What Do the Poker Chips’ Colors Mean?

Everyone knows about the most famous live casino game, poker.

That game has been around for centuries and it’s really old.

The main element of the poker game is the poker chips.

Everyone is familiar with the famous colorful poker chips, and maybe that’s how the game alone became famous.

There are various chips and all of you that aren’t familiar with them are probably thinking:

‘Do they really have a special meaning or is that color just for fun and diversity?’.

Well, the answer is, they really do have a meaning and even different value.

In this article, today, I will explain the values and colors of every color of the poker’s chips and how did they get the meaning they have today.

poker chips

Poker Chips' Materials, Colors, and Their Meaning

The poker chips, as I mentioned before as well, have all kinds of colors and plus, they are made of various materials as well.

The oldest casino poker chips have been made of pure clay, and it dates all the way to the 1800s years.

Through time, the poker chips’ materials have been changing and transforming all the time.

And right now, you can find poker chips made from materials such as plastic, ceramic, clay, and even from mutated material.

It's usually mixed with plastic and clay or porcelain and clay.

The plastic ones are the cheapest, and there is also a metallic option.

But the clay ones, being the oldest, are also the most expensive out of all the chips’ materials.

As much as there are materials, there are also lots of colors representing the poker chips.

They are meant to represent a certain amount of money.

  • White, $1
  • Red, $5
  • Blue, $10
  • Gray, $20
  • Green, $25
  • Orange, $50
  • Black, $100
  • Pink, $250
  • Purple, $500
  • Yellow, $1000 (sometimes burgundy or gray)
  • Light Blue, $2000
  • Brown, $5000

As you can see, there are many poker chips and their color can be really confusing and seem like too much at first.

But as time passes, with the help of poker experience, you will learn them by heart.

poker chips


Tip for newbies: Some of the casinos in the world allow people to stack $100 bills as cash instead of poker chips. 

The chip management is really important when it comes to playing poker because after all, you play with real money.

One of the most important things to remember though is that once you place them.

Whether it's in front of you on the poker table, you mustn’t touch them.

Nor replace them, at all costs.

In the live casino world, this is considered as cheating and you definitely don’t want to be banned from the poker’s round that night, right? 

Poker is a really fun game.

If you know how to play and master the poker chips.

Then you may be the next millionaire and the poker’s world champion.

Lerato Dlamini

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