Super Wheel brings Super Fun to Online Gaming


Online gaming offers the perfect experience for those who enjoy playing live casino games of chance, but don’t always want to leave home and drive miles to get to a casino to play.

With the advances made to online play, most of today’s most popular games are available from the comfort of our homes.

They not only offer a competitive atmosphere, but have a decent payout for the winners.


More than just the usual games, most of the games played at a casino can be found as an online game as well.

But there’s nothing like a new game that is fun, exciting and entertaining to add some extra enjoyment to online play.

Everything you need to know about Super Wheel

One of the most popular games with players online right now is Super Wheel.

Part of the fun of online gaming is the opportunity to play against people from all over the country with similar skill sets that enjoy the same types of games with one another.

The new Super Wheel, released by Play’n GO, has exciting graphics that have you sitting right at the table and not feeling like an outside spectator.

Fans of roulette are especially attracted to the new Super Wheel game.

An eye-catching 3D graphic effect has players feel like they’re standing right in front of the table.

To play the game – participants choose from the numbers 1, 3, 5, 11, and 23, along with a Golden Horseshoe and Golden Clover.

The splashy and colorful wheel used is divided into 52 sections with different values on each section and the numbers are labeled with the odds of the payout.

Players choose to bet 1, 5, 10, 25 or 100 chips per spin. While the wheel spins players enjoy the excitement of waiting for the final outcome so they can see how they did in selecting their numbers.

It can seem like time stands still while the final rotations make their spins.

The new game has a lot to celebrate. From the splashy graphics of the wheel to the sport of choosing which numbers you think will pay off, to watching your prize money tally up.

A handy button can be used by players to repeat and place the same bet again and again if desired.

Once you give it a try, don’t be surprised if you play a while.

Super Wheel has a good chance of becoming the new favorite online casino game with players everywhere.

Where to play Super Wheel?

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