The Famous Poker Hands Ranked

The poker is said to be a very hard and complicated casino game to master.

Well, prepare to change your mind, once and for all.

This is only a myth that lets you drive far away from the poker without even knowing its rules.

If you ask me, the poker is indeed an easy game that can be solved and mastered; only if you have the strong will too.

The thing is in the hands. The card combinations that let you have all or nothing.

They are called hands instead of combinations or any other name for that matter because it sounds more formal and is part of the poker vocabulary.

They are the main point of the whole fuss and complication out of the whole poker game.

If you earn these hands, then you have mastered the whole live casino game altogether.

And that is why we want to help you with that because the poker is an unmissable experience that can really lift your mood and even make you rich at the same time.

Learn all about them and find a way to finally fall in love with poker!

Royal flush 

A, K, Q, J, 10 (all of them are the same suit)

This is the highest and the rarest card combination out of them all.

If you have this, you’re automatically the winner of the round, and no one can tell you otherwise. 

royal flush poker hand

Straight flush

5 cards that are in the same suit, and in sequence. 

Four of a kind

4 cards that are the same rank (for example, four Queens)

Full house

They need to be 3 of a kind with an additional pair. 


5 cards with the same suit (no need to be in sequence).


The cards should be in a sequence, the suit doesn’t matter. 

Three of a kind

Only 3 cards should be the same, the suits don’t matter.

Two pair

You will need two different pairs (they don’t need to be in a sequence).


You will need two cards of the same rank (the suit doesn’t matter).

High Card

The highest card out of all of your 5 should do the trick, that is if you don’t have any of the combinations from above. 

These are the hands that everyone is scared of.

As you can see, all of them are pretty logical and have common sense.

This means that if you try hard enough to memorize and master them, then you certainly will make it.

three men sitting on a poker table playing

The poker as a casino game has been with us for a very long time, and now is the chance for you to start playing it.

It’s so good to the point that people are building careers out of this game.

If they can, why can’t you too?



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