So, why those green felt tables at casinos?

Online casino games of chance are a popular way to spend some time and still experience the games as if you are in real casino miles from where you live.

Everything about a casino, whether it’s one you visit in person or online, is designed with a purpose. The bright lights, music, exciting atmosphere and bold colors create a sense of fun and excitement. The owners want you to enjoy your play and to stay as long as possible, enjoying yourself while you spend your money with them. The games are often uniform in the colors of chips and even the surface of the table.


The truth is a lot of thought goes into each selection that needs to be made to make the online gaming experience has enjoyable as possible. It wouldn’t be much fun to play if everything was brown and gray and most people wouldn’t linger at the table long. Casino owners a long time ago had to make some important decisions that would make their customers choose them. So, why those green felt tables? There are some popular theories.

Online casinos undoubtedly use the green table coverings to mimic the real deal of a physical casino. Businesses have long used our minds to entice us to do things, order items or convince us to return. Restaurants use the practice famously.

Of course, most people assume the color green is chosen for its resemblance to money, which is a fair connection, but there is probably more psychology than that into the decision. Much the same way that the color red is often connected to anger or aggression, and some green is just one of the colors on the spectrum that help us to feel comfortable and relaxed too so it only makes sense to use it on the tables. The felt maybe a throwback to days gone by when illegal card games were set up in bars and taverns. Card games of chance used to be organized and played on the pool tables already in establishments so the games could be disassembled in a hurry if need be. It’s how the games started out and most stay true to the idea to this day.

The next time you log on to play your favorite card game you can be assured that a great deal of time, thought and energy went into making the game as enjoyable for you as it can be.



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