The Most Popular Roulette Playing Systems

As we all are pretty familiar with the casino game called roulette, there is no way that you haven’t tried it at least once.

Even if you haven’t, you have pretty much seen the way you play it.

Nothing complicated, and yet still fun and thrilling as an experience.

That’s the way this game is.

And because of it, many people think that all you need is luck in order to win it.

But, many casino excerpts disagree.

After all, there is some kind of system that world behind the small white ball, apparently.

And here are the most popular ones that everyone should definitely try in order ot make their game successful. 


The first system on our list is the Martingale roulette system.

This one is far popular al around the world, adn the name itself also has a ring to it, so it’s safe to say that in fact, it works.

And on top of that, it’s pretty easy to remember as well.

The simple philosophy of it is to increase your bets after every loss.

With this, you can get your money back that you have lost.


Well, by increasing your bets, you get to bluff at the roulette table, and plus, it just feels good!

Reverse Martingale

The reverse martingale roulette system, or also commonly known as paroli is yet another system on our list.

roulette table

It’s said ot be the oldest system in the world, with its roots beginning in Italy.

You can use it while also playing other casino games except for roulette, and the winning chance of it is 50%.

The simple philosophy of this roulette system is that losses and wins come in streaks, and we need ot be ready for everything that comes in our way.

In order to win it, you need to lose a couple of times.

This is the only way you can attract the winning number, apparently.

Many people even swear by it, claiming that it has helped them and that its the safest out of them all.


Last but not least is definitely the Fibonacci number system.

This system also has a chance of making you feel safe and not losing much money while gambling.

So, as we all know, it’s a progressive system, just like the est of the two above, and naturally, its gonna take a  few losses before winning.

The Fibonacci system got its name from the like-named number system taht is frequently used for math.

Brought to us by Leonardo Fibonacci, the system can help you a lot only if you truly understand it and get the logic behind it. 

The way of playing roulette as we all know will be long gone after reading this.

After all, the roulette systems like these can really impact your game.

And because of that, you should definitely give them a chance and see which one works for you.

It will be worth it, that’s for sure! 

Lerato Dlamini

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