Trip back in time to Side Bet City by Evolution Gaming


It is time to take a trip back in time to Side Bet City.

The game only goes back to the year 1985, but, hey, that was a great year!

Time to bring back those bright neon lights too.

What makes Side Bet City so great, aside from going back in time to 1985?

This live casino game is one of the easiest introductions to online poker a player could ask for.

Players who are new to the game are advised to try this one first.

Is there anything in the game for some of the more experienced players

Yes, of course, there is. Experienced players will find some big payouts with Side Bet City.

The odds are 1,000 to 1.

There is no way any player is going to pass that up.

What is Side Bet City?

It is the latest game from Evolution.

Players who are already familiar with the company or have used their products before are going to love this one too.

It is very easy to play too.

All players have to do is place bets on either the 3-card, 5-card, or 7-card hand.

Players can also choose the “all lose” option or they can combine any of the above hands into a win.

The best part about this is there are no complications.

Once a player has initiated the bet, their work is done.

There is no second-guessing a move here.

hich is why players are encouraged to make sure they make the right choice at the beginning.

Players will know they have won when a message pops up.

Players who do not win will not see any message in the corner.

It is that simple and easy.

The other great part about the game is the players are playing against the table, and not the dealer.

The dealer deals the cards and the players play simultaneously against one another.

Three-Card Side Bet

The dealer waits until the bets have been placed.

He or she then deals 3 cards in a row facing up.

The player who has the winning bet on the 3 cards is the winner.

Five-Card Bet

The same thing happens here.

The only difference is the dealer deals two extra cards facing upwards.

Seven-Card Bet

The same thing here too.

The dealer hands out two more cards after the first five have been dealt.

The winner takes the pot.

What Is An All Lose Bet?

In this situation, the winner places a bet on nothing, and the other card hands have lost.

To find out more about the game and to play visit the official page.

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