Useful Tips for Beginner Sic-Bo Players

Sic-bo is a popular Chinese gambling game. The live casino game is also known as hi-lo. This game is played with three dice, and the table has some similarities with roulette wheels. You can make big and small bets in this game. The small bet's dice sum must be between four and 10. The big bet's total amount must be between 11 and 17. The overall win probability in Sic-bo is 48.61 percent. The odds aren't equal because getting three identical numbers on the dice is an automatic loss. Sic-bo players should look at winning odds for specific bets. Players can bet on a specific sum, but the odds of winning vary. The payout odds are six to one on a bet of 11, but they're 60 to one on a bet of four.


Single Dice Bet Tips

A person who makes a single dice bet must predict that a specific number will appear on one, two or three of the dice. If the number appears on one of the dice, then the payout is one to one. Those who are just starting out may want to try this because the gambling odds are decent.

Using Combination Bets

Combination bets are appealing to some players because the house edge is typically lower than three percent. The expected odds are also pretty good. The player can expect to win one of every seven bets, so a player who wins early might want to take those winnings and risk them on the one to one bets. This is often an ideal way to play games of this nature. Reducing risk tolerance as the game progresses is often an ideal option because the player can worry less about big losses as time goes on. If the player is simply gambling early winnings on safer bets, then there's a greater likelihood of a positive outcome when the player finishes.

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Betting Triples is a Bad Idea

The odds that the same number will appear on all three dice are one in 180. Experienced players should only use these as additional bets, and new players should completely avoid betting triples. Betting singles or doubles is a fine idea, but players should know that the rewards for these bets aren't significant. Placing a one to one bet on singles is a great idea for new players simply because the odds of a significant gain or loss are extremely low. The player can get a sense of the temperament needed to succeed at Sic-bo.

Avoid Bets With a Large House Edge

Making a bet with a huge house edge will affect the player negatively as time progresses. Some of the bets with the biggest payouts often have the greatest house edge. This specific amount depends on the version of Sic-bo the user is playing.

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Betting Systems Should Be Based Only on Risk Tolerance

Sic-bo is ultimately based on luck, so there's no guaranteed way to win. The best thing a player can do in a game of this nature is to use statistics to his advantage. Trying to create a betting system in a game like this is usually a bad idea, but the player can ensure long-term gains by reducing risk across several games. Making 1,000 one to one bets and earning $200 is better than making 100 riskier bets and losing $2,000. Players should also always look at the specific house edge for a bet. Sic-bo is ultimately based on luck, but the timing of bets can have a dramatic impact on the player's total winnings. Experienced players should definitely look at the pay tables and use these to develop reasonable betting strategies.

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