Cashback Bonus

Getting Cashback From Casinos

A big trend with online casinos nowadays is offering cashback to its customers as an incentive to keep them playing. This can come in many forms, including free spins, bonus funds, and even getting real money back.

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What Are Casino Cashback Offers

Casino cashback offers are usually given to customers to ultimately hook them in and have them continue playing. Cash is given out in several ways:

  • As a reward for winning
  • When a certain amount of money is deposited
  • As a rebate when money is lost while playing

Cashback Offers With Real Money

Casinos that give you real money back are pretty rare, but they are out there. When playing with casinos that offer this, the casino generally credits your account with a set amount of money. This money can then be withdrawn at any time. Cashback amounts with real money are usually low, but this depends on how much money is put in. The more money that is bet/deposited, the more one should get back.

Cashback Offers With Bonus Funds

These online casinos are much more commonplace. The term cashback is used but is only used for marketing purposes, as no cash is actually given back or rewarded. This method gives out extra money when money is deposited into the account. With bonus funds, expect strict requirements when it comes to withdrawing money. A set amount of money may have to be made or one may be forced to withdraw funds only at a certain time.

Cashback Offers With Free Spins

When playing slots, cashback with free spins are commonly offered. Offers coming from casinos like these might offer a set number of free spins and cashback. With that being said, be wary. These types of casinos are known to mislead customers. The cashback noted in the advertisement might mean the free spins themselves. Plus, with free spins as a bonus, you could win absolutely nothing. It’s impossible to get any cashback if nothing was won in the first place.

Casino Cashback Terms & Conditions

Before playing at any casino, always check the terms and conditions that pertain to the casino cashback deals offered there. In general, most licensed casinos have these standard terms:

  • The promo code must be entered to receive cashback
  • Anyone who attempts to abuse the cashback system will have their privileges revoked
  • Players must be at least 18 years old
  • There is a limit to the cashback amount
  • Deposit match bonuses and cashback offers cannot be used at the same time

Remember that, along with the rules above, every casino is different and as a result and has different rules to follow in regards to the cashback offer. Make sure to read over the rules carefully before depositing any cash.

Advantages of Casino Cashback Offers

The main advantage of casino cashback is that the money is given back instantly. Getting a fraction of what you paid back is always a good thing and there’s no need to worry about any hidden requirements either. The money sits in the account and accumulates until you decide to withdraw.

Disadvantages of Casino Cashback Offers

Cashback values unfortunately tend to be small. Some games even come with a cashback value as low as 0.5%. With some casinos, one might get lucky and get a large cashback offer but even then that may be a deposit only offer.

How it Works

Casino players are eligible for cashback when they achieve certain tasks or requirements. Common requirements include:

  • Depositing a certain amount of money
  • Playing certain games that meet the offer
  • Opting into the cashback offer
  • Not claiming a traditional deposit bonus

After meeting the above conditions, expect to receive a percentage back whenever money is deposited or the right games are played. Whatever cashback is made sits in the account until it is withdrawn. Again, check the rules of the casino, as there may be a time limit on how long the money can stay in the account.


When looking at casino cashback offers, remember to keep these three things in mind:

  • Opt in: Many of these casinos do not automatically add cashback offers. There may be a promo code that needs to be entered in beforehand.
  • Research: Not all cashback offers are equal. Make sure the deal is worth it. Depending on the amount offered, one might be better off not taking a cashback deal.
  • Don’t play just to get cashback: With most cashback offers being pretty low, don’t play just to play. Playing is one thing, but playing while continuously losing just to see the cashback amount in your account go up is a waste of time and money.
How will I earn cashback?

When one opts into the cashback deal, a percentage of the money that is deposited or played is automatically put back into the account. The money can then be withdrawn at any time.

Is cashback paid out automatically?

No. Money must be manually withdrawn out of the account.

Is cashback better than a traditional bonus?

Depends on the situation. For those who play a lot, then the chances of the cashback offer adding up into a legit sum increases. For those who play every once in a while, cashback will take longer to build up and therefore might be better off with a more traditional casino bonus.