Blackjack Tricks: Leveraging Teamwork

Teamwork is a great blackjack trick to use in online casinos. So, how does it work? Let is find out below.

How Does it Work?

The trick is to peep at the dealer's cards. If you partner with someone, he/she can peep through the dealer's card and communicates with you. As a result, you can then place your bet.

Use The Spooking Method

Another trick is the spooking method; here, your partner sits directly behind the dealer. He then spies on his cards and communicates with you. All communications are done in an already established communication method, unknown to anyone else.

This communication channel must only be known to you and your partner to avoid getting caught. It can be through signs or body language, as agreed already between the player and his partner. Your partner can also sit close to the dealer and be on the same table you are sitting.

Play with the Dealer

However, there are chances that you would still be caught in the long run, no matter how smart you can be. Alternatively, you can opt to play alongside with the dealer rather than against him. You'll also need to have established a means of secret communication with the dealer to avoid getting caught.

Use Marked Cards

Another option is dealing with marked cards; through this, you can know what card is coming up next, and you can place your bet accordingly. With this method, you can also be caught, but the chances of being caught are reduced compared to peeping at the dealer's cards. But getting a dealer who is willing to risk his job for this kind of tricks just to help you may prove difficult.

The majority of people wouldn't even want to risk their earnings for such. In this case, you'll need to stay informed of the game to increase your chances of winning.

Real Blackjack Tricks or How to Get Banned from the Casino?

Little do you know that many people have been involved in various tricks to win at the live casino. Among these people are Chris Angel, Dynamo, and David Blaine, to mention a few. However, these tricksters have been banned from casinos because casinos wouldn't accept an individual who wins with all sorts of tricks and illusion.

David Blaine is a perfect case to deal with. Blaine uses magic and tricks in casinos to win really big. According to sources in the US, Blaine got into a casino and played a bet with just the $500.

But with tricks, Blaine amassed a sum of $39500 profit for himself – That's such a ridiculous amount. When he was caught, he was totally restricted from visiting any casinos in the United States. We can say that he is probably a magician, and if so, you still have a long distance to cover to get to the level of card tricks that he had attained.

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