Psychology Today and How It Relates To The Casinos

Everything in life has psychology behind it. Casino gaming, and by extension, Roulette, is no different. The myths started way back with James Bond and Dressed To Kill.

Do you remember in the movie(Queen of the Table Games?) where he is hanging around the table and sipping the drink? The movie is fake, but the realness of the imagery is quite authentic.


What Is The Appeal (Psychologically Speaking)?

1) Look at that French physicist, Blaise Pascal. He came up with the idea of a “perpetual wheel in motion”. There is the scene in the movie where Bond is standing by the Roulette wheel (always in motion), and there is a good-looking woman (who is Dressed To Kill) beside him.

He softly sips his drink and waits while she “kills him with her looks”.

That scene is about the thrill of the chase. James Bond might not have gotten the girl (right away), but, for him, it was the thrill of the chase.

That is one side of the psychology behind the game of Roulette. You might not get the kill (like James Bond), but you have fun trying. You might not get the girl (once again, James Bond), but there is the thrill of the chase.

The same thing happens with Roulette, including the rush of adrenaline that holds the players there. It is that one chance at the kill. Some players believe if they stay there long enough, they will win. Some male players even expect to win some girl as a side bonus. Once again, the psychology of James Bond and the movies that is partly what makes it popular.

The wheel of motion is always turning, and players have no idea where it will land.

2) Competition is another large element behind psychology. The straight guys are always looking to be the next James Bond and sweep away the competition.

The colors are red and black. Players vie to be the one person who can beat the house. Look at James Bond. He beat the house without breaking a sweat. Once again, it is the fantasy coming to life.

Will “Lady Luck” be on their side? Lady Luck is an homage to the girl in the James Bond movies. Lady Luck is the one who is “Dressed To Kill”. Everything is a throwback to the James Bond era. Every guy wants to be James Bond and win the pretty girl. However, sometimes the pretty girl(who is Dressed To Kill) is throwing her “luck” to someone else. She can be very fickle, that one, particularly when there is a competitive “house edge”.

3) The last bit of psychology behind the game involves the options players have. Players can choose from either online or a land-based casino. They can also choose between something simple or something more tactical.

Either Way

This is a live casino game for players who want to win and win badly. The game is for players who want to do whatever it takes to win the money and love.

The idea of winning the “love” portion may only be a fantasy, but it does not stop players from trying. Once more, it comes down to the guys wanting to be like James Bond and win the heart of the girl who is “Dressed To Kill”.

The other psychology is learning how to lose. Sometimes another James Bond gest the girl and the money. Each player needs to prepare for that or they have missed the point of the movie and game.

Lerato Dlamini

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