Evolution Gaming Live Roulette Variants

Without a doubt, evolution gaming is one of the leaders in the online casino software industry. They specialize in developing live casino software and have a flawless catalog of games. Some of these games include; roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and more.

About the Live Roulette

The Evolution Gaming Live Roulette is one that guarantees top-notch quality in video and audio while at it. On the evolution gaming live roulette table, you can rest assured that every live dealer you come across is highly professional and qualified.

This review X-rays the numerous benefits every player who chooses Evolution Gaming Live Roulette Casino Games stands to enjoy.

Evolution Gaming Live Roulette Player Interface

One of the top qualities of Evolution Gaming’s Live Roulette is its easy accessibility, regardless of the device you operate. The transition from your desktop to your mobile and table is smooth, so much so that there are just very slight variations.

When accessing from a Desktop, you can decide to choose the Classic View, Multi-Camera or 3D View as your preferred screen layout. However, most players prefer to use the auto option. This is because with the auto option activated, the gaming software selects the most suitable layout for the player’s internet connection speed. With a slow internet connection, the best screen layout to play in is the Classic View.

This view allows you to keep tabs on both the playing options and chats, whilst viewing the table during play. If you wish to view the table and game from different angles, then the Multi-Camera best suits your desire, as the camera automatically switches during the game to give you the best angles at intervals. The last screen layout, the 3D View gives you a more traditional table view.  This view always displays the betting grids and the racetrack on the table.

Different Live Roulette Variants from Evolution Gaming

Immersive Roulette

This is an incredibly variant that offers a distinct and premium-quality game that drives you to take action.

It offers you the luxury of having to choose from multiple camera angles. This enables you to get physically close and connected with the game action, and clearly makes this game stand out.

You can also watch replays in slow motion to be certain of the winning number or color as the ball comes to a halt.

European roulette

Having the largest number of standard and VIP tables, this is unarguably the most popular game in the Evolution Gaming live roulette.

This game guarantees players a world-class Live Roulette experience and an incredibly user-friendly interface, regardless of the device in use. The live experience is top-notch. With smooth interactions and numerous bet options to choose from.

Speed Roulette

Evolution Gaming introduced this game in March 2017 and till this very moment, no other similar releases could beat its speed. It is the world’s fastest online live Roulette game. This variant takes only 25 seconds from spin to spin. 

The Speed Roulette features no ‘dead time’ as all bets can be placed during spins.

Evolution Gaming offers many other live games; such as Live Double Ball Roulette, Native Speaking Roulette, etc. However, the above mentioned three are the most widely recognized of them all.

Wrap up

Without a doubt, evolution gaming is one of the leaders in the online casino software industry. The idea of creating Roulette remains one of the most rewarding to date, as its popularity spans across the entire online casino software industry.

From the innovations of Evolution gaming, one can easily tell that they invest heavily to remain at the top and improve on their live roulette creations. With the quality they produce, it is no surprise that the larger populace of the online gaming sector chooses evolution gaming as the first choice.

Lerato Dlamini

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