Playtech’s All Bets Blackjack: All You Need to Know

So long virtual gambling is concerned, Playtech is a force to reckon with. Players can become millionaires instantly by just playing its DC Superheroes and Age of the Gods slot series.

Although Playtech has done well in virtual gambling, the same cannot be said about other gaming aspects. It has not done so well with live dealer casino games. It has been lacking in creativity and innovation.

The Playtech brand might not be the go-to brand in live dealer casino games. The story, however, is different now. This is because of the creation of All Bets Blackjack.

All Bets Blackjack is a game that allows players to enjoy massive payouts. It is also a blend of five games in one game. You will find this game in the best online casinos, such as Casino Gods.

All Bets Blackjack

When playing All Bets Blackjack, you will choose five side bets at a time. You could also decide to avoid them totally and be straight forward with your play.

When playing All Bets Blackjack in live casinos, there are five alternatives you can choose from.

They are;

Paris Perfect

Paris Perfect bet is characterized by simplicity. There are various extras in All Bets Blackjack. None of these extras is as straightforward as Paris Perfect.

In this layout, you are merely predicting you will get the same initial two cards.

Bluster Blackjack

Here, the dealer must bust with a boatload that does not have high-value cards. This is the only way you can win a Buster Blackjack. The number of hits taken by the dealer before they lose is a major determinant of how you will be paid.

You will get an award of 200:1 if the dealer ends up busting with eight cards while you have a blackjack. This might not seem like a lot. However, when the fact that a lot of blackjack payouts are 2:1, it is quite good.

21 + 3

Of the five side bets that come with All Bets Blackjack, three have the 21 + 3 premise as their base. Furthermore, Perfect Pair extends into 21 + 3.

Lucky Lucky

This involves setting the matchy-matchy associated with Top 3 or 21 + 3 aside. Lucky Lucky puts the three cards together. A three-card 20 or 19 is equivalent to 2:1. You, however, will get 200:1 with three identical 7s.

Top 3

You can get a winning Top 3 side bet by simply returning to the example of 3 diamonds sevens.

Why All Bets Blackjack Stands Out

All Best Blackjack comes with various perks. One of them is the flexibility it is associated with. It gives you the freedom to customize your game of 21. This can be done through the creation of a different side bet arrangement.

When you play this game in bitcoin casinos, you can switch up your stakes and your side bets. This means you are free to alternate between smaller and larger bets without any restrictions. Going by this, if you are beginning to enjoy a winning streak, you can increase your stakes.

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