Online Poker vs. Live Poker

Live Poker vs. Online Poker – what to choose?

Even though they have the word “poker” in common, there are some significant differences between online poker and live poker.

Here are a few examples of how the two are different.

1)Younger Players Online

On average, the players online are younger.

This can mean several things in terms of differences, such as the younger players online having less experience natural experience in terms of social analysis.

The most popular poker online type selected by younger players is Texas Hold'em.

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2) Speed

There's also a big difference in how fast the game goes between the two different versions.

When you play poker online, the game goes much faster than it does for live poker.

This is because it takes time to give cards out to everyone, to do all the calculating, the checking, and everything else that goes with being in a physical place.

Some experts say that the online variety tends to go twice as fast in terms of hands per hour.

Online poker also allows players to do more than one table at once.

This way, you can play an enormous number of hands per hour compared tow hat's possible live.

3) Poker Swings

This is more commonly called “variance,” and it talks about what kind of hands you get in terms of quality throughout a session.

Because you can play so many hands online compared to live, the variance is going to seem much greater on online play.

You get a bigger swing back and forth for the money you make or lose over a shorter period.

The upshot of all of this is you have to be careful with managing your money online because of how quickly things move.

But this also means you can make more much faster.

4) Stakes

In terms of raw skill, online games tend to have players with more of it.

The general rule is that online games tend to be 10 times tougher with higher stakes than a game at the same level that's live.

There are many reasons for this, including that live players may not be as inclined to look up information online about the game, since there's a lot in terms of resources.

This can be good for online players, though, since playing against tougher players can upgrade your skill faster and cause you to learn a lot.

5) Repetition

The key to getting better at anything is repetition and practice.

As a result, playing online often leads to more growth over a shorter period of time because you simply have many more hands per hour to learn poker from then.

If you play multiple tables at once, then you can actually get in 3 times as many hands over the same period of time as a live player can, sometimes even more than this.

Obviously, this varies, but multi-tabling can mean many more times as much poker practice per hour.

More practice means more growth.

Lerato Dlamini

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