Microgaming Produces New Roulette in the First Outing of its Table Game Suite

Advocates of classic table games are getting some love from Microgaming this year as March saw the release of the first of its classically-inspired table games. The game is Roulette. Microgaming is one of the best and brightest online game suppliers and this new series is being developed exclusively by Switch Studios. The games will be run by RNG, but will present a classic feel, sleek gameplay, and all the special features one would expect from online fare.

Online casinos are known for their overindulgence of slots, but table games are still a popular choice for many avid gamblers. A new addition to the smaller lineup of table games found in most casinos is a welcome addition. This was very evident when Switch Studios debuted their new version of Roulette at SiGMA 2018. Attendees got to experience one-on-one demos of the game, and that crowd was very sizable. In fact, SiGMA 2018 saw a record-breaking number of people crowding Switch Studio's dedicated game stand. So far Switch's Roulette has received very favorable player reviews.


A mentioned before Switch's Roulette is the first debut in Microgaming's forthcoming suite of newly-designed table games. The game is geared to produce the ultimate experience in online roulette. This is a tough promise to keep as there are numerous versions of Roulette already, and many are managed by live dealers in a casino setting. So what will Microgaming bring to its table? The first thing is realism.

Microgaming's Roulette presents a 3D roulette wheel in the background. The wheel is expertly designed and stunning to behold. The realism does not stop there, however, as the ball itself is programmed to move with real-life ball behaviors. Naturally, realism will not be only feature Microgaming will include. The table game will also be outfitted with the usual whiz-bangs.

This version of Roulette will complement its contemporary design and sleek feel with an optimized interface. The game will run on both desktop and mobile. Gameplay will be smooth, and players will be able to place bets without effort. The action is easy to follow and the overall controls are very simplistic. Microgaming's Roulette is definitely built to provide a good time.

Players will enjoy standard features like racetrack betting, special bets, and favorites. The game runs off an entirely new game engine and uses superior sound quality. The betting area spread out in front of the wheel allowing for point and click usage. Even the felt has a realistic tinge to it. Switch pulled out all the stops in making this game as realistic as possible. Honestly, if a live dealer stood behind the table players may not even notice the difference. The final feature that Microgaming's Roulette will provide players is luxury.

Microgaming's Roulette is also built to expand the gambling experience. As it runs off a random number generator it offers spin result history and other important betting information. The racetrack feature allows an alternative board layout for different betting types. If a player has a lucky number the game will recognize this as well with its favorites feature. This will make betting even easier as players can create a custom set of betting options. These options even extend to special bets. Players can pre-select ranges and just sit back.

Microgaming's Roulette was released March 23 and is available across a wide selection of top line online casinos. The game runs off Microgaming's management software and is available through web-browser. The only question that remains is what will Microgaming produce next? Will it be a sleek version of Blackjack, a little Poker, or maybe even contemporary Baccarat?

Lerato Dlamini

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