What is House Edge?


Live Casinos are best known for the opportunity to pay money to play an assortment of games and if lucky coming out a monetary winner.

Players can pay for pennies on the dollar all the way up to high stakes.

This means winners can win anything from several dollars to hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the type of game and amount of money the player bets.


House always wins

There are all types of casino players from all walks of life.

Each has their own interest in the types of games they like to play, with most having their favorites.

Casinos offer a variety of games for players, from table games to electronic gaming machines and random ticket games, like bingo and keno which involve numbers.

Casinos hold a reputation that infers that the “house always wins.”

Which isn’t really the case overall. There are many factors involved regarding the basis for this saying.

People believe that casinos program the machines to hit a specific time period, while others believe that casinos program machines to hit after a certain dollar amount has been reached.

You are about to learn that these beliefs are a far cry from the actual truth.

There may be some truth to both of those beliefs, however, what is known is that casinos do have an advantage for taking in more money than they payout.

This advantage has the name “Casino House Edge.”

What is house edge?

Every game a casino has in the house is subject to the house edge.

This isn’t something a casino programs into a game, it is incorporated at a production level by a manufacturer.

Even if you get casino bonus, the house edge is still there.

The casino house edge works on a percentage.

It can be from 0% upwards of 75% or more depending on the game.

This list of casino games shows approximate house edge percentiles as examples to show win and loss expectations.

Blackjack 0.5%/Craps 0.8%/Video Poker 0.5 to 5%/Baccarat 1.06%/Roulette 5.5%/Slot Machines 0.17%/Progressive Slots 5 to 17% and Keno 25% and up.

If you are a frequent casino goer, knowing about the house edge can potentially increase your wins vs. losses.

You’ll need to find and a live casino game with low casino house edge percentage and to limit casino play to approximately 2 hours.

In this way you give yourself the advantage and more than likely will win more than you lose on average.

Time and effort could pay off in the long run, and in a big way but of course, it’s always a gamble.



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