Tree of Light By Evolution Review

Tree of light has the feel of an online casino game and is the most recent slot machine made by Evoplay Entertainment. It is like an adventure game and a platform title that makes you go from the left of the screen to the right. Additionally, in the course of the game, you get to run past various game areas. In this game, you do not see enemies. Instead, you see sets of symbols. With luck, they could land on wins. This game comes with lots of special features you will love to find out. One of these features is excellent graphics.

The Tree of Light game area feels like a top-quality one. It delivers ten lines on five reels. There are lots of features that make the game enjoyable. Some of these features are the Magic Patterns, scroll symbols, free spins, wilds scatters, and random bonuses. Payouts in this game do not get higher than 1,800x the amount staked. Regardless of this, it is treated as a slot with high volatility. It also comes with an RTP rating of 96.10%.

Prizes and Betting

This game is like other games from Evoplay Entertainment. When you play Tree of Light, you have the alternative of picking a total bet. Also, for every single spin, the total bet ranges from $0.10 to $50.

Payouts are not high. They are about 15x times the amount staked on one line. So, when ten lines are involved, the payout is up to 150x the amount staked. Although there are potential wins of about 1,800x the amount staked. This can be easily believed when you consider the available multiplies, as well as free spins.

This game has high volatility and is expected to pay more. It has an okay RTP of 96.10%. It, therefore, is not such a bad game when compared to more recent releases.

Tree of Light Slot Features

The wild symbol shows its own logo and is blue in color. It is a replacement symbol and can be combined with a traditional symbol. It, however, is not a replacement for Scroll symbols.

There is a likelihood of coming across a Question Mark when you go through the map. When this happens, a random event is retriggered. Also, it only occurs when a spin is paid for. It will randomly pick two symbols of low value and turn them into wilds.

The Scroll is another symbol that you can't see in the game area.  When you get it, the slot's free spins begin. This way, you will get seven rounds.

Furthermore, there are Magic Patterns. These areas include the game area and take unusual shapes. You are supposed to finish these patterns. You can do this when you form winning combinations in every position covered by a pattern.

When you complete the first three patterned, you will get five extra spins. With the second pattern comes three extra spins. The total number of free spins you can have is 15. However, if you are able to complete the third pattern while the features are yet to run out, the bonus game is triggered.

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