Playtech Goes into a New Collaboration with Responsible Gambling Council

The popular casino game provider, Playtech, has reached a new agreement with the body responsible for global gambling problem prevention, the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC). This new collaboration will provide further assistance to gamblers' mental and digital well-being and ensure safer gambling.

What The Collaboration Entails

While Playtech is well known for its casino game software, the Responsible Gambling Council, in addition to the prevention of gambling problems, also carries out researches on safer gambling and creates awareness on responsible gambling.

The new collaboration is banking on Playtech’s wealth of experience in the gambling industry to provide information and support to the RCG in examining the relationship between gambling, mental health, and digital well being. The research will be carried out in full accordance with the existing regulation and will benefit from the RGC wealth of experience. Apart from research, there will also be an evaluation of initiatives, and several other stakeholders will be carried along.

Playtech has always wanted to partner with other leading organizations worldwide to provide support for the gambling industry and everyone involved. This collaboration demonstrates its willingness to assist in terms of education, research, and the provision of technology for the industry's sustainability. It will also help to improve the lifestyle of gamblers and ensure their digital and mental well being.

Playtech has previously committed itself to include safer gambling into its core business value. This is demonstrated in its products and services. The concept is known as Playtech Protect. This concept uses technology, including artificial intelligence, to identify players that are at high risk of gambling addiction and provide intervention based on individual needs.

The Responsible Gaming Council

The Responsible Gambling Council, on the other hand, had been diligently carrying out several types of research to discover safer ways to gamble. It has constantly been providing updated information on the best gambling practice. From time to time, it partners with stakeholders in the gambling world to carry out research and obtain data that will help it in its research and provide informed advice to gamblers.

Playtech’s Speech

Speaking on the collaboration, Playtech's Interim Chairman, Claire Milne said the company is happy to partner with the RGC and fulfill its commitment to providing assistance to ensure safer gambling. He acknowledges all the good work the RGC has been doing and presented the council as a leader in providing the best practice standard for the gambling world.

In his speech, the Responsible Gambling Council's Director of the Center for the Advancement of Best Practices, Janine Robinson, praised Playtech for the leadership role it has been playing in the industry and stated that the council is happy to collaborate with the company. He stated further that the council is eagerly looking forward to seeing the collaboration producing the desired effect. He said the effect of digital activities on mental health has been generating serious concern for many people and organizations, yet it has not been well studied and understood. He believed safer gambling would help a lot to protect mental health.

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