Perfect Blackjack brings in a fun new wrinkle

Blackjack is a popular live casino game. It has a dealer and up to 5 players. He or she must compete with the other players and the dealer to win. The dealer uses a 52-card deck and the objective is to either get 21 to win or a higher hand than the other players and dealer. Play regular blackjack for free before venturing out into the realm of online live betting. That can be a whole different animal. If a player treats blackjack like they are training for a sporting event or to perform a job duty, then success is entirely possible. Build your 10,000 hours to perfection before risking real money. Gambling can be a fun but damaging activity. Blackjack can be enjoyed by all and Perfect Pairing Blackjack brings in a fun new wrinkle that keeps the game exciting.


The rules to Perfect Blackjack mirror the normal rules but also add in a perfect pairs side bet. At the beginning of the match the player can decide if they would like to place a perfect bet. The game starts with the dealer giving out two cards to each player both facing up, while the dealer gives himself one facing down and the other facing up. Perfect Pairs come into play if the player received an identical pair such as two kings. The payout for a perfect pair is 30:1. That means the player can win a whopping $300 when they bet $10.

There are two other ways to win a Perfect Pair a mixed pair and a colored pair. A mixed pair is when you have a pair of a red card and black card matching. The payout for this bet is 5:1, so $50 if you placed a $10 bet. The colored pair is when two cards share the same color and that pays 10:1, receiving $100 for a $10 bet. If he or she doesn’t get a perfect pair, then the bet is lost but the game continues. Forfeiting a match is not an option for this game so the player must finish regardless how the game is going. The player can decide to hit which means asking for another card, stand put with what they have, double their bet, or split cards. Should a tie happen between the dealer and the player then it ends with the player receiving their original bet. Get encouraged to take chances when the dealer starts off with a low number such as 2-9. Be advised not to get too trigger happy because when you ask for a hit it better not go over 21 or the player automatically loses.

Aces are a tricky deal as the can be high or low. It is recommended to always split that card into lower increments for a better chance to win if the player wants to keep hitting. The dealer is set to bait the player into making tough choices. It is always wise to understand when to keep asking for a hit and when to stand pat. The Perfect Pairs rules allows a player to win good money on side bet. Knowing this can help even the biggest risk takers to not overreact when the dealer wins. Use practice to build up your skill and have fun because it can be an exhilarating experience.


Lerato Dlamini

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