Lucky Home assumes a house edge of 17%, so you can't compare it with this.

Royal Match

You'll find Royal Match bet on most online versions of Blackjack.  With a house edge of 3.7%, it is a good option. The goal is to capture two matching cards (ideally a queen and king card).  A good two-card payout is 5: 2, but the corresponding Queen-Kings pays 25 to 1.

It is a classic bet and probably the most player-friendly. Players around the world love Royal Match.  Please note that the above percentages depend on the log in which the operator decides.

The payout for the 1-deck version of Blackjack is very different from the payout for the 6-deck version.

Over/Under 13

This is yet another exciting side bet.  The house edge is 13% for under and 6.5% for Over.  In the latter scenario, the player assumes that the total number of the first two cards exceeds 13, and in the former case, he wants the opposite result.

If the first two cards add up to 13, you lose.  Please note that the ace counts as 1.  Also, note that a decent card counting system can lower the edge of the house even further.  There is a card counting strategy specially designed for this bet.

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