Poker Tournaments – Popular variants of poker and various formats

What Are Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are events where various types of poker are played in an organized format. The structure of the games are already set up with blind sizes, time limits, stacks, and buy-in amounts. The type of tournament players choose to play in will be based on the various types of setup they need. When players enter poker tournaments the common goal of each player is to win the pot. Tournaments are usually not played for fun. The game carries on until a single person gets all the chips. The prize money is then sorted out based on the predetermined game structure. These rules apply in person and in online poker tournaments.

What Are The Most Popular Variants Of Poker

  • 7-Card Stud: 3 cards are given to each player. Two of the cards are face down and one of them is face up. After the players bet, three additional cards are dealt one at a time face up and accompanied by a bet. An additional face-down card is dealt with prior to the final bets being placed. The best 5 card hand wins the game.
  • Omaha: 4 cards are dealt to each player face down. After an initial round of betting, 3 community cards are dealt and then more betting happens. Two additional community cards are then dealt and then final bets are placed. Players use two of the original four cards to make the best hand to win the game.
  • Texas Hold'em: 2 cards are dealt to each player and then better starts. After the first bet, 5 community cards are shown in 3 stages with 3 rounds of betting. Players have to use a minimum of 1 of their 2 original cards with the additional cards to create the best hand possible.
  • 5-Card Draw: 5 cards are dealt to the players. Bets are placed before discarding none, some, or all of their cards. Replacement cards are issues before round 2 of betting. The best hand wins.
  • Hi-Lo: Players have to use 7 cards to make 2 hands. The 5 best cards make the big hand and then players choose the next best pair for the small hand. Players will wager a stake on both hands.

Various Tournament Formats

In addition to the different variations of poker, there are also different tournament formats to give players a variety of online poker play:

  • Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs): Each player brings the same amount of chips. There are various tables to play at, and a process of elimination begins as players lose all their chips. Tables are continuously shuffled to keep a balance of players. Ultimately the winner is the remaining player who still has chips.
  • Sit and Go: These short quick tournaments are similar to the MTTs, but they only start when every seat infilled. There are usually five or ten seats to fill up and these tournaments usually finish up within an hour.
  • Shootouts: Several tables are worked, but they are never balanced out. Winners of each table form new tables until only a single person is left.


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