Yggdrasil adds Emerging Games Studio Jelly to its Global YG Masters Program



The YG Masters Program has been onboarding several partners this year, like never. One of the latest to join this program is the Mobile-first developers of casino games, Jelly. Ever since they enter the program, it has been an upward journey for them.

Yggdrasil has been at the forefront of improving online casino gaming experience and providing solutions in areas that are lacking. By entering this partnership with the young and thriving games studio Jelly, the YG Masters program has experienced another milestone.

Ever since Jelly games developers set out by launching their Mobile-first games, they have been running with an uncommon passion and energy. With the GATI-powered YG Masters Program, the prospect for them is even higher.

About the YG Masters Program

Several other top game developers from around the world have been joining the YG Masters program. This program allows independent studios to develop, design, and distribute their gaming content via the Yggdrasil global network. Also, they will benefit from the Yggdrasil industry expertise, promotional tools, and advanced technology.

This new partnership will see Jelly gain access into the Yggdrasil GATI technology. This tech enables developers to make use of preconfiguring and standard toolkits needed by the developers for creating of top-notch games and, at the same time, gain access to the vast array of markets available on the Yggdrasil distribution network. Furthermore, the developers will scale rapidly and implement their global penetration strategy at an accelerated rate.

What the Yggdrasil Speaker Had to Say

The head of the Yggdrasil partnership program, Mr. Stuart McCarthy, noted that the partnership of Yggdrasil with their numerous partners via the GATI platform has been an enormous success and that the partners have been recording tremendous growth and distribution of content all over the world.

Stuart confirmed that the coming on board of Jelly into their platform is something Yggdrasil has been looking forward to. This was mainly because of  Jelly's mobile-first content. He expressed optimism that the partnership will be a great leap for both, and ultimately, they will achieve their respective business goals.

In the technology industry, everyone can easily achieve more by working in synergy with each other and they will reach more people than if they work individually. Therefore, partnership such as this is a very good development.

What the Jelly Speaker Had to Say

On the other hand, the marketing lead at Jelly, Victoria Newbolt, affirmed that they were privileged to partner with Yggdrasil.  This was  primarily because of the rigorous selection procedure. Yggdrasil focuses on partnering with the best, so they require high standards. As a new company, Jelly wad found to be very promising.

She further emphasized the excitement on their part to be partners precisely due to their shared vision in terms of standard, quality, and novelty in both gaming and Entertainment. She iterated their optimism in the GATI technology and how it would help Jelly reach the ends of the world.

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