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There is no doubt that the advent of the internet marked a turning point in the history of mankind.

And in the case of gambling, the web opened up new opportunities and horizons for the online gambling and casino industry.

It opened a window through which players could access their favorite games.

Without the need to leave their homes or travel long distances.

Moreover, the increase in the number of games and their variants became truly remarkable.

And today it is still a sector that is remarkably on the rise.

The First Online Casinos

Intercasino was licensed in 1996, the same year in which its first real-money wager was made.

It is arguably the largest online casino and thanks to its high level of security and integrity it has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers over the years.

Back 2007, the highest jackpot was hit with over eight million dollars in prize money.

It offers free games plus a welcome bonus plus a monthly bonus with every deposit each player makes.

Similarly, The Gaming Club is another pioneer in online gambling.

Users can easily navigate their way around the motivating design, plus fantastic promotions and all the information you need instantly.

This online casino dates back to 1994 and belongs to The Palace Group.

The Secrets About the Online Casinos

Over the last few years, the evolution of the online casino world has once again taken a major step forward by incorporating mobile gaming.

Which has given hundreds of players around the world the ability to use the web from anywhere and at any time.

Although you would have to go back to the 1970s to find the first software that replaced the traditional slot machine mechanisms and with them came graphics and other features that made these devices function similarly to a computer.

The next game to go through the process was Blackjack.

Whose evolution brought it almost definitively closer to the digital world.

All that was missing was the interconnecting network, and that came in the 1990s.

Microgaming is the company that supplies almost all the online casinos.

Today there are more than 2,000 casinos on the net and it is a market that grows steadily over the years and whose future outlook promises as more and more features apply to online games.

Online Casinos in South Africa

With all this history behind them, online casinos have had a long road to South Africa.

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