Roulette cheats made at casinos

The concept of cheating with the casino game of roulette can be quite troublesome, especially when trying to configure a sufficient way to accomplish this task.

It can be somewhat challenging to actually set up a cheating mechanism to beat the roulette wheel, but it has been attempted in the past.

Some of the ideas will be mentioned in the next section of the post, although it may seem like cheating can be done in many different ways, you actually might be surprised at the way that these cheats are presented.

The most recommended way, however, is to learn a good game strategy and discover hidden roulette combinations.


Roulette Cheating Ideas

One way that you might be able to cheat at roulette is to find a way to know the outcome before it happens.

There was a famous rumor that suggested that a player had developed a way for a device to detect the speed of the ball and determine which region of the wheel that the ball will drop.

While there were no guarantees to this rumor, it certainly presents an interesting idea on how to develop a device to detect the physics of a moving object.

Another idea might be to find a way to steal chips during a roulette spin.

In this case, you are not actually influencing the roulette game in any way, although you might consider yourself to be using the spin as a distraction to move chips from the dealer's stash into yours.

A distraction or the use of sleight of hand can be used to effectively accomplish this task.

A coordinated group effort may be necessary to successfully complete this task, especially with the increased security at casinos and the enhanced video camera design at each roulette table.

Another plausible way to cheat at the game of roulette would be to find a way to rig the motion of the ball.

This could potentially be accomplished with magnets, and there are videos out there on the web that clearly show the concept and how it might play out in real-world conditions.

If cheaters could find a way to utilize magnets and control the roulette ball in a natural way, they might be able to figure out a cheating strategy that could make thousands of dollars at the roulette table.


All of these cheating proposals would be extremely difficult to successfully pull off in a real-world casino.

While it certainly is possible, most players would agree that the risks are not worth the potential rewards.

It might be more useful for potential cheaters to look at various betting strategies to minimize the ‘house edge' instead of actually trying to manipulate and cheat at the game of roulette.

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