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Many people often refer to Dragon Tiger as a variation of Baccarat. It is kind of true because both game’s live tables are usually found beside one another in online casinos with their focus on the Asian market.

However, Dragon Tiger is more advantaged than Baccarat because of its table layout, although their structures are both the same.

Many developers of software habitually place their focus on the oriental component in the background decoration of their games. By default, the studio setting must match the primary origin of the game.

Vivo Gaming further developed a variant of Dragon Tiger with a decorated table. The variant is a combination of modern and sophisticated software technology with a traditional game ambience.

How Do you Play Vivo Gaming Live Dragon Tiger

Players must learn how to play the casino game as well as the game rules to give them an upper hand while playing.

At the start of the game, the player is required to buy chips once they are available. The chips the player selects will then be placed on any of the available betting options (Tie, Tiger, and Dragon) after which the bet will be confirmed.

The dealer then brings out 2 cards from the game shoe. One card covers one field, and there are two fields. The dealer places the card on the table in a faceup position.

The difference between playing Dragon Tiger and Baccarat is that the former does not require drawing an extra card. In this case, the bets are settled after the person with the higher card is declared the winner.

Although Dragon Tiger has limited betting time, there will still be room for players to choose their preferred chips or remove unwanted bets from the table and alter them.

Once the time is up, the screen will pop up showing a message which reads ‘no more bets’.

Vivo Gaming Live Dragon Tiger Benefits to Players

  • Players enjoy two viewing modes which they can switch forward and backward.
  • The screen displayed vividly updated info on the player’s last win, current bet, and balance.
  • The screen also shows multiple scoreboards featuring results and statistics of past rounds.
  • There is an option to tip the dealer, which is believed to augment close rapport between players and dealers.
  • Remove, undo, re-bet gaming commands which enable fast and smooth game sessions. 

Wrap Up

Vivo Gaming is known for its gaming solutions to land-based casinos and other operators. Similarly, its live casino games are usually top quality. They are streamed from various live studios worldwide to meet the needs of online players.

Other products by Vivo Gaming include mobile games, management tools, sports betting, and RNG games. Vivo has also partnered with many other reputable software developers like Tom Horn gaming and Apollo games.

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