Movies in Las Vegas: The 3 Funniest Films

Many films are about Las Vegas.

The entertainment capital of the world.

And many more will continue to involve the city, just as true gems of cinematography have been filmed and will continue to be filmed.

And if there is something that everyone agrees on, it is that the city belonging to the American state of Nevada has something special.

Something that, in addition to being felt when you visit the city of casinos, can be felt in each of the movies set in it.

Thus, even going beyond the screen.

For this reason, it is not surprising that many directors choose it as the setting for their productions and that films based or set in Las Vegas, become real blockbusters that occupy the top positions in the lists of the most-watched.

There are many film genres that have conveyed stories that happen in its streets or casinos.

However, in today's post, we are going to focus on Las Vegas movies where comedy reigns.

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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous | 2005

After successfully infiltrating the Miss USA pageant during the first installment of the movie, agent Gracy Hart has become a true celebrity in America.

She worked hard to achieve this and at last, the sacrifice and effort dedicated to the police force are paying off.

However, she fears that her growing fame is taking its toll on her job.

Just when the character played by Sandra Bullock prepares to conduct an interview as the new face of the FBI, she will discover that her friends Sheryl and Stan have been kidnapped in Las Vegas.

he, besides coming to their rescue, will find in this mission a golden opportunity to regain normality in her work.

Most of the scenes of this movie filmed in Las Vegas took place at the Venetian Hotel Resort Casino and the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

What Happens in Las Vegas | 2008

The life of reveler Jack Fuller, by Ashton Kutcher, is falling apart by the minute and after losing his job.

He decides that the best way to forget the problems is to travel to the city where anything can happen.

The next morning the young man wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel with a new problem.

Since, after an epic night of partying, he has married the attractive Joy McNally. An uptight stockbroker who, tired of her fiancé's lack of commitment, has come to Las Vegas with her best friend to try to forget him.

The two, who remember absolutely nothing of what happened, decide to divorce.

However, the judge in charge of the case will force them to stay married for half a year.

The big prize that Jack won at the casino thanks to a coin from Joy will be responsible for the new couple to start a relentless war that will end with a surprise.

Although most of the scenes were in New York City, in the last two weeks, the crew moved to Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to finish the film.

The Hangover | 2009

The type of “Hangover in Vegas” movies in which some friends get out of hand celebrating the bachelor party of one of them has always existed.

However, with this one, they achieved what seemed unthinkable, that critics and the public united to praise it.

This story of a bachelor party in which the groom disappears, and his friends don't remember anything the next morning due to a huge hangover, was a real box-office success.

Thus, collecting more than 460 million dollars worldwide.

As expected, such figures ensured the continuity of the franchise with two new sequels.

With the second installment surpassing the first one's takings.

The witty dialogues and plots, as well as the charismatic characters, are from Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, or Zach Galifianakis.

These will go down in the history of comedy films.

As will the scene of the tiger in the suite of Caesar's Palace.

Even the cameo of Mike Tyson playing himself.

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