One of the best payment processor – Neteller

Neteller was created in 1999 and has gained popularity with time.

It is a payment processor that aims at giving customer best online payment system.

It is mostly used as a casino payment processor throughout the world.

Why Neteller is so popular in online casinos?

The UK Financial Services Authority monitors its operation.

Its popularity is due to the user-friendly website.

One can make online deposits and withdrawals confidently as well as its terms and conditions which are transparent and do not mislead users.

Neteller is used in many countries because it can support common currencies.

Also, the Neteller website is translated into different languages in the countries that use it.

The translation into those different languages was to enhance the convenience of its different customers.


Neteller simplicity, efficiency and being secure for people makes it even more popular as an online payment system.

Many casino players, therefore, choose to use it.

Making deposits takes a few minutes.

As a company dealing with money, they make sure that clients security is assured.

The website could be compared to other worldwide payment processors.

Features available – Net+ card

Its e-wallet form and Net+ card give Neteller an added advantage.

The Net+ card can be used as a debit card anywhere where Mastercard is used.

It can be used by a player to make fund deposits or withdraws for any winnings in the live casino.

It is easy to buy the card by simply sending a request through your Neteller account.

The card is cheap, and users can afford it effortlessly.

Once you buy the card, it will take a few weeks until it is delivered to you.

Users of Neteller should be cautious when they are filling the information required.

The currency selected should be the same with the one selected when one was creating an account to avoid currency exchange fee that usually applies to all transactions made.

Currently, the Net+ card is available for only eight countries, but the company is working to reach the service to their other users.

The countries with the card have the following currencies; USD, AUD, GBP, DKK, SEK, CAD, JPY, and EUR.

How to create Neteller account?

Creating a Neteller account is super easy as it takes a few minutes.

Once the account is created, it is ready for use immediately.

No verification process required.

One may wonder if their personal information or even their banking is safe?

Yes, the Neteller system is one of the best websites in providing customers security.

This is how the security is provided; during the registration process, one is required to input their address, name and a working email address.

A special link is then sent to the email address that was provided for verification purposes.

Clicking on the confirmation link gives Neteller a go-ahead to generate an ID and security number for the user which are needed for initiation of all transactions with the account.

Still on the security issue, for any transaction, there is an email confirmation for both the website and the user that shows if the transaction made was successful, or it was not successful.

The receipt is only able to see users Neteller ID that is displayed.

The registration process also requires one to choose questions and answers that are secret.

It is advisable to select those questions that are easier for remembrance and cannot be easily guessed by other users.

Verification of the user identity is required when they forget their password, and they are prompted to answer the secret questions they had set.

Pros and cons of Neteller in online casinos

The website as more advantages than disadvantages.

The following are some of the advantages that cannot go unmentioned.

First is Neteller acceptability in many land-based stores that also uses the Net+ card.

Second is its 128-bit encryption technology, with this no confidential information leakage.

The third is reduced the risk of overspending through Net+ prepaid card.

Another is convenient methods of payment.

These are just a few.

There is a range of advantage that a Neteller user can enjoy.

Our favorite online casinos with Neteller

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