Card Counting: Is it a Strategy Worth Using?


You have heard of this fundamental blackjack strategy that even novices try to employ in their initial games. In some cases, they are good as long as you don’t aim high. There is a wide difference between tactic and cheating; therefore, you need to be very careful whenever you want to risk it and play tricks as you play blackjack.

You may think that we are telling you is based on rumors more than evidence. Often, reported blackjack magic tricks were unsuccessful. Also, the players who engaged in these tricks without getting caught are unwilling to disclose the information.

However, we are assured that you can get some knowledge about how to use card counting in online casinos.

Card Counting: The Smart Method of Cheating

The strategy involved in card-counting can be quite easy, contrary to the belief of the masses. Even a child can pull it off. It would help if you kept a very simple chart in your head as you play the game. There are two categories of cards for your interest: the high ones that are face cards and 10s; and the low ones, which are from two to six.

What Next?

Then, mentally, you can minus one from this tab for every high card and add one for every low card. Until you learn to carry this out perfectly, you should not aim to do more complicated tactics. Also, the middle cards, which are from seven to nine, should not be calculated. The idea for this is that if your score is positive, for example, +2, then it will be beneficial to bet because there is a high probability that a high card will come out. On the other hand, if your score is negative, there are many low cards, and it will not be intelligent to bet high.

When you become adept at this, you can attempt higher tabs and charts in your head, which will increase your chances of winning big. Try to remember the types of cards that are out based on their kind and color.

Not Getting Caught

We can offer you tips on how to carry that out. Also, as a beginner, try to engage in small talk with the dealer. Do not look too focused on the casino game because live casinos see this as a sign. No matter your tally, do not make a lot of drastic changes in your betting.

Take some time to decide on the amount to stake. Another advice is that you should change your location. If you continue in one table for a long time, you will invite suspicion to yourself. It would be best if you were the faceless lucky guy for some time, and then change casino and begin again.

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