Instant Withdrawal Casinos

For those who are going to enjoy some online casino gameplay, they are going to have certain expectations that need to be met. Among these will be wanting to play at a casino that can handle withdrawals in a speedy fashion. After all, nobody wants to wait for weeks for their winnings. They want to be able to enjoy this new found money the way they want as quickly as possible.

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Fast Payouts do Indicate some Important Factors

Casinos that practice fast payouts are also giving some strong indicators about their business, such as:

  • It shows that the casino platform is financially sound and well established. Casinos that are popular have to constantly make payouts. This means that they have to have the money on hand to meet the payout demands. Not only that, large casino brands will offer a variety of payout options. The casino operator has to have enough funds in reserve to meet the payout demands for each of these payout options. A busy casino can end up with hundreds of withdrawal requests daily.
  • Another indicator that a fast payout casino possesses financial strength is that it has reliable support staff. This is staff that may be involved in the payouts. At the very least, the staff should be available to deal with the queries that may come in from players who are expecting a payout. The staff has to be knowledgeable enough to answer payout-related questions and address concerns.
  • Fair play is something else that is being indicated by the fast payout casinos. Those who don’t hesitate to meet the payout demands are showing that they honor the fair play code of ethics. Some casinos who do not practice this refrain from making fast payouts in the hopes the player will just use their winnings to continue playing. This is called winning reversal. It is not a very good practice.

Payout Speed Factors

The casino operator has to have everything in place in the backend to make sure that the fast payout procedure operates seamlessly. But there are some additional factors that can affect the time in which the payouts can be made. For example:


The casino has to deal with each country in which the payout is being made to individually. If the payout is to a player in a country where there are no restrictions on winnings, then there should not be any interruptions in the speed in which the casino can pay out. Some countries have a specific rule concerning online gambling, which could affect the payout. If this is the case, then it can cause some delays.

Payment Method

The payment method is another factor that can affect the timing of the payout. Many online casinos offer as many options as possible for players to receive their winnings. They do this so they can attract as many players as possible by making it convenient for them to deposit and withdraw. At the same time, it creates more work for the casino operator.
Every payment gateway has its own ways of processing payments. Some are more simple compared to others. Here are some examples:

  • The Most Popular: The most popular payment gateways for receiving player withdrawals are Paypal, Neteller and Skrill.
  • Credit Cards: Some credit card companies will allow withdrawals to be credited to the holder’s card.
  • Wire Transfers: This is one of the slowest methods for making withdrawals. The casino platform has no control over how long this process will take.
  • Checks: This is considered to be the slowest method of all. In some cases, players can receive their winnings by mail in one to three days, but more often than not, it takes seven to ten days. The number of days also depends on which country the check is being mailed to.
  • Cryptocurrency: Thanks to modern technology and the introduction of virtual currency like Bitcoin, a new option for receiving casino winnings has been introduced. This process comes with a bit of a learning curve both on the recipients part and the casino itself. It is proving to be one of the fastest methods for casino withdrawals making it most convenient for the players who want to receive their money hassle-free and fast.


Another factor that will come into play in regards to speedy withdrawals is the amount that is being withdrawn. The majority of online casinos have set rules as to the number of withdrawals they will process per request. If the win happens to be a big one such as a progressive jackpot or even a standard jackpot that is substantial, the regular withdrawal rules will not be applied. That is provided the winnings are coming from a reputable online casino. These winnings can be expected to be paid out in a speedy manner. It is up to each player to know the rules of the casino when it comes to payout limits. The rule of thumb is not to join a casino that caps their payouts at less than $2,000.

Bottom Line

By choosing a casino that has a reputation for fast payouts, online gamblers can get the most enjoyment out of this type of exciting entertainment.

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