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In the gaming industry, there are VIP Live Casinos. These are online casinos that cater to frequent clients who spend a lot of money wagering. Different Casinos have different standards as to who is considered a VIP, but all VIPs have one thing in common. They stand head and shoulder above the crowd in the frequency of their gambling and how much they spend. Being a great potential source of income for the casino all on one's own, it is only natural for the casino to reciprocate. That is what VIP programs are for.


VIP live casinos not only enhance the casino experience for VIP members, but they are also a vehicle for plenteous rewards and favors extended to VIP members. First, let's discuss the value of live casinos. Unlike the automated stuff, live casinos are really live. There are specially trained croupiers and dealers in front of cameras in specially designed studios or set aside parts of real casinos who are at the center of this live experience. One is able to text message a croupier or dealer and get a response back on the air in real-time. Depending on the game one may be able to immediately join in or wait for a seat to open just like at a brick and mortar casino. One is given individualized attention once one is part of a particular game.

Once one is a VIP member there are different tiers one may join depending on one's activity and the amount one spends. Higher tiers entail more benefits so that one really begins to appreciate one's VIP status. One basic perc of VIP membership is that one is not so limited in the deposits and withdrawals one makes. In any VIP tier, members also enjoy better bonuses than one would get as a regular player. Bonuses are money added by the casino to the player's bankroll to help them stay in the game longer. Bonuses usually come about after so many paid wagers. The higher one's tier status the fewer paid wagers one has to make to earn a bonus. Also, just because one is a VIP member one can get cash-out much faster than regular players. Due to verification procedures, it can take regular players 72 hours to get their money. VIP members are already verified and get their cash-outs almost immediately.

Higher Tier members get rewarded with super-spins to increase the size of their possible payouts by 10-fold or special gifts received in the mail. The more advanced tier VIP members have access to personally assigned account managers who can be contacted by phone or text message. Still higher tiers get showered with special and unique gifts. It could be anything from a bottle of Champagne in one's mail to a free trip to Las Vegas.

The top tier VIP players can also expect to see free money in their account if they have not played for a while.

Another method casinos have to reward their most active players is the point system. One is usually awarded points by the casino from the lowest tier to the higher. As one's tier increases, the ability to earn points increases as well. These points can then be exchanged for gifts or to increase the size of one's bankroll. Top tier members can be enrolled in special lottery drawings with enormous prizes attached. There are also specialty and tailored games that the very top tier has access to.



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