Everything You Need to Know About Table Games

Whether as a backdrop in the movies Ocean's Eleven or Rush Hour 3.

Table games fascinate the masses.

And not without reason, because they stand for glamour, adventure and thrill.

Find out what makes table games special and what you need to know about them here.

How Safe Are Online Table Games?

Table games are also captivating more and more fans online.

But many of you wonder how safe online table games are.

We at Casinoble can assure you: Online casinos are always on the highest technical level.

The system detects irregularities in real time and prevents any manipulation of the game.

For you this means: You play under fair conditions!

The Basics of Each Table Game

Since there are several table games, we will introduce you to the individual rules and playing conditions here.

European Roulette and French Roulette

Most people will already know the first game: A ball, a game pot with red and black fields labeled with numbers, and a swarm of people gathered around the table game, spellbound.

We are talking about roulette.

Have you been fascinated by the casino game for a long time and would like to know how it works?

Then you've come to the right place, because here we'll explain the basics.

When playing European Roulette in a local casino, up to eight players play against the casino.

In an online casino, you play alone against the bank.

A random number generator controls the game and ensures fair and safe conditions.

In order for the dealer to distinguish the stakes of the players, each individual gambler is given different colored chips, called tokens.

The dealer, sometimes known as the table dealer, is the head of the game.

This is because only he sets the roulette wheel in motion, announces the winning numbers and pays out the winner.


The next game also provides a lot of excitement and fun.

The classic table game Baccarat was already popular in the 16th century and has made it to international fame.

For example, this game also created the right atmosphere in the James Bond movie classic Casino Royale.

You have already heard about the game, and you have been attracted to it for a long time?

This is how simple it works: 

Baccarat enjoys great popularity among its fans because it is effortless to play.

The only thing you need to know is that you have to get as close as possible to nine points with the cards in your player hand.

If you have more than nine points, the casino simply subtracts the tens digit. 


When it comes to table games, of course, you can't miss blackjack.

For beginners, the evergreen among table games is ideal because it is child's play and there are not many rules – the most important is right strategy in blackjack

Even before the game starts, each player receives two cards.

Depending on how your hand looks like, you can decide to add a third card. 

Blackjack has one goal: you should score 21 points, which is why it is also known as “21” among some table game fans.

The cards count differently: the card numbers count as much as their digit.

In concrete terms, this means that if you have a hand of ten, you get ten points.

If you have a jack, queen and king, you get eleven points.

And with an ace, it's either one or eleven points.

It depends on what is more useful to you in the game situation.

From 17 points, it is best not to draw another card, because the chance of getting over 21 points is very high.

If you still get over 21 points, you have lost.

Lerato Dlamini

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